New web adresses! Schiphol without light aircrafts!Upload via mobile!

Alphen aan den Rijn       Sunday April 5 2009

We just had the nicest temperature  here 2 days ago with on some places 21 dgr. , called the first warm day of the year, which is 11 dgr. higher then normal. So not bad. The weekend is/was a bit less “flash” but no worries, still better then normal.

From yesterday onwards  light air-crafts are not welcome anymore to fly in the area’s around Schiphol Airport. Due to the compulsory transponders in ALL planes, the people on the tower see so much “spots” on their radar, that they are scared to loose the overview. As safety is an issue here, the Dutch Aviation Authorities have decided for this rule. According to the the Dutch Inspection, the “TOWER” has not prepared it self in time! This might mean it is just a temporarily solution. We will wait and see!

Nitra in Slovakia,  Unterwoessen in South Germany and Austria have also put their long distance flights on the OLC, meaning they enjoy the great weather as well. The Austrian Grand Prix Gliding is by the way  from  16-24 Mai 2009 in on the airfield of Feldkirchen.  One of the 15 pilots attending is my good friend Wolfgang Janowitsch.

You might still wait  on your glider coming back from either Africa or Australia, but you can book already again on the sites for places in the containers for the 2009/2010 season. If you want to go flying in Bitterwasser be aware, that the site and internet adress has changed;  to reach the Bitterwasser Lodges and Flying Centres and to read more about Bitterwasser see for
The rest of the sites from Corowa, Benalla, Naromine and Tocumwal are the same, though the Riverina Gliding Club at Tocumwal, has a new site, stil under construction, but you can find their new web adress at ;

” We “can nearly not live anymore, as glider pilots without the OLC. How did “we ” do that in the past???? I just read on the OLC site that you can now download your flight also with your mobile phone. In the past you had to bring your camera in and your barograph, then this all had to be checked, sometimes during WGC’s,  we had hot discussions about
” is the TP yes, or no ,or just on the picture.”
Now it is soooo easy. If you have not read it , here it is and I quote the OLC;

“Upload flightlogs with your mobile phone!!
As a result of the fruitful co-operation between  FLARM and OLC, the flights recorded by FLARM systems can be easily uploaded to the global OLC server just after landing.
You only need a mobile phone with an internet browser , supporting data upload and a micro SD/mini SD/SD cardslot.”

For how it works look at Latest news from April 5 on OLC.

About 20 years ago “our” Crown Prince   Willem Alexander started a relation with AMREF Flying Doctors by flying as a volunteer for this organisation. Yesterday they , [his wife Maxima was with him ] visited a theatre premiere, about how young people escape povertry in Africa, initiated by AMREF. The Prince still flies a lot. On most of the trips they do with their own plane [  a Fokker 28 ???] , he sits in the left chair!

Sun is shining,  so off I go into the garden. For sure pilots will have fun this afternoon as , when the fog disappears skies will be clear with later CLOUDS!!!!
Still no news from the EAC, but no news might be good news!

See you on Wednesday, a few days before Easter, for sure a busy weekend.
Cheers Ritz

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