Extra edition; Happiness and ,…sadness…on one day! French Nationals finished, 18th EGC starts in Hungary.

Some extra news AND pictures, before I spend some time with my grand children.

July 11 2015

As said in my last blog Art got married last Saturday;

zzzzArt and Judy

Happy chappies; CONGRATULATIONS Arthur [it is now]  and Judy.
As shared by them with the remark;”Is n’t life wonderful“.

zzzz Judy

a very happy and relaxed  Judy and her flower girls.


Last Saturday the MEMORIAL for Rick was in Minden in Nevada. Max, who I met in 2012 in Uvalde went to the memorial and will send me pictures to share. Unfortunately , also because of the time difference, I can only show them next week. Sorry about that, but  most important is the SCHOLARSHIP.

Rick our soaring mate, Rick who fell with his bike, Rick who died from a head trauma.
His mates , some driving for over 500 miles,celebrated and remembered with his family, Rick’s life, his soaring and each other .
IMPORTANT is the RICHARD FREDERICK WALTERS SCHOLARSHIP for Junior Glider Pilots. Established for all US junior pilots.
This way Rick will remain part of the soaring fraternity for ever.
Donations can be made, checks sent to;
Minden Soaring Club denote Rick Walters Scholarship
Minden Soaring Club
PO Box 361
Minden Nevada 89423.



Yesterday the French Nationals in Mont Lucon-Gueret, finished. When I left you ,last Wednesday, the pilots were busy with a 2 hour AAT. A new name in the top that day; Guillaume Girard in the Ventus 2 flying 182.3 km. in 2 hours AT the dot.
Dutch HC pilot Steven Raimond flew 205 km. but needed 22 minutes more;he was 4th.for the day.

On Thursday , finally the good FRENCH weather and a BIG task was set; 505 km.
It turned out an extremely good day with ALL pilots finishing and as winner Frederic Hoyeau gaining the 1000 points for a speed of 111.67 km./h.
A great day for Guillaume Girard , as runner up climbing from 6 to 2 overall.[3527]
On spot 1 , after 5 days, still Christophe Cousseau [3564] and number 3 , dropping from 2, Louis Bouderlique[3501] . Then a gap from 120 points.

Friday;2.30 AAT. AND…it turned out an ” expensive day”  for a lot!Late starts , around 3.30, but also finishers;5 in total with Benjamin, TC for France at many occasions and a great pilot as well, winning the day;187 km. with the “pure ” speed of 59.65 km./h. Some penalties for low finishes, so it seems they just made it.
A change in the overall scores now after 6 days; Guillaume finished and is on top now. Christophe was out but only lost about 60 points , so he is on spot 2 now.Louis remained on 3.
Benjamin climbed with his ARCUS from 17 to 11.

zzzzEGC 3

10 Gliders in the same BEAUTIFUL paddock,
as shared by Philippe de Pechy.

Saturday, AND last day; So an interesting last day was what we all hoped for.
256.75 km. was set for them.
The last day was won by Guillaume, his first daily win and after starting on spot 8 on day 1 he slowly moved to the top winning the last day AND winning the comps in his Ventus 2 with 114.14 km./h..Good on him.[4831 points after 7 days]
They showed that they belong to the top of French soaring; Louis , Christophe [Ruch] and Christophe [Cousseau] by being in the top 5.
Runner up was Christophe Cousseau in the Discus 2 with 4788 points and with only 3 points less [4784] Louis [ASG 29] was on spot 3.


18th FAI-EGC in Ocseny Hungary.

zzzzEGC 2

Practice days have started on July 8 , but not everybody flew.
A 2 hour AAT was set that day and the UK and France showed already that they have high plans to get far. THEY practiced.
On Friday more pilots , nearly all of them, tried the Hungarian skies  this time , a  3 hour AAT was set.
In 18 m. 20 pilots went flying and as said the UK pilots have high goals; Russell won the day , Andy was 2d followed by Sebastian ,from Poland of course. 428 km. with a speed of 137 km./h.
In 20 m. also 20 pilots went “up” and the Finnish couple , Hannu and Ilpo, had the best practice in the ARCUS T nearly flying 400 km. with 130 .57 km./h.
Open class had ” practicers”  as well; 422 km. in 3 hours in a JS 1 C, by Lucasz Woicik followed by Iain Evans , same glider , about the same distance and about the same time , only 7 points less for the day.
Pete Harvey [ also in a JS 1] flew 433 km. but needed a few minutes [6]  more.
A GOOD day!!!

zzzzEGC 1

GOOD practice day, Ready to go.
As shared by the organizers.

