Last Sunday,….
As shared by the organizers.

There was no day 1 for the open and 2 seater class last Saturday, but my goodness me, did they have nice flights last Sunday on their flying-day 1.
Mind you there are a few former WGC champions between all those 121 pilots at Hahnweide, as well as JWGC champions.STRONG field, a REAL competition.
May 10;
open class; task 515.1 km;
Killian in the JS 1 won the first 1000 points, with a speed of 119.8 km./h. ,…is n’t it the first step that counts??? I know how good he is. Let’s wait and see, they only just finished day 1 and there are 6 to go.
3 from 19 did not finish.By the way Killian was the JWGC champion in Rieti in 2007.
When you see YY, you know it is Bruno, already for years and years.He was 6th this day, in his fabulous TOY the NIMETA.
The Broquevilles [Pierre and Arnaud] finished on spot 3.Pierre has , also this year, a nice surprise ;
Broqconsult Sprl (Aviation and Business Consultancy), the person behind is Pierre de Broqueville, again sponsors a special prize for the pilot who achieves the highest average speed. The prize involves a four day stay for two persons at Golf du Chateau de Pallanne. This is located in the Gascogne in the south of France. What to do there? You can either play Golf or even better… do Gliding. Pierre, who will be there as well, has a Nimbus 4DM on site. In the proximity of the Pyrenees, for sure an attractive starting point for beautiful flights. Last year even two pilots, Kilian Walbrou and Sylvain Gerbaud, won this prize.”

2 seater class ; 401.9 km;
I forgot to mention one of the toppers in this class; Wolfgang Janowitsch in the ARCUS M. I noticed that because he and young Andreas, WON the day with a speed of 110.3 km./h.!!! Good on them.1000 points!!!
15 from 28 finished , my Dutch friends got stuck after 228.7 km.
My Belgian friends in the DUO made it and were on spot 11.
The Prat’s flew 390.4 km. just a tad too short.

18 m.;task 457.4 km;
Mario[Kiessling ] is HOT, as he won 2 days in a row.Speed 112.2 km/h. Mario still seems SUPER MARIO!!!He won the JWGC in Musbach in 1997.
Russell was 2d and Boerje 5th.,  Andy on spot 8.
29 from 38 finished !7 from them flew over 400 km.
Some lost points by penalties [start height or start speed] as well.

15 m.; task 439.9 km;
on day 1 Phil [Jones] from the UK missed out one a daily prize on 2 points;Jurg Haas flew with a speed of 90.3 km./h.,  Phil [Ventus 2cxa,]  with 89.9
On this day 2 , he won and got 1000 points.
7 From 11 finished and Jurg [ASW 27] was one of the non-finishers with 427.2 km.

standard class; 399.3 km;
The young pilots, the Levine brothers Felipe [109.6 km./h.]and Enrique [ 109.5 km./h.] and Jan Omsels were the best on day 2 each in their Discus 2a.
The day before Jan was 3d , Felipe 6th and Enrique 9th .
Overall after 2 days Felipe leads  and just behind ex-aequo Enrique and Jan.
Only 2 from 21 did not finish.
Talking about champions,  Felipe was twice JWGC champion in Finland [2009]  and Germany.[2011]
Mac is back from Japan for his European season and I will catch up with him in Australia this year.He was on spot 5 yesterday and 11 today.

MAY 11;
Monday flying day 2/3. Briefing at 11.
It was all a bit slow that day, but reason was the not-so-good-looking-weather. All went to the field with A and B tasks.
First they cancelled the standard, 15 m and 18 m class .
The open and 2 -seater class both with already one day less had to wait,maybe a small window could let them fly,  but the lift was just not strong enough to let them go.
All classes CANCELLED.

Tuesday May 12;
day 2/3. A hot day with a forecast temperature of 31 dgr. C and the possibility of thunderstorms maybe with hail.By the way ,we here in Holland, had yesterday the first SUMMER day with 25 C. at the measure points De Bilt in the middle of Holland.
Some places in the SE had up to 28 dgr.

open class  323.2 km;15 from 20 finished. 2 EB 28 ‘s one by Swedish pilot Jim [Acketoft] and good old Werner [Meuser] topped the day list with 116 and 114 km./h.
Killian lost a few points , more than 150, so did the Broquevilles.Bruno just flew back after 30 km.
Jim leads the overall scores now after 2 days, Killian is about 80 points behind. Werner climbed from 12 to 10.

2-seater class 271.7 km ;a REAL battlefield in this class!!8 From 29 finished. 10 ARCUS T or M or “just” ARCUS in the top 10.
8 Pilots flew over 200 km. Wolfgang was in, Sigi was out but only just, though 50 km. might be in this case not just.
Wolfgang and Andreas are still on top after 2 days.

18 m. class  289.5 km; 38 pilots , 26 finishers. Russell and Andy both in the JS 1 started and finished about the same time and were 1 and 3. As they later said  to Kathrin, they followed a convergence line.
Speed 139 km./h. In between at 2, Swedish pilot Markus [Ganev] in the ASG 29 with 140.6 km./h. he had 9 penalty points otherwise HE would have been the winner.
Mario nearly made it home but after 275 km. it was over and out for him on day 3.
After 2 days on spot 1 , the overall score list is now topped by Russell, followed by Markus and Mario, Andy and Boerje.

15 m. class 232.2 km;What a day for some,….in this case NO not good ! Phil Jones was out after 23 km. But 7 from 12 finished, so that cost, only 33 points for him from the 525 for the daily winner,another UK pilot Timothy Scott.
After 3 days Stefanie Muhl tops the overall list, good on her!!Bernd Weber from Schempp-Hirth is runner up.

standard class 227 km: A very tricky day with gusting wind and more than half of the pilots did not finish.In thios class 16 from 20 are Discus types in all variations.Late start at 4 PM but 3 pilots managed to fly with a speed of 117 and 119.4 km./h.
Jan, Sebastian ,Felipe and Enrique and Mac all finished between spot 4 and 9.
After 3 days the overall score is Jan, Felipe with 2 points less and Enrique.

In the evening Schempp-Hirth  invited all for chili con carne, not bad!
As I heard they could look at the building thunderstorms.



Same as at Hahnweide  ;a NON flying day on Saturday,…. but Sunday showed a 3 hour AAT. Weird was that only 2 pilots seem to have flown a “few” of those kilometers. They went just over the 100 km. mark and got 1000 points [Ojvind Frank] and 942 [good old Stig Oye!]Later Jan Hald was added and for the 45.2 km. he flew he got 416 points.
It looks like the rest did not bother.If so, a very expensive day.
The  2 days after were cancelled.


Koningsdorfer Wettbewerb 2015.

Koningsdorf shows a lot of good flights on the OLC through the year. They started on May 9 with a competition in 3 classes. One for pilots who just start competition flying, one for those who have “tasted it” it already and one for the experienced pilots. In this class flies Mathias Schunk [Quintus M] a real kilometer eater and Benjamin [Bachmeier]with a mate in the ARCUS T.
12 gliders  and 15 pilots.
Mathias flew nearly 1500 km. from Koningsberg in April 2012 and several over 1000 km flights.
Day 1 was cancelled, but day 2 had a 3.30 AAT in which pilots could prove their experience.
Mathias flew 364.7 km. ,but the QUINTUS M has a handicap from 123, so he was 2d this day with a speed of 97.8 km./h.The day was won by Ecki Wehnert in an 18 m. Discus 2.
Last Monday  a 271.3 km. racing task was set. Mathias won with 130 km./h.
Benjamin and Michael were 2d.[114 km./h]
Yesterday 297.4 km. was set in this class and Mathias was 2d , Benjamin 3d.
For the 2d time Ecki won the day [on handicap] .


 Grand Prix news.

Dear All,

We would like to kindly invite international pilots to sign-up for FAI Sailplane Grand Prix Żar 2015 in Poland held 20-27 June. This is the last qualification for the SGP World Final in Varese. Still 6 places are available.


We have received entries from 14 pilots, 7 pilots from abroad (Denmark, Germany, Russia) and 7 pilots from Poland. Interestingly, two of the participating pilots from Poland (Sebastian Kawa, Zdzisław Bednarczuk) already qualified for the finals at Frydlant/Czech Republic, so pilots competing in Poland will have an opportunity to fly with the best and still have a good chance to win qualification for the finals.

More details at the SGP website http://www.sgp.aero/poland2015.aspx?contestID=6452 and in the updated bulletin:http://sgpstorage.blob.core.windows.net/sgpmedia/979985/sgp-zar-2015-bulletin-1v2-6.05.2015.pdf

Deadline for entries is 15 May.

Regards, Marcin Prusaczyk  SGP Poland

So when you are interested ,qualified and always wanted to fly a QSGP, here is a chance for you


I know they flew a 1000 in Japan in the past, but the flight from last Sunday , by Takeshi Saito , in the Discus BT, was an excellent one as well; a declared 750 FAI out and return.
It ‘ not easy to fly long distances as Japan is a big island with lot’s of sea breezes, but also most airfields are on river beddings, so not the best spots to start from.Congratulations!

Also last Sunday Giorgio [Galetto… Ventus 2cxa] had a nice mothers-day present for his Marina; a 1000 km. flown from Bolzano.
To the east of Bolzano you find Lesce Bled and there they flew 823 in an LS 8 and 730 in a St Cirrus.
613 ..a 500 FAI triangle in an LS 1d from Dobenreuth [SE of the Wasserkuppe] was not bad either.
From Holland , this time the S. [Venlo],  still just under and just over 500 km. flights in a Ventus 2 cm/18m. and a DUO DISCUS!
On Monday Keith Essex had a fun day again from Minden;
When you have not read it here is what he wrote about his 1000 km. flight on the OLC.
“I was expecting a marginal thermal day with low bases and broken thermals due to high winds from the south. It was just westerly enough to produce wave. Fell apart quickly at the end of the day. Fun flight but very, very cold!!!
Nice speed in his ASH 31/21 m.  as well;156.60 km./h.

Lesce Bled

The fact is, that Brutus, [Peter] after visiting Hahnweide continued via Lesce Bled, so I can share a picture from there.
Courtesy Peter During.


That’s it for now.Have to be very early in Amsterdam, so no more latest news for today. Try to be back on SUNDAY.

Cheers Ritz

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