Extra news on Thursday; Ocseny continued…..!

Wednesday July 22 2015;
31.6 degrees gives 500 metres
34.3 gives 2000 metres
37.5 gives 2980 metres.
Max task altitude is 2743 amsl

” The start line opened for each class (18m= 12:52; 20m=13:20; Open=13:55). Because of technical problems the launching was longer (1h50m). The weather is perfect. This is the longest task, more than 500 km. The competitors may arrive around 18:00.—” was the message from the organizers.
One of the tuggies got sick.
The weather was GOOD , as a Glasfluegel 304 flew a 606 km. flight from Ocseny. Many pilots put their flight on the OLC.

18m. class ;
558.51 km. racing task.
The last to return to the field, some arrived after 7 PM . A bad day for my mates Russell, Arne andMartti, they JUST out landed.
Russell was 17 km. out, Arne 60 km. and Martti flew 473.69 km.
Winner of this day; Sebastian with a speed of 126.60 km./h.His Polish mate Tomasz Krok started with him but finished a few minutes later ,for him not 1000 but 985 points.
Andy finished on 10, Roman on 18.
So changes in the overall scores;Sebastian is now on top!!!
Followed by Andy , coming from 1 and Tomasz climbing from 6.
The first 6 are still pretty close, EVERYTHING can happen here.
6220 for Sebastian on spot 1  and 5944 for Roan on spot 6.

20 m. class ;
503.99 racing task.
The German pilots are SO good in their team/pair flying. They start at the same time, finish in the same time and get the same amount of points; today….1000 for each of the German teams ; Uli and Chrissie [V 8] and team Marco and Sebastian [WA] . Wolfgang and Andreas did well on spot 3 and my Dutch mates Harry and Steven as well [spot 8]
Best speed in this class today ;131.71 km./h.
Mac and Akemi were the last pair to start .They were on spot 12 loosing just over 100 points.
The Polish pilots lost over 116 points finishing both on spot 13.
Most pilots started around 1.30 PM.
Between the first 8 in the overall scores are interesting. Mac and Akemi lost some points over the last 2 days and are only 51 points ahead on Wolfgang/Andreas.[6.149 for 6.098] On spot 8 Peter Hartmann and Michael Rass have 5.823 points.

zzzzEGC uli and Chrissie

Chrissie and Uli and Marco and Sebastian.
As shared by the team.

open class ;
509.15 km.racing task.
A mix of European pilots in the top today with as best speed 132.78 km./h by Pete [Harvey UK] .So 1000 points for him. 999 Were for the runner up Ricardo [Brigliadori from Italy] Both flew a JS1.
Tassilo did well again , he finished in the EB 29 on a nice 3d spot.
A “bad”  day for Jan Andersen who lost quite some points by entering a restricted area. He had a virtual out-landing after 330 km..He dropped from 10 to 16.
Lukas and Adam from Poland are still in the top, Ricardo is closing in on 4 with 10 points less than Jeroen who is still on spot 3.I presume these pilots are the ones who will fight for the honors.The difference between the 4 is;6.482 and 6.189.
Most pilots started around 2 PM.

zzzzEGC pete

 Pete with the daily -prize.
As shared by the team.

Today on July 23 is the one but last day.
3 Hour AAT’s have been set.More on Saturday with the final official scores from Friday.
All scores in this blog are unofficial.


And to finish today some stunning pictures I found on FB from Gilles [Navas] WOW!!!!
CU tomorrow I hope, depends on a few”things”.
Cheers Ritz


zzzzGilles 1


zzzzGilles 4

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