Congratulations Graham and Bert jr.!

Alphen aan den Rijn       07-12-2008

With 19 participants in 18 m. class, from whom I know 17 from good to very good, the Qualifying Grand Prix in Narromine is over! Great winner; Graham