French Nationals in 18m. and open class…with today 604 km ! Uppsala continued ! Swiss Nationals and more!

To start with….. the Champions from the FIRST BENELUX comps at St. Hubert.

zzzzNK winners

Robbie with his daughter, Dennis as Champion and Jeroen as number 3 in the combi class.
Courtesy Willemijn.

zzzzNK winners open

Jean Luc, Yves on the highest spot and Maurits on 3.
Courtesy Willemijn.

Looking at the scores for Holland only to determine the Dutch Champions in the combi class;

zzzzNK Dutch winners 2

Sjaak on 2, Robbie on 1 this time with his son, and Steven on spot 3.

and in open / 18 m.

zzzzNK dutch winners 3

Marco on 2. Maurits on 1 and Mark on 3.
Courtesy Willemijn

And the Belgium combi- podium as seen by Loes Reynders


With Jeroen on spot 2, Dennis on spot 1  and on spot 3 Jeff, but for sure he had to work again so his wife Gitte is there with their kids Leon and Anna.

To be totally complete;
Belgium winners in open/18 m. Yves on spot 1, Jean Luc on 2 and Wim on 3.


Uppsala Masters;

zzzzUPP 5

Briefing with ” good old  ” Ake Pettersson to the r.
as shared by the organizers

The Uppsala Masters , with Boerje Eriksson as CM, continued on Monday unfortunately not with a flying day, but a cancelled day. No worries, they had a long first day with for some 5 hours of flying only and a few out-landings and an easier 2d day, with only finishers!So,…they flew already !

zzzzUpp 9

zzzzUPP 7   zzzzUPP6

Great pictures from day 1, as shared by the organizers .

zzzzUPP 8

So 2 flying days and 1 cancelled day, when “we” continue on Tuesday .
But , I read  ” A lot of energy in the air today -our meteorologist promises showers with a chance of meatballs!” 
Racing class;
May 26, day 3,  3 hour AAT,  with a start-line-opening at 12.05.
290,61 km. was flown by Ronny Lindell in time 2.52,38.With that he got the 1000 points.All 33 pilots finished.
Team Lehto from Finland was at spot 8, young Finnish pilot Aku at 4 and talking about Finland, Tapio at 7.
Gunilla Lindell, yes Ronny’s wife,  in the LS 8, [2417] was on spot 2 with 3 points less than her husband and tops after 3 days the overall ranking. Good on her!
Aku is 2d after 3 days and Janne as well, both 2407 points, so only 10 points less.
It’s always nice to see a husband and wife flying in the same competition.I know a few couples in Australia, at least one  in Africa, but not too many in Europe and to see Gunilla and Ronny both in the TOP is TOP.
Ronny , who lost 265 points on day 2 is on an overall spot 6. They always start together, but of course not always finish together.
Today; 2 hour AAT task…. first task at 12…showers predicted.

open class;
May 26, day 3, with Jim and Gert, team Acketoft in the EB 28 with callsign 1P,  strongly on top after 2 daily wins.
Day 3 is another day,….also with a 2.45 AAT.
At 12.23 their start line opened! One pilot [Ulf, on spot 5 overall] returned back to the field with a technical [motor] problem.A pity.
After 117 km. Peter Johansson returned home as well.
The rest finished and who was the daily winner??? Yes again Jim and Gert. 280,47 time 2.42,20.
Goran was runner up [286,69 km. in time 2.50,54]  and Martti Koivula , [ASG 29…another Finnish mate,[I was there of course a few times!] was 3d.[270,92 in time 2.31,52]
After 3 days , team Acketoft is on spot 1 [2719] , on spot 2 is Martti [2536] and Goran is on spot 3.[2428]
Today; 2 hour AAT task.

zzzzUPP 11 props


French Nationals in open and 18 m. class at Buno.


FRENCH NATIONALS from Buno with Benjamin Neglais as CD.

They started on May 21 and 22 with practice days, not used by all.
The REAL thing happened on May 23 last Saturday for the 23 pilots in 18 m. class among them 3 HC as they are from Holland [2]  and Belgium , so they can’t be French champion, and 20 in open class with 3 HC pilots from Belgium [2] and Germany.
Top pilots in Buno, so a great competition to be expected!!

zzzzFr Nat 1

Glider 41… PH-1341 is of course Dutch , the VENTUS cxt from Irene van der Swan, flying HC.
As shared by Philippe de Pechy flying at Buno.

18 m. class;
May 23, day 1 with a 2.30 AAT:
A 1000 points-day  for Eric Bernard, [299.84 km in time 3.11 so not a too easy day] with 14 finishers.
Eric was the WGC champion in Finland in club class in 2014.
Among the finishers ,Anne Ducarouge [3] Louis Bouderlique [4] Didier Hauss, Denis Guerin and Gilles Navas on 6-7 and 8.
May 24, day 2, with a racing task from 249.39 km.
Best speed , 108.14 was for Gilles [Navas ] winning the 722 points. All pilots flew the distance.
May 25, day 3, no briefing before  1 PM. Still a small task ;1.15 AAT. First launches at 3 PM. But all pilots had to return to the field.
The day was cancelled!
May 26 , day 3, with a 2.45  AAT . Jean Denis Barrois was the daily winner with 283,19 km. in time 2.39,50; 866 points.
Eric,Didier and Louis followed. All pilots finished.
Today;604.32 km. Good luck to all.

zzzBuno clouds

As just shared by Philippe

open class ;
May 23 , day 1, with an 2.30 AAT as well.
Different distance 270,97 km. and time 2.39 for the winner Killian [Walbrou in the JS 1c] ] and 860 points. Runner up was Sylvain Gerbaud in the Quintus M with 270,51 in time 2.40.
15 Finished and 4 from them had a bad start by entering the airspace of Orleans.
May 24, day 2, with 243,81 as racing task. This day they changed places,Sylvain was daily winner [ speed 125,97 km./h.] and Killian runner up.[ 125,78 km./h.] All pilots finished among them Sebastien Dubreuil on 3 and Pierre de Broqueville [HC but between 3 and 4 Laurent Aboulin] .
May 25, day 3, briefing after 1 PM and also for them they try a 1.15 AAT with the launching starting at 3 PM, so a later-in-the-day-window!But, did not work for a valid day.
May 26, day 3, with a 245 AAT.  It turned out not to be a fast day, as the daily winner flew the 277.12 km. with a speed of 95,71 km./h. Sylvain won again;958 points.
The other QUINTUS M with Laurent was runner up.
Today; 604.32 km. Briefing at 10 first launch at 11.30.

For more news;


The Swiss Open Nationals 2015 at Buttwil.

They started in 2 classes a mixed open [ 11 pilots] and a mixed 15 m. class [14 pilots] on May 23.
Mixed open.
May 23, day 1;
They set a 2.30 AAT and it was a good day for Markus Gauman, [Nimbus 4M] who flew till now many WGC’s , as he won day 1. A bad day however for Gabriel Rossier, as he was one of the 3 ” outlanders.”
May 24, day 2, another 2.30 AAT .Gabriel [ASH 31 MI.21 m.] corrected that straight away, he WON and this time Markus was runner up.
May 25, day 3,with a 1.45 AAT and a BAD day for most, not only because of violations. A day however, on which pilots did not loose a lot of points, as the daily winner only got 159 points. Only 3 finishers Markus was one of them.

Mixed 15 m.
May 23, day 1, with a 2.30 AAT, won by Juerg Haas in the ASW 27. When I remember well he flew the ASW 27 from Swiss Chris in Tocumwal.He was one of the 3 finishers. Renee Schneebeli , Edi Inaebnith and Stefan Leutenegger were not so lucky and belonged to the “out-landers”.
May 24, day 2, a 2.30 AAT and all finishers, no out-landers. Rene, did what Gabriel did in the other class, he corrected straight away his position and won the day.
May 25, day 3, a 2.00 AAT with NO finishers  and no points. Best was Juerg with 72 km.

No flying yesterday in both classes.
Today;no tasks yet.


And to finish some flights interesting enough to mention;
One from Riesa Canitz where they did a training- camp for cross country pilots.
On Sunday one of the pilots, Florian Heilmann in the LS 1d,  started before the briefing for  the famous  “trip around Berlin” ;606.1 FAI triangle [ a total of 645.6 km] on not the easiest day.So a great job!
Several between 600 and 800 km. flights in gliders as LS 1f, LS 4, LS 6, LS 8 and St. Libelle.
Luesse not far from Berlin, hat several pilots flying for the Luesse Cup. A lot over 600 km. flights.
Holland was blessed with another St Cumulus day; flights over 600 km. from Terlet and Soesterberg.
A great way to spend Pentecost; 150 flights on the OLC from Holland only!!
1630 Worldwide!!
And as John Williams mentioned yesterday a nice day from Kinross in beautiful Scotland in the UK :
” A low level cloudy wave day. Easy to fall out of the wave by pushing too hard, but great fun.”
604 in the Antares 20 m.  and and 553 in the Discus bt.


Last but not least news for my Aussie mates. I wrote about it already but now tomorrow it will be ACTUAL;
The radio frequency at the Tocumwal Aerodrome will change from 122.9 to 125.5 on the 28th May, 2015.  A NOTAM will be placed from the 26th May, 2015 and for a period after the change to assist visitors to the aerodrome.  The lights will be left on from sunset on the 27th to daylight on the 28th in case there is confusion with airmen in relation to the timing of the change.” 


Cu , most probably, on Sunday with the latest on Uppsala and the French and Swiss Nationals.
cheers Ritz

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