71 Out-landings, still 1000 point-days in Ulm-Erfurt. Fly-Pink-Cup 2015 at Ferrara.It looks today like a HAMMERDAY here in Holland!

A bit later today as I waited for the scores of the last day in Italy and most of you were flying on such a great day anyhow.
And WHAT_A_LAST_DAY in ITALY at Ferrara. Mind you those scores are still preliminary.
Had to check some Dutch results as well before publishing.
In between I enjoyed tennis. What an epic match between Stan and Novak at Roland Garos.
Tonight the Formula 1 Grand Prix in Canada and that after a superb day outside as well.Anxious to see what happened in the air today. More on that on Wednesday.

When you don’t know what to say you talk about the weather.
No , it’s not that I have nothing to say, TOO much happening at the moment, as you can read below.
We had absolutely weird weather here last week .
4 Seasons in 4 days!!!!
Last Tuesday we had some kind of winter day ,cold, wet and 13 dgr C. On Tuesday it was a bit better , you could call it a nice autumn day with 17 dg. C but very windy. Thursday gave us the feeling of spring, an even good spring day with 21 dgr. and Friday it was SUMMER, with a predicted temperature of 32 dgr.
When I arrived from Amsterdam in Alphen passing the pole with time and temperature,… it was 35 dgr.!!!!
It was an official  tropical day with over 30 dgr. in The Bilt where they measure.
Last year the first one was on July 18.
Thunderstorm arrived here at 6.30 Code Orange was given for the West of Holland.Some fire-damage by lightning not too bad ,….bad enough however for those involved and a drop of 10 dgr.in temperature.
In Germany , at a Rock festival, 33 people were injured, 4 of them badly.

zzzzthunderstorm Belgium  zzzzThunderstorm france

Thunderstorms in Belgium as seen by Jeroen, in France as shared by the AAVE
in Holland shared by Frank.

zzzzThunderstorm Holland

This morning I had breakfast in my garden at 10 and friendly strong clouds popped up, mind you that is 9 AM sun-time.With some polair air, pretty fresh Northerly wind , but in the sun marvelous, it might be another great day in Holland.
By the way in the South of Holland they had 0.2 dgr. C. this morning , the coldest ever June 6/7 night since they started looking at it.
At FB I noticed early birds at Terlet and Soesterberg,  as well as a  great picture from Marlous  on her run  around the Terlet gliding center this morning.


What about this? Can’t have it better as PR is n’t it?
Thanks Marlous!


German Nationals in standard and 15 m. class.

On Wednesday June 3, day 6,  a hot and blue day, the pilots had to go for a nice distance 411 km.  and with very tight overall scores, EACH day is important. For sure a long-task-day!
Unfortunately the distance was just a bit TOO long. Only out landings and a lot of pilots JUST could n’t make it and were about 30 km. out. SO CLOSE!!!
One of them Felipe [Levin] and as it was a 1000 points-day, they were all for him bringing him on an overall score from 2 to 1. Felipe [4339] an Robert [Schroeder] flew 381 km. and Robert [4264] just “got” 4 points less, making him number 2 on the overall score list at this moment. Jan [Omsels] lost unfortunately more than 200 points by being 19th, but still is at this stage on a number 3-overall-spot.[4167]

Thursday June 4, day 7, 3 days to go!Today’s task; 353.1 km.
The Schroeders did well today, Simon and Robert in a Discus 2ax and an LS 8 both 1000 points!!! And good to see young Sebastian Naegel as runner up. Felipe was 8th.
Overall he stays on 1 but the runner up , Robert, comes closer.[5289 for 5264]
Jan [Omsels] is still 3d with 5112.

A 3 hour AAT- task for the very last day, number 8. It’s all happening NOW!!!! Who is keeping his head cool with temperatures around 30 dgr.? A mainly blue day with local showers and these can spoil all fun, as you know.
Looking at the final daily scores I missed Jan [Omsels] , ouch he was the first on the list to not make it home. The Levines did finish , Robert did,…and ANDREAS BELZ. He was always hanging around a 4,5th place overall, never won a day, flew consistent and got the last 1000 points of this competition.
All of this brought of course changes in the top. ” Poor” Jan dropped from 3 to spot 10.
Andreas in the DISCUS 2a flew himself to a 3 d spot, [6032]  so bronze for him, Robert was on 2 and stayed on 2 [ 6129] , Felipe at 1 and stayed there so the is the new GERMAN STANDARD CLASS CHAMPION with 6213 points.
I am sure they celebrated till late.Congratulations!!!!!

