Extra Sunday blog; Post 838 already. After- fun in Pocuinai… and trying hard in Stendal !!!!

Pocuinai, after-fun!
What a nice competition it was over there in Poncuinai.
And what a great and memorable last flying-day , won by Francois with Tony as runner up. T
Due to this achievement, team USA took home the bronze for TEAM CUP as well. Behind Italy [876 points]and France [ 783] they were the number 3 with 766 points!!!
Again congratulations to CHAMPION Stefano, VICE CHAMPION Vladas and “still a bit unexpected” on a  3 place… Francois!!

zzzzWorld champion Stefano

 Vladas , Stefano and Francois proud on the podium
Courtesy Kathrin[Pilotessa Design-com]
And Stefano’s glider the Diana versvs.

Diana versus

team Italy
with Alberto , [Luciano Avancini ]  and Stefano winners of the TEAM CUP.


and the prize ceremony for the TEAM CUP with the recipients representing  Italy, France and the USA.

zzzzzTeram cup

team USA ,Leah and Tony, thanks for the updates!!!

zzzzzPoncuinai Happy Chappies

Happy chappies!

AND Tony and Francois, last day-winners.

zzzzzTony and Francois

Sorry I do not have much info or pictures about VICE CHAMPION Vladas so I publish this one again.




Stendal, hoping for good weather.

As they say; Good morning Stendal, good morning world”.
Shared by the WM organizers this morning early, and at 11, so there is hope.

zzzzzStendal   zzzzzStendal 2

They bravely continue with trying-hard!! A new day, new hope and today not in vain.
At briefing small tasks were handed out , 2 hour AAT in 18 m. class and 2.30 in open; an estimated first launch at 11.30.

AND……… they have started, open class first then 18 m.Start lines opened at 13.17 and 14.02!!!!!
If all goes well and they started straight away, they will be back in 2 hours.
Most after a few kilometers already,though one open class pilot flew already 130 km.
For news and scores you can look at http://dsm2015.lsvst.de/
My next news on Wednesday.


To keep the blogs going with interesting news sometimes really  time.  To figure it all out is a big job with many pages open on my laptop, but I am VERY pleased with the great PR by some sites and mainly by team members or people over there.
The news by stewards this season was interesting.  I did n’t want to do that job anymore because it is expected that as a steward you are totally neutral and as you know I am pretty out going, so I like to talk with anybody and I like to say what I think.
SO THANK YOU TO ALL for your PR. I only delivered that news to a bigger audience, within my own stories as an extra appendix.
Just to let you know!


After all the happy news I finish again , UNFORTUNATELY, with sad news. The mountains bring joy and happiness BUT…..it looks for this year too much  sadness.Tragic news again, as we lost 2 mates yesterday. This time in the Mont Blanc- area, the Italian site of it, during good weather .A Swiss [65] and New Zealand pilot [66] , both very experienced, lost their lives when their brand new ARCUS M crashed. Bizarre, all ingredients for a SUPER day and it ends so TRAGIC.

CU on Wednesday again.
Cheers Ritz

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