3 x a declared 1000 km. from Holland !!!!!

3 x a declared 1000 from Holland, special, VERY SPECIAL.
soaringminded-Holland is celebrating!
UNIQUE !!!!!

I was a bit disappointed in the evening, to see no 1000 km. on that great Sunday,but it was SO good to see an other EXCELLENT day of soaring in Holland. The best distance was 880 km. [697 FAI triangle] and with that Paul [Wijsman] topped the OLC list.In the Ventus CT /17.5 m. he flew direction ENE into flat parts of Germany and commented later;there was MORE in this day, but still a lovely flight!!!
Another top flight from the S. of Holland Venlo, close to the German border. Andy [van Helden] flew in his ASW 19 a distance from 733 km.[ 642 FAI triangle]
A declared 750 by Stefan Telkamp in the ASW 20 16.6 m. is fabulous as well.He started early, had the wind in the back and at Bremen 6m. integrated.He had clouds , blue holes, blue thermals and was home in time.

AND THEN,on Monday morning early, …….. no disappointment anymore , only joy, maybe even too much…if so,…sorry!!!!;
Last Sunday we HAD ……3 x a 1000  from HOLLAND all 3 DECLARED!!!!!!
Finally and who would not have wished for him this 1000 km. badge flown in HOLLAND  one for Sikko Vermeer. He tried often and Sunday was HIS day.So deserved!!!Congratulations Sikko. As a young pilot he was ” with me”  in Finland in 1988 at the EGC and in 1991 in Uvalde Texas.
In his Ventus BT 17.5 m.he flew a more or less  out and return [ first leg was 493 km. ] declared,  from 1.018 km. [Plau – Hodenhagen – Uelzen – SSB (task of  1116 km) and in his comment he writes VENTUS BT FOR SALE. He has done it!!!!!!
By the way , on task, he lost one of his bug wipers. No worries together with Peter Jansen he runs the SERVICE CENTER TERLET, a top repairplace.  http://www.sct-terlet.nl/nl-NL/contact

zzzzFinal glide

Finalglide to Soesterberg at 21.15 , after more than 11 hours of flying and a  1000km FAI diploma
Shared by Mark.

And MORE excitement; You remember Alfred Paul and Mark who flew a few weeks ago a 1000 from Soesterberg ? They DID IT AGAIN!!!! Chapeau gentleman!! Their new ASG 29 E pushes them to huge achievements. Congratulations to both Mark and Alfred Paul.
So,…3 Declared 1000 km. flights from Holland, [Soesterberg] you can’t be anything else than excited!!!!
Alfred Paul mentioned in his comment;
Official 1000km FAI flight. Went for 1120km task Soesterberg-Plau (495km out) – Hodenhagen – Uelzen – Soesterberg. Needed the turbo for the last 100km after 1020 declared km. ”

OLC Sikko Vermeer: http://www.onlinecontest.org/olc-2…/gliding/flightinfo.html…

OLC Mark Leeuwenburgh: http://www.onlinecontest.org/olc-2…/gliding/flightinfo.html…

OLC Alfred Alfers: http://www.onlinecontest.org/olc-2…/gliding/flightinfo.html…

More HAPPY Dutch people. Look at this face from Lars during his longest flight ever, a real happy chappie!!!!!;  Terlet – Veendam – Twente – Porta Westfalica – Borkenberge – Terlet: 576km.


As shared by him on FB.

And more happy people; a first 500 by Quint from the ZES and a new Dutch record over  400 km FAI-triangle in a 15 meter glider by another ZES member Ton.
And The Friese aeroclub mentioned a flight from Iris , her first cross country flight in which she flew her 5 hours as well.
Tim and Casper Kuijpers flew together in a DG 500/20m. As it was Caspers birthday, [happy birthday Casper] , there was no time for a route-planning so they just left from Malden , enjoyed the good weather, found their-selves in ” trouble ”  over Germany, back to Holland low over Deventer [600 m.] and as they said ” with an LX 7007 only , they still “organised/set ” a 750 en route and that worked out well;750.6 km.!!!!
1721 Flights worldwide and for Holland only; 204 !!!! The first 50 flights on the Dutch OLC page were all over 500 km.! Looking at page 2 flights between 312 and 588 km. Pretty unusual for Holland, all of this!
This picture shared by webmaster Ben,  last week runner up at the OMK in Holland in club class, sums it up. Here are his early stats about June 8 in Holland, what do you want more;




Happiness in Belgium as well.
Another gliding-day in paradise”


Great flights from Weelde, 739 in a Ventus 2 ct/18 m. by Herman  and 655,68 in an LS 4 by Bart.
Balen/Keiheuvel ; 825 by Tijl in his Ventus 2ct/18m. 653 by Pieter in an ASW 20, his longest flight till now!
Brasschaat;569 by Jelle in an LS 7 and 547 in a St. Libelle.

And happiness in Germany where Swaantje [Geyer] after her fight against cancer,  is back in the air again flying ALONE;
” I am back! Great day in the air.” 549 km.

On Monday  AND Tuesday “we” were all still recovering from that unique once-in-a-life-time-soaring-day-in-Holland, though with the changes in the weather we might  see them more.


Looking at the scores from Ferrara, which I gave you preliminary on Sunday evening , they were close to what I gave you, so no worries. And such small differences between the top 3, so very exciting and all those pilots are toppers, as they showed in the past !!!
Final official scores; Ricardo with 4977, Giorgio with 4963 and young Davide with 4950.Who of these 3 would have thought in the morning that this would be the final score????


Happy boys; Giorgio, Riccardo in the middle and to the r. Davide.
Picture courtesy Marina Galetto.

And also shared by Marina the FLY- PINK GIRLS, who flew over the beautiful Northern part of Italy [close to Bologna] .

zzzzFly pink


Lots of pilots in Ostrow, 12 in 18 m. class, 48 in standard class during the the 57th Nationals, and a regional contest with 5 pilots. Between June 5 and 14 they fly for the highest podium spots.
All started with over 200 km. tasks in 18 m. even over 300 and Monday was cancelled.
As I can’t follow it here is the link to the scores at www.soaringspot.com 

The Finnish Nationals are in progress as well in Kauhava, with flights up to 485 km. on Tuesday.
http://www.purjelentokisat.fi/sm2015/index   VERY Finnish, but when you are interested you can figure it out!!!
Flying day 1 in club class ; task 354.2 km. racing task …won by Juhani [Sahlberg]  in the PIK 20 and as runner up Kristian [Roine]  in the ASW 20.
Open class; task 459.7 km. won by Antti [Lehto] in the Ventus 2cxa with a speed of 127.2 km./h. , runner up young  Petri[Sucksdorf] in the ASG 29[ 125. 5 km./h]  and his dad Martti was 4th in the ASG 29E. In between Martti [Koivula] was 3d.
Silva is the CD.[Juha Silvenoinnen]

Yesterday Scandinavia definitely had great soaring weather. Jim Acketoft flew a 1000 in his EB 28 in Sweden with Wilhelm Wendt as co pilot. They flew all the way up North a declared 1000 out and return with 119 km./h.
Ake [Pettersson] flew 800 km. in the Ventus 2 from Enkoping.
755 Was flown in Finland from Hyvinkaa, in a DG 808 /18m. and Dunstable in the UK showed a 775 km in the ASH 25EB 28.

What fabulous weather, hope I have a bit as well on my holiday, does n’t look TOO good with 15 dgr. C on Tuesday. Have fun, fly safe. By the way …..On the 20thiest is the AMSTELGLIDE GRAND PRIX 2015, one of the bigger Dutch soaring events with at least 40 participants.

CU in 2 weeks,June 24!

Cheers Ritz

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