15 m. CLASS;
When I left you on Wednesday morning very early we knew already that Michael [Eisele] was going well.
This day 6 was a day for THE GIRLS! Nobody finished, but here as well a 1000 points day and enough to win.
Anja [Kohlrausch] won these 1000 points with 348.2 km flown from the set 376.7, Stefanie [Muehl ] was 3d and Katrin Senne 7th.
Michael with 314.6 km. was 10th. and with 4909 points he still is number 1 overall.Thomas [Wettemann with 4861 points ] is still on 2 and Uli [Schwenk] with 4829 points on 3.

Thursday June 4, day 7, 326.8 km. to fly!! It changed in a B task from 264.5 km. and after ALL the out-landings, this was good as only 4 did not finish. Starts at 3 PM. or after and new name on the daily-winner-list; Felix Huttel. He got the max. 790 points for the day.
Not such a good day for Uli as he was 21st and dropped from 3 overall to 5.
Stefan Lichtmannecker climbed from 4 to 3.

On the VERY LAST  day number 8, the pilots had to go for a 2.30 AAT .
12 from 33 out landed on this last day.BUT,..the overall toppers all arrived with the first 5 so did well. Stefan however had a less good day he belonged to the out-landers and dropped out of the top 3 again but still finished on spot 5.
Who is the new  GERMAN 15 m.  CHAMPION ?Yes Michael Eisele son from Walther the CD from ,…was it Bayreuth?
He got a total of 6449 points.Runner up and silver medal winner Thomas Wettemann and a surprise on spot 3. Climbing from 5 to 3 with a great last race Uli,  taking some kind of risk by departing en route as the LAST from his class.[ at 15.45, the first to leave was Tilo at 15.06] BUT, with his experience at EGC’s and WGC’ s  you expect that he knows what he was doing.
So a tough last day for some!!Congratulations to ALL as it was HOT in the end, WET in the beginning and not always easy in the middle, but still 8 days of flying!!!!!
Stefan Brehm did a great job as Live Ticker-messenger.


Uli in the white shirt on spot 3.
As shared by the site.


Italian UNICA comps and the FLY PINK CUP 2015.


As said in my last blog NO FLYING on Wednesday.No flying on Thursday either , as was already announced on the competition-schedule ,BUT,…it all happened again on Friday with a 330.63 km. racing task.
46 Pilots had 2 days rest and now 32 from 42 out-landed, the rest had fun. Most fun for Luca [De Marchi] who won the 1000 points for the day.Peter [Hartman ] did well too with 997 points. And team Alberto [Sironi] in the ARCUS T was on spot 3 gaining 988 points.
Ricardo [Brigliadori] lost 200 points, so did young Davide and Giorgio lost a few as well,  on this blue day with changing circumstances.

Yesterday they had  253,93 km. and I was VERY pleased to see that young Davide won the day. Met him at the JWGC in 2005 in HusBos when Leonardo was his coach.Speed for him 124. 109.24 km./h.Ricardo was 4th , Peter 6th ,Alberto 11th and Giorgio 15th.

 zzzzDavide   zzzzRicardo

Davide receives his daily prize from yesterday ,so did Ricardo on day 2.
As shared on the FB site of the Aeroclub

Today is their last day and they go for 218.64 km. The weather is less good than yesterday.And it was a day with the moment of truth. Peter Hartmann, who knows Italy as good as his homeland Austria, out landed OUCH!!! After 193.80 km. it was over and out for him. That hurts as he was 1. on the overall top over the last 2 days.
Alberto out- landed as well after 209 km. so JUST out!!!
Riccardo was  3 days at the top in the beginning. Today he was 5th but that was enough to make him the WINNER. [4975] He climbed from 4 to 1 in his 18m. ASG 29 with call-sign LEO, in honor of his dad Leonardo.
At spot 2 Giorgio who climbed from 5 to 2 with a 6th place.
Davide was 4th today and 3d overall. Good on him.
Bernd Hubka from Germany, is not scored yet and he was overall on spot 2.But oh, oh he out landed as well after 189 km.
Great to see the Fergnani “kids”  both finished on such a difficult day.
As they said on their FB site;
 With today’s flights the ranking is completely changed. Today it was important to start immediately as soon as the starting line opened, so, there were good climbing values everywhere. Gliders who started the task later had to switch on the engine or to go for outlanding. “