Yesterday’s Officiel task and LAST training day;

zzzzEGC 4

zzzzEGC 5

Tasks in the opposite direction as the day before, so they are more familiar with the ground under them.
Sebastian showed his supremacy in 18 m., by winning the day with 361,67 km with a speed of 113 km./h. Russell showed he wants to win this EGC and flew a few more kilometers but a tad slower.
In open class, the practice was good for Killian [France]  Ricardo[Italy]  and Jim [Sweden] each winning a day.
In 20 m. the last day was NOT for the ARCUS but for the DUODISCUS, both at the top .
BUT now it starts for real,…….
By the way a lot of pilots fly with “fancy DELUXE by GAGULA”  -interiors in their gliders ,as Erazem Polutnik , Russell Cheetham and Toni Sibanc. www.deluxbygagula.com
” Personalized luxury interiors for gliders made from finest materials.”

The openings ceremony and festivities for today look very good.

Look at this RED BULL DEMO, as shared by the UK team;the WOW factor.

zzzzEGC 8

zzzzEGC 9

During my absence , you can look for all the news, also about all what happened today at ;
www.egc2015.hu or the site of your team.Enjoy.

zzzzEGC 6

Picture from the Dutch team as shared by them, with crew Frans and pilots Jeroen,Francois and Harry, who is TC and father of and co pilot with Steven.

from the UK team shared by them. With Andy, Pete ,Iain and Russell.

zzzzEGC 7


On July 11, some great flights in Europe. Mathias Schunk, loves as we know, his cross country gliding and added a new German Out and Return record to his list; From Koenigsdorf ,in the Quintus, he flew 1.025,78 km. with a speed of 100 km./h. So nice weather in the Alps with an interesting flight from Switzerland [Yverdon Les Bains] as well by Daniel Rossier in the 21 m. ASH 31;912 km [850 FAI triangle], starting with thermals over relative low ground and flying up at one stage to 5453 m. MSL.[3559 AGL] He flew over Switzerland, France and Italy.
One day later he “visited” Klippeneck and Hahnweide and the border of the mountains.;1.oo1.05 km.!!!!!
Mathias flew from Koenigsdorf again and just missed out due to different optimizing;999.2 km.For me he flew a 1000!!!!
Both are MILVUS fans!!


And then some new world records!!!
The FAI has ratified the records flown by Morgan Sandercock in his Ultralight glider, the Sparrowhawk on July 3 2015 in ELY. He flew a triangle distance of 738.6 km .[ was 507.28 by James Payne flown on June 28 in 2009] and a free triangle distance of 772.4 km.[previous record was by James ; 530.13 km. ]
They were North American records as well.
Morgan lives in Australia but is heavily involved in the Perlan Project as you know.

AND,…..from Ross important news for observers, instructors, coaches TC’s  etc:

The IGC Sporting Code Committee is pleased to announce that the 2015 edition of the Sporting Code for Gliding, Section 3 (SC3) has been published on the FAI website.( http://is.gd/udvSKEThis edition comes into force on October 1st 2015. It has many changes from the current version and is the result of 3 years work by the committee to simplify the Code and set it out in a more accessible fashion.  This has led to some duplication of material with requirements for badges (Chapter 2) being separated from record requirements (Chapter 3).  I wish to record my thanks to the members of the committee, especially Tony Burton (Canada) who acted as editor, and who led the discussions.  His contribution cannot be too highly stated.  There was considerable input from outside the Committee, which was very much appreciated.

Ross Macintyre, Chairman, IGC Sporting Code Committee.


And to finish , before my holiday starts , this great picture from Arne Martin, flying the VOSS GRAND PRIX[Bomoen Airport in Norway]
and circling over the 2d TP !!!!!WOW !!!!!
Cu on the 22d .


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