Overseas destinations! 2015 Sporting Code Annex C.

zzzzzPrize giving

Kathrin with the prize made by her. Christophe Ruch was the lucky one to receive it.
Pilotessadesign – Artwork for Pilots

It must have been quite a party over there in Varese after the challenging GRAND PRIX FINAL.
The last day, on which pilots had to fight really hard with stress for those in the top, finished with 20 [virtual]-out-landings and the release- feelings were high for some.
I noticed pictures , from the French” dressed ”  in the pool, from dancing pilots at the table and only smiling , no better said,…laughing faces.
I presume also with the organizers, as it is always a huge responsibility, even with the best pilots in the world ,…even with the HUGE experience from Brian and Roland.
So now we can look ahead at some qualifying grand prix’ and the final edition again in November 2016 in South Africa [Potchefstroom]

They even thought of a present for the ZERO POINTS CLUB members , what a playful  idea!!

zzzzzzZerp points club1   zzzzzZero points 2

The very prestigious Zero Points Club received special diplomas – and of course the Top Ten Club received diplomas.”
Courtsey Kerrie Claffey on her way back home now with Captain Tom.


Talking about Africa; Not only the containers for Australia have been packed,but also for Africa. Namibia will have a few,going to
Bitterwasser [http://www.bitterwassercom ]  ,
Kiripotib [ http://www.dolba.de/kiripotib_flying_wp ]and
Pokweni, [http://www.pokweni.de]
so will South African places as Kuruman [http://kuruman-gliding-camp.de]  ,
Douglas Airfield [ http://www.gariepgliding.com] and
Gariep Gliding  [ http://www.gariep-segelflug.com ] and more as http://soaring-safaris.com/

Bitterwasser in Namibia has invested in their airfield, with a new new shadow roof near the work shop, the hangar runway is revised  and extended and there is a new road to the Lodge.

Benalla; http://www.glidingclub.org.au
Tocumwal; http://www.sportaviation.com.au
Tocumwal club from Ingo Renner;http://www.srgc.com.au/

zzzzCzech cont 4   zzzzCzecg cont 3

zzzzCzech cont1   zzzzCzech cont2

And……. Czech container  “nearly” on its way to Narromine.
As shared by the Czech Rep Gliding Team.


First this news :
Next UK bound Shark Jet…Complete with Delux by Gagula interior… Hopefully will be born very shortly..

Clearly the birth could wait no longer…. This UK-Bound Shark Jet took to the skies for the first time at Dusk... “


zzzzzShark2   zzzzShark3

 Great Photos…!
As shared by
HpH Sailplanes UK


Important news for those who are involved with competition, badge or record flying. The 2015 Sporting Code Annex C is available now. Here is the news from Ross Macintyre.

Dear Friends,

The Sporting Code Committee are pleased to report that the 2015 edition of Sporting Code Annex C is now available on the FIA website.  A direct link is: http://www.fai.org/downloads/igc/annexc2015 <http://www.fai.org/downloads/igc/annexc2015>

The opportunity has been taken to clarify and correct some errors in the Sporting Code 2015 which have become apparent:

Error corrections:       •  3.5.2b last line: changed “distance to a goal” to “ straight distance”.

·         4.3.2 now reads, ” Complete FAI Claim Forms (see 3.6) for a record flight or NAC equivalents for a badge flight.”

Editorial changes to correct cross-reference errors or to clarify text:

•  1.4.2d   definition simplified to “A COURSE without TURN POINTS  starting from RELEASE or a declared START POINT.”

•  2.2.1a   definition simplified to “ a straight distance flight of at least 50 km from the release point.”
•  Reference in 2.2.1b changed to 2.4.4b •  Reference in 2.2.2b changed to 2.4.4b
•  2.3.1a   delete last sentence ( “Internet base…” )
•  3.2.1 italic note at end: “See Annex C-2.4 …. and C-6.4 on …”
•  4.1 first para, last sentence:   “See Annex C- 1.2 and 1.3 for …”
•  4.2.3a italic note:   changed to “Annex C-1.3

Both SC3 and Annex C have been extensively rewritten along with the changes incorporated by recent proposals. Other FAI documents that refer to SC3 or the Annex may have references to them which are no longer correct.

Best regards,

Ross Macintyre, Chairman, IGC Sporting Code |Committee


Short news today due to a very painful neck.
CU next week.
Cheers Ritz

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