First 13.5 m. WGC is over….I liked it!!!!1000 points today, brought Francois to the podium! Updated!!!

The competition season is nearly over. Days are getting shorter here, longer down under. We had a fabulous season I think, the weather did not always co-operate but, …this is Europe mate….Some comps struggled more than others. Pocuinai had so to see, the best weather.So that’s good for the next WGC over there.
Still a few interesting comps in August as the French Juniors from Tours and in the UK, [August 15-22] the 18 m. Nationals from Lasham combined with the regional’s.[August 15-23]  Lasham is promoting their field for a WGC, and a PR talk was held in Rieti during the EGC, good idea, great field and you can NEVER predict the weather.
And in September the FINAL GRAND PRIX from Varese.

The first 13.5 m. WGC is over with CLEAR winners. Still a pity that Sebastian could not fly. That would have stirred the scores maybe as well.
Leah,  crew and wife from Tony Condon keeps us updated.
”  first launches 12:30pm. The area task opened at 12:57 pm.
And before I know Tony is back : ” Home sweet home. Total blue. Good climbs. 83 kph.”
What happened?
With an early start at 13.55,  Stefano took it all in his own hands. He started raced , flew 260 km. and was 3d ,…he is the very deserved WORLD CHAMPION.Morgan and Alberto, left with him , Vladislav as expected,  about 15 minutes later.
With 10.879 Stefano showed his ability as TOP pilot.
Vladislav with 10.487 is a worthy vice World champion.
Then,…about spot 3…….WINNER TODAY,…Francois PIN,[ who started at 14.06, ]from the USA, 1000 points, less kilometers [254] than Stefano but a better time 83 for 81 km./h.
With this day he moved to spot 3 overall. Good on him!!!8954 points.
Morgan was 4th.Great day for Tony as well, who ” practiced pair/team flying ” with Francois. He was runner up today.
” Team USA 1st and 2nd for the day and Francois appears to move up to a Podium spot! 3rd Place! WOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOO” by Tony!
The winners from today again on the pictures I showed already as tribute to 3R, Rick Walters!!!!!!

A quick first reaction from Tony;“It was a tough day in the blue. We got a good start at 2 PM and had a pretty rough first leg. The whole flight I felt OK but not great about how our speed was. Climbs were pretty good but we weren’t pushing very hard between. Maybe that was the secret…

We won the day! 1st and 2nd. What a great way to end the contest. AND, Francois moved up into 3rd place for a podium finish. Fantastic!! We are pretty excited of course.
Not sure about the Team Cup. Will let you know when we know. Lots of excitement here. Farewell party tonight, and we gotta get the gliders all cleaned up and packed up for the drive tomorrow. More later!!” 




AND the new WORLD CHAMPION in 13.5 m.
Stefano Ghiorzo
As shared by his wife Kathrin, who flew a HORNET in the parallel pre -worlds these weeks.




After they cancelled the 18 m. class , the open class start was postponed to 3PM, then 4 PM. The short 2.30 AAT, should be still possible.In the end it turned out to be day 5 which was cancelled, ..but still 7 days to go, so EVERYTHING is possible.Only a bit of a nuisance now.

Pictures from the Champions and TEAMCUP Prizes ; 1. France, 2. Czech Rep. and 3. the UK.

zzzzTeam cup

15 m.

zzzzEGC 15 m. winners

1. Didier Hauss France          7188
2. Peter Hartmann Austria    7112
3. Christophe Ruch France  7086

Standard Class;

zzzzRiet winners standard class

1. Lucasz Blaszczyk   7408
2. Sjaak Selen                 7293
3. Dmitriy Timoshenko 7071

Club Class;


1. Ondrej Dvorak      7341
2. Jan Louda        7302
3. Josef Kozar      7256

AND the Champion and runner up both from Czech Rep.

zzzzChampion and runner up

AND the FRENCH team
as shared by Pole France Planeur,
with Eric [Napoleon TC] to the right and the CHAMPION Didier in the middle and Christophe 2 more to the left.

zzzzTeam france

This it IT!!! Rieti 2015 is over now.Czech Rep is next.

Maybe more tonight!
Cheers Ritz

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