By the way there are 3 comps at Ferrara at the moment, This UNICA competition, then the Campionato Italiano Promozione with 6 competitors and very important the competition for ladies for the FLY PINK CUP 2015 with 9 ladies among them 3 Russians, 2 from Hungary,  Liz Sparrow from the UK and 3 Italian ladies.
Some ladies drove for 6000 km. WITH a trailer to participate on this competition.
No worries for the 7 tuggies,  they launch a total of 70 pilots in 1.30.

On day 1 Liz had the best speed over 229 km.[ 74.96 km./h.] in her St. Cirrus and the most points;786.
4 From 10 finished.
Day 2; with a 2 hour AAT was again for Liz, this time flying 133.68 km. in time 2.22. She and and German pilot Andrea Broker were the only finishers.
Day 3; with 246.51 km. was a prey for Liz again, 3 daily wins in a row, good on her!!!Only 1 pilot did not finish.
Day 4; slowly the days are getting better and a 253.56 km. task was set. No, not Liz this time on top as she out-landed just before Ferrara, after 247.98 km.
A good day for Russian lady Irina Gajnulova in her St.  Jantar 3.Only 8 girls left in this Pink Ribbon Competition.
Day 5; 247.82 and an other daily winner this time from Hungary; Timea Markus with just over 80 km./h.
And 3 days in row Italian pilot Margherita Acquaderni was runner up.
Day 6; yesterday and the last day for the ladies, 201.63 k. was set .
On the beginning of this  day the overall scores were for 1.Margherita, 2. Liz and 3. Timea.
At 4 Andrea and these 4 girls flew their-selves in the 3000 points.
It was AGAIN Liz who won day 6 , this time with a speed of 80.40 km./h. Slower than the Ventus 2ax,  from Margherita/Margot ,  but on handicap she won the day.7 Girls still flying and 1 out-landing from Russian pilot Irina.
7 pilots finished at 17.34 and 4 at 17.35. Busy, busy!!
Day 7 ; very last day is today with 170.70 km.! The 3 overall toppers from this morning all finished;  Margot [Italy] , Liz [UK] and Viktoria [Hungary] .
Liz won the day with 586 points , whilst Margot finished 4th  with 396 points and Viktoria was 2d with 479 points. All preliminary. This means that LIZ passed Margot/Margherita and WON, [4649] , Margot was 2d with 4506 points and Viktoria 3d with  4067. They were also the only 3 girls in the 4000- range.The next one Andrea from Germany is 400 points behind, so it should be all OK, though preliminary.
Congratulations to ALL.


zzzzUnica 3  zzzzUnica2

Margot Aquaderni from Italy and Nina Shalneva from Russia.

zzzzPink 2  zzzzpink ribbon 1

Irina Gaynulova from Russia and Andrea Broker from Germany.
all pictures shared by the AEROCLUB VOLOVILISTICO FERRARRA.



OMK in Holland


No action on Wednesday, as seen by Maurits van Lelyveld.

The sniffer did his best on Wednesday, but in the end he had to land. New possibilities had to be looked at, but could not be found. The day was cancelled, BUT the good weather was on it’s way! THE ABSOLUTE GOOD DAY is supposed to arrive on Thursday.

Here you see my former 2005- junior Rens, tear up his task for the day.

zzzzOMK rens 2

As shared on FB by Adrie Batenburg.

Thursday was a blue, but warmer and indeed better day.Not for some though.
Club class; 310.9 km. 2 From 12 did not finish and the winner Jeroen van Dijk in a Mosquito, flew with a speed of 87,63 km. and “got”  1000 points. Father Ben and son Frank Hiemstra did well. Ben was on spot 8 and Frank at 2 ! Nick Hanenburg was 3d. Jip landed after  7.30 PM, but finished!!!He arrived more than 3 hours after the first finisher in this class. Chapeau for JIP!!!500 Well deserved points for him.

