Extra news on Thursday; Exciting last days at WWGC, WGC and EGC and other top comps.


Annemiek by Frans.

Annemiek as seen by Frans Guise.

AND the winner in club class was ; ANNEMIEK. Her 2d daily win. With an early start, cause the meteo mentioned an early end of the day, she left before the rest. She lined up for the start line,…. it felt good and….. off she went for the set 300 km.
She flew alone and passed the girls on their way to the most Northerly TP, when she was on her way to the next one already. After finishing she was the only pilot back at the field and could see some finishes from the other 2 classes.
All in all she was about half an hour faster than the rest, gaining 1000 points, where the runner up Sarah,  “got” 869. Well done!!!!!Annemiek  moved from 10 to 7 overall.
A less good day for Elena; an outlanding after 288 km. she dropped from 3 to 8.A pity!

Standard class;The German girls did well with 4 pilots among the first 5, with on spot 3 French Aude who tops the overall list.[4366]  BUT,…3 times world champion Sue  and current world champion, is on her heels only 63 points is the overall difference.
3 Outlandings.

15 m. class ;5 from 9 finished with German Katrin , a former world champion as well, as the best, JUST ahead of French Marilyne who got 3 points less.
When Anne from France keeps up her performance she cannot loose this WWGC. With 300 points she leads but ….we have seen “weird” things happening on the last 2 days, so let’s wait and see.

TODAY;2.5 AAT’s in all classes on what it looks a blue day. Tomorrow last day and farewell party in the evening and the prize giving on Saturday morning.


13.5 m. WGC in POCUINAI.

Day 9; A good day for local hereo Vladas,…he won !!Nobody managed to stay around the 2 hour from this AAT, he came close with 237 km in 2.35 . Some, like Morgan  had 2.22 but less kilometers, 184.
A “horrible”  day for the French team as they both “out-landed” , Frederic after 48 km and Antoine after 128.
Stefano flew solid and was on a daily spot 2 with 213 km in 2.21.
USA pilots Tony and Francois were on spot 5 and 6.
Morgan had an interesting day and comment;
–“Yesterday I got 872 points for an outlanding. Today the winner got less points for coming home. Just a result of the ever-lurking “day devaluation” rule. I made a lot of points against my main competition for 3rd and fell further behind 2nd place.
I shared a thermal with a big flock of storks. Maybe 50-100 of them. I flew completely around the flock several times before they decided to move on.”–


zzzOoievaar 2

Day 10. by the Aussie team;
Woke up to an overcast sky with pilots doubting we are going to fly. Briefed for a 310km task for 13.5m. Mixed class has a trip round the Kaunas airspace.
Ready on the grid for a 12:00 launch with a rapidly improving sky.”


As shared by Morgan.



After 3 days of thunderstorms , sight seeing , beer drinking and talking they had to fly again yesterday.
So back to the rhythm and to work.A 3 hour task was set for ALL CLASSES on August 12.
Club class;
13 from 20 finished and some toppers were “out” as Roman , Ge, Davide and Gilles.
The Czech pilots did well, occupying spot 1 and 2 for the day.

—” Today was not an easy day! In the area south of the tasks there were medium climbing values: up to 2 m/s, but in the north there were dry thermals and very weak climbs. Wind was still from north/east. Many pilots waited about an hour before starting. For the club class the start line opened at 1.35pm but many gliders started their task around 2.30pm and some 15m pilots started after 3pm. Probably it wasn’t a good choice as 17 gliders landed out and the last glider landed on the airfield at 8.00pm.—” as shared by the organizers.

Standard class; 6 out landings and also here some good pilots as Jay, Christophe, Vittorio and John Coutts.This moved him from spot 0verall to spot 4 .French pilot Lucas won and overall 1 pilot now from Poland Lucasz was runner up. The Swiss did well with a 3d and 4th place, which brings Stefan Leutenegger to a 3d spot overall behind Sjaak Selen.

15 m. class ; 3 hour AAT. 14 from 24 finished and it was a FRENCH day with Louis, Christophe and Didier on top all flying over 300 km .Peter Hartmann was on spot 6 and leads the pact overall, where the 3 French pilots try to chase him on the last days.

zzzzThank you to the tuggies,.

August 13 today news from team UK:
Briefing done, racing tasks for all three classes with a B task briefed if the weather doesn’t shape up as hoped.
Club class 260k
Standard class 323k
15m class 366k
All tasks are in the same area and in the same direction, South east, north west them south to the finish.
First launch 12.30--” Postponed to 12.45.


German Nationals in open and 18 m. class in Stendal.

2 hour AAT s today. That should be possible!


Bailleau, speed and long flight classes.

Another Dutch win in speed class for young Frank Hiemstra in his St Cirrus. AND,..he is back on the top ONE spot overall.Only 17 from 35 finished and a few of the overall toppers belonged to the out-landers. Yes this is soaring.
So 2 Dutch pilots Frank and Robbie top the overall list with just FOUR points between them. I know both, very FAIR but  they want to win!!! Looking forward to today and tomorrow .
13 from 20 in the “long flights ” finished!


More competition news tomorrow and on Saturday

Cheers Ritz

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