VERSVS……Lasham ……Stendal…….and off to KEIHEUVEL.

A short blog in between my trip to Amsterdam and Keiheuvel with interesting news about the VERSVS and great pictures from SAIL from one of my friends ,yes from the ZES, Theo.
By the way JULY is the warmest month ever worldwide, according to NOAA an organisation involved with meteorology and oceanology; 16.61 dgr. C.!!! Also Europe was “hot”  with heat waves and temperatures up to and over 40 dgr. Lot’s of rain as well.

The 13.5 m. VERSVS.


When I heard about the Diana 2 VERSVS,  I was highly interested. After the first WGC in Pocuinai with excellent weather and great soaring, this glider proved itself by winning with big marge.
There was the Silent 2 Electro, already a great project and from this same company ALISPORT , there was as we know now, also a co-operation with Stefano.
Of course I knew Stefano is a great pilot and former world champion, but even a great pilot needs a good glider to perform.
In fact it is even more of a pity now that the GP 14 VELO could not fly with Sebastian, due to the fact that  it was not ready.
If we were doubting this 13.5 m. class, there is enough to look forward for the future.
So here is the latest by Stefano about this winning “little ship”.

Here below I send you some further details about my glider. Please note that:

– I modified my “old” Diana 2 glider (15m wingspan), which had a temporary permit-to-fly (PtF) since 2009 pending EASA certification. 
– F-CAP (Federazione Club Aviazione Popolare, i.e. Italian Homebuilder Association) helped me in checking modifications. F-CAP strongly supported me with advice and competence for the issuance of “experimental plane” papers through the Italian Civil Aviation Authority (ENAC),
– All modifications were made at Alisport workshop, where I work as GM since 2014.
Remark: Alisport is the manufacturer of the self-launcher electric motorglider “Silent 2 Electro” (microlight),
– I cut my wings by 95cm each in order to get 13,5m wingspan,
– New winglets for the 13.5m wingspan were designed after a long computer-aided test phase,
– Both flaperons and rudder were reinforced,
– Water ballasts and water valves/vents were modified to fit new 13.5m winglets,
– Fuselage modified to get 2 battery packs (see FES batteries in “Silent 2 Electro”),
– Air extractor installed (fuselage),
– Plane was completely re-painted with acryl paint (gelcoat totally removed) in order to get lighter fuselage and wings,
– New avionics installed and sponsored by LX-NAV (Slovenia).
Finally I got my glider flying with 2 wingspan options (13.5m and 15m) with a maximum take-off mass (MTOM) of 500 Kg each.
As official manufacturer (home-builder) for ENAC, I could also give a new name to my glider. I chose “VERSVS” (written in latin, where V is U), which remind my contest number (VS) and also means my future development style (read new “direction”) of sailplane design at Alisport.
This autumn I will install a FES engine and make my “VERSVS” self-launcher.
Well what about that !!!!!!!!!
13.5 m. get’s a “face” and the ambition from Stefano, reading this all, for his company is wonderful.
13.5 is more and more ALIVE!!!!!
One of the engineers was in Pocuinai during the comps to keep an eye on the performances.They worked 2 years on this project.
Thanks Stefano and Kathrin, please keep us updated.
We will keep an eye on the GP 14 VELO as well.



Sorry to tell you but day 4 and 5 were cancelled and yesterday no task was set. Hopefully today they can continue.
After the 3 flown good -distance- days [3 and 3.30 AAT and 411 km.] Pete Harvey [ 2812] leads the pact from 35 in this 18 m. class with Andy Davis as runner up [2593]




As shared by the organizers.

Yesterday the weather finally was good enough and a 2 hour AAT was won by Mario Kiessling in the ASG 29E, flying 256 km with a nice speed of 121 km./h.
278.8 km was set for open class and after all the waiting the “big ones” were going for it. Bruno [Gantenbrink ] in the Nimetax won the day with his big- wings -glider; 109 km./h.
He tops after 2 pretty marginal days the overall list as well with 1058 points followed by Michael [Sommer] in the EB 29 with 1035 points and Norbert Kalisch [ASW 22 BLE] with 1003, all others are under the 1000 points-marge.
TODAY’s task is more like it ; 505.6 km. for open and 521 for 18 m.
THAT IS SOARING again from Stendal and ALL will forget about the bad weather.
Estimated first launches at 11.30.


Told you about the promotion from gliding during the introduction week of the Technical University Eindhoven. They did a great job; 22 very enthusiastic first -year-students AND 8 became a member straight away , 3 are pondering, so between 8 and 11 new glider pilots for the future!!! Well done.


And the promised pictures from Theo. Love them all.
SAIL 2015 

zzzzzSAil 1

zzzzzzzSAIL 2

zzzzzSAIL 3

zzzzzSAIL 4

CU on Wednesday with all the latest and my visit to KEIHEUVEL.
Last I saw; 49 from 50 available places in this 2-day-competition .
Cheers Ritz

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