Combi class; 368. 3 km. Quite some out-landings in this class as only 3 pilots finished. Winner former Dutch National Champion Peter Millenaar in the Discus 2a.

open class ; 508.6 km. later changed in 413.56 km. Jeroen [Verkuijl] won again and has the full amount of 1780 points overall after 2 days. He was the only one flying over 100 km./h;108

zzzz OMK Rens 3

Another great picture from Rens at 2000 m. on his way , retrieve, from Borkenberge to home [Malden]  where the BBQ was waiting.As he said; “: Being too late for the BBQ, is no option“!!! So Rens!

The last day!!!!! An all or nothing day? The weather was so-so, pretty stable and 35 dgr. C. Just TOO hot.Also possibility of local thunderstorms, with heavy rain, and hail and severe wind. I which corner from Holland was that going to happen!?
So small-not-too-far-away- tasks to finish this great OMK, from just over 100 km.

Before they could go they all tried to find shade, the gliders however had the full HOT sun.

zzzzOMK Fr.  zzzzOMK fr2

Pictures courtesy Frouwke Kuijpers one of the competitors.

They started and flew but not all finished. At 5.30 the message;” FX en 2T finished, HJ buiten en PI op Emmerich.”
It was more or less a battlefield in CLUB class; Only 3 from 13 finished on this last day, so you would expect changes in the top. Alexander Venema won the day and flew himself  in the DG 300 with winglets over 105. 59 km. to 80 points!!!But with less than 100 points nothing really changed overall.
Runners up had 74 [Joop Gooden in the St Cirrus] and 70 points [Jip]  points.
We had in the overall scores Nick, Ben and Alexander on top after 2 days. After 3 flying- days it remained NICK who is the new OMK champion and…. with his St Cirrus AG, ready for Narromine in a few months.[1527 points], good “old”  Ben  is the runner up [1397] and  Alexander 3 d, with just 9 points less[1388] and an excellent last day.
By the way, just heard he flew 650 today from Veendam in his DG 300

The COMBI CLASS had on day 2 many out-landings on the last day they ” only ” had 11 from 19. Young Apache pilot, Ard Tielenburg , was with his mate the daily best in the Duo Discus XL, over 104.91 km.After 2 days Adriaan Oudhuis in the ASW 20, was overall on 1 and with a 5th place on day 3 he stayed the NUMBER 1.[1970 points]On spot 2 Johan [Lemmens] defended this place and remained runner up.[ 1875] The Duo Discus from Haamstede got 155 daily points and with that they kept their 3d place.[1577]At spot 4 the Duo Discus from Adrie Batenburg and Rens Van Broekhuijsen and with that Adrie was the military champion in this class.
The Kuijpers family,  Ferdi and Frouwke finished on 11 and 14.

zzzzzOMK winners  Apache by Ard

Adrie to the left with Rens in the middle receive the Military Cup.To the right on picture 1, Ard.
And ,…the helicopter he flies on picture 2.[from my archive]
As shared by the organizers.

In the open class a 124,29 km. task was set. Not much but at least a 3d flying day. 5 From 9 finished but topper Jeroen was out after 56 km. NO WORRIES he had a good lead and still won the OMK.[1874]

zzzzzOMK Jeroen en Aukje  zzzzOMK Smitje

Jeroen was again the best. With him on the picture  Aukje who finished as 12th in club class. Both are members of the Aeroclub from Rotterdam. Aukje runs her business Flight Deck Business Consultancy at Terlet .
The black and white picture from Jeroen is just excellent and courtesy to Martin Smit[“Smitje”  and father of Robin who flies later this year in Narromine at the JWGC.]

That was all the news from Malden. A pity that there were only 3 days , but they had fun for a full year!
Picture from Malden shared by Alexander.



That’s it for today. Will look a bit later again to see if the official scores  are different from the preliminary ones in Italy.
More news on Wednesday with glorious scores today in Europe have a look at the OLC already!!!
2 Times 750 from Holland in an ASW 20 [FAI triangle] and Duo Discus [630  FAI triangle] are already on.
726  flights added at this moment. And that will be MUCH more!!!!
Then you have to excuse me till the 24th of June, as it is my annual high-school holiday. NO LAPTOP permitted!!!
Cheers Ritz

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