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Alphen aan den Rijn     Wednesday 11-03-2009

Now I am retired I have some more time to write, so when interesting “things” come up , I will write twice a week, but the Sunday remains. It pleases me that so many people all over the world, keep reading , to be honest I did not expect that, but it feels good,  so I continue! Thanks!
 It is nice to receive a comment straight away after the decision Uvalde got the 32d WGC, from a reader in the USA with the message; ” I hope you come”!

I was not totally correct last sunday.
First ,indeed the weather in Holland was nog good for flying till about 11. After lots of rain during the night , it cleared around 11 AM and a nice soaring window appeared, so one of the Dutch young talented pilots had a great first flight for the season from Soesterberg, nearly 200 km.
After those “nice” hours we were hit by rain , gusting winds , hail and thunderstorms during the night. Yes March brings gales!!!!!
Just spoke with Maria from Munich and it is STILL snowing there. They wait for a bit of sunshine , hopefully this sunday and a day without cleaning  the snow from the car before driving.

And what about the results of the IGC meeting; Next morning  already, on monday I could read that Uvalde got the 2012- 32d -FAI -open, 18 and 15 m class -WGC with Roland Stuck as chief steward and as expected Argentina [ Adolfo Gonzales Chavez-SW of Beunos Aires] the 32d standard,club and world class WGC. Brian Spreckley is appointed to help here with the organization as chief steward.
So …..not too slow [ apologies!] and….. the most important decisions , not only the places for the WGC , were right there on the next day!
Very interesting choises  for the WGC in 2012 by the way! I feel sorry for Narromine, would have loved to go there, had already my invitation to edit there, but I know it is far…! But…it remains a good airfield for the next time, as it is since 1987 that Australia had a WGC. Toooooo …….long……….!!!Is there not a rule that Australia should have it before 2016??????
The WGC in Uvalde will be from 04-08-2012 / 19-08-2012 and the WGC in Argentina from 09-12-2012 / 21-12-2012. Now you are totally updated!

In  1963 Argentina had organized already a WGC in Junin,  200 km.  West of Buenos Aires and I just heard  that one of the Dutch pilots , Arie Breunissen, went with big speed over the startline  in a Skylark 3 and ….had to bail out as….he lost a wing at that moment.
 Holland made name in gliding that year, by this incident , [ BOLS , the advertisement for Dutch jenever on the fuselage “stood” even after the crash!] but also with the inverted flights from Ed van Bree in the Sagitta, showing how great the Dutch -made-glider flew.
Not so much by the scores as Ed was 31th , Jan Selen with a KA 6 35th in standard class and Arie 22d in open class in the Skylark 3.
Unfortunately Ed died in a fatal powerflying accident, I think about 25 to 30 years ago.
Such a “thing” as bailing out, happened to Baer Selen too during an  EC in Italy. He had to jump while on final glide to Rieti as his Vega was “hit” by severe flutter….and broke.
 If you are interested in the story from Junin and the pictures, please read and look at the very special site “found ” by George, thanks !!!! 

Tibor , from Slovakia, asked me to bring to your attention the next spring competition, which I love to do.
 Sorry that I am a bit late with it, as he send me a message  already on January 3  , which I missed as …I did not read the comments-box!!!!MEA CULPA!!!!!
It is called FATRAGLIDE09………is between Mai 1 and Mai 10 2009 in Slovakia at Martin Airfield. At this stage 45 pilots in different classes have entered their names, under them Henrik Breidahl from Denmark and Vladimir Voltin from Slovakia, both WGC pilots.
Here is more from Tibor;

It is called fatraglide09 and it is 9th year we are doing it. It is spring gliding comp in our home airfield in Martin, focused on mountain gliding, and we get more and more international participants. Web is here:  it is all in english including briefings etc…

This year there is EGC in Nitra and next year WGC in Prievidza, virtually same area for practice.

About fatraglide: we offer free entry for best pilot, woman and junior as on IGC ranking and free T-shirt for every participant. So look at our site!!!!

That’s about it, the sun is shining, ONLY today, so I go outside and enjoy a bit of warmth after the cold winter.
CU next sunday!

 Cheers Ritz

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