Prievidza; the Sebastian KAWA_show! ALEXIS; flew 1000 km. in Greece, the 2d in history.


As shared by the organizers.


April 19;
He is not only busy with flying. He makes great pictures from out of the cockpit and on the ground they make lovely pictures from him and his family.
In between he wins another day.
YES,….Day 7 is HIS!!!! Oh, yes a name,…you guessed it already SEBASTIAN.
With 358.4 km. in time 3.07, [speed 114.9 km./h.]he added another win to his pal-mares in Prievidza in the mixed class. He looks SO relaxed.

zzzzFl ch 1

As shared by Sebastian on FB, with the message ” Balast wodny zakazany” Ballast water is forbidden!

The club class pilots had a 1000 points day and only 4 from 55 out-landed after flying the 3 hour AAT. Andrej Dvorak after day 4 still on a proud runner-up-spot-overall, had a not such a  good day 7; just 38 points!!!!
Jan [Boruvka] and Roman were the best with 312 km. in time 3.08 and 3.12.

In 15 m. class , after a cancelled day they got a 3 hour AAT as well and it’s getting boring, but in this class RULES Christophe.Till now he only missed 2 daily wins but day 6 was for him again with 354 km.and 111.5 km./h.

zzzfltch 2

Martin Marhevka in the LS 1 f.
As shared by the organizers.

April 20;
In all 3 classes 3 hour AAT’s. All gliders had to fly WITHOUT WATER, it seems thanks to the local authorithies.
Strong NW wind is predicted for today, air-mass is active which means good thermal conditions.”
Day 8; was  different ,a tough, very tough for some ,day also for Sebastian .He was on a daily spot 7 and lost about 250 points. That did n’t make a lot of difference to his total, he was still 800 points ahead.
Slovak pilot Pavol Cerny won the day ;343 km. and nobody was with this wind, faster than 100 km. p/h.
In club class it was difficult as well.Another Polish pilot was on spot 1 Pawel in the St Jantar 2.
In 15 m. class it was Czech pilot Pavel in the LS 8 who won the day with Gintautas as runner up.
Quite a few out landings and those who finished were glad to be home.

April 21;
2.30 AAT in the mixed class, 251 km. for club and 314 for 15 m class.
A day on which ALL gliders had to fly without water again and a day out of the normal pattern, as they flew from the opposite grid. So not 22 but 04.
Day 9;A and B tasks were set.Variant A = racing task, variant B = AAT.
Club class – 251 km, 15m class – 314 km, Mixed class – 328 km.
It turned out TASK A.
AND… also without water ,Sebastian could win day 9.
In the club class the SWEDISH pilots are on a mission. They are on spot 3-4 and 5 overall and Roman tops the list after 9 days.
In 15 m. I read in the comments that it was definitely not Christophes day, ” I made a bad decision” .NOT too bad as he still finished on spot 8 and he is still on top overall, with 200 points, but Lucasz Grabowski , the runner up overall at this stage, was 2d .
They were sent to bed with the message ;briefing at 8.45 and then you know enough and mixed first on the grid, with 15 m and club behind!!!!

Day 10; tasks have been set and for a competition they are BIG AND can be flown with water again.
614.5 for the mixed class, 549 for 15 m. and 501 for club!!!
First launch expected at 10.

More next Sunday.


Zbraslavice in Czech Republic.

Racing tasks…..that  was the last on this competition I shared with you on Sunday morning!
BUT what racing tasks they had on that Sunday April 19; 509 km. for the Mixed class and the CLUBBIES had to go for 404. Well,….when they had the weather we had on Saturday , that should have  all been very possible.
And for most it was only 5 from 30 in the mixed class did not fly the full task [3 of them still flew over 390 km.] and in club class  42 from 56 finished.
Jan [Louda] who started as one of the last for the 404 km. flew in his ASW 19 b the best time; 85 km./h.
In the mixed class Petr Tichy , a local pilot, was the winner on handicap in his 15 m. Discus 2A. Runner up was Tomas Suchanek with just over 100 km./h. Tomas Rendla in the ARCUS M was on 3 ;just under 100 km./h.

On Monday their last week started with a 2.45 AAT in the mixed class [day 4] and a 3 hour AAT for club [day 3].Alena had another win and 5 from their home club were in the top 5.
24 from 29 finished.
Club class started  the new week, with Jan Louda as winner of the day. 25 from 44 finished and 12 pilots choose NOT TO FLY.

Day 5 ;2 hour AAT, won by Tomas and Elena was 3d.  Both Elena and Tomas have 2 daily wins now.

Day 4;2 hour AAT,which turned out an invalid day as not enough pilots flew over  100 km. Jan Louda did with 121 , one pilot was even better with 151 km!!! Sad for them,  it turned out an invalid day.


In my last blog I could just add the 1000 Declared FAI triangle from young Bert Schmelzer. Here a bit more with his impressive pictures. He started in Germany from Blaubeuren.
Thank you all for the congratulations !
Getting up at 3:30 and 10+ hours of flying made it a long day, but crossing the finish line at sunset gave a rewarding feeling after 1.000 km.”
All pictures PLUS story at;


With his text;
The clouds already start to line up in beautiful streets.
After crossing the startline I reach the first turnpoint -Reiselfingen- with an average speed of 135 kph,
thanks to a strong tailwind.


With his text;
” At 17:30 the Discus 2cT and I could go around the last turnpoint – Falkenstein-
and head for the last 210km towards the finish line.
Clouds still looked good and a tail wind of 15kph would certainly help me.”


ANOTHER INTERESTING 1000 km. this time in GREECE!

One of my Greek friends flew in his ASW 22 BLE, a 1000 km. flight in Greece last Saturday and that does n’t happen every day, in fact it is the 2d in history!!!!
Alexis flew 1.032.7 km. I totally missed it as I could only find it on the Greece OLC, which is weird as it should be on both;worldwide and Greece..
But why did I miss it; The flight was on the world wide OLC, but,only on spot 82 on the daily OLC list and…I did not scroll that low.
The flight is in the worldwide list but amazingly enough ranked 82 because of the long triangles flown in Germany that day.” Alexis.;

It is only the second 1000 km flight in Greece. The first one was 1010 km and flown by the cross country pioneer Dinos Avgerinos exactly 10 years ago today in wave with too much humidity and a little cloud flying
Alexis was so kind to add the story of the first 1000 km. and you can read it here.

He continues; “Greece in addition to the very nice climate has a terrain which provides thermal, convergence, ridge and wave lift. It is interesting that I have flown 800 km in thermal/convergence lift, 950 km mainly in ridge lift and now 1,033 km in wave. I believe that with everything right, a wave flight of 12 hours at 140 km/h might be feasible yielding more than 1,600 km OLC! Also, the 1,000 km and 1,250 km diplomas seem now very feasible.”

Here is another link to his flight ;



For all those who are interested to visit Benalla during the Multi Class Nationals/Pre-Worlds in January [4-16] 2016, here is some news;
The competition website for the next Multiclass Nationals and Pre-Worlds is now up and running at

This site contains initial details of the event, entry forms, and useful information and links.  It is of course far from complete but it will grow quickly. and if you are planning to attend please bookmark the site.

Please also pass the link on to anyone in Australia or overseas who you think may be interested.”


There were no pictures of the champions in each of the 2 classes from the Pan American Gliding Championships , when I published my blog last Sunday, but here they are;

zzzPAN AM winners1

With a proud Jerzy in the middle with Erik Nelson as runner up and Sean Fiddler on 3.

zzzPan AM winners 2

and a proud Phil in the middle , with Robin [2]  and Sergio [3] .
Happy organizers Rick as CD and Sarah as co-owner and the “engine behind the ideas about this very first competition ” with the flag .
Both pictures from Maria and shared by the organizers


That’s it, Sorry for the lay out. Will check if Bill can help me there. It looks perfect in my blog but when I publish , it goes wrong.

CU next SUNDAY with the latest on ALL the news, specially the 2 comps.
Cheers Ritz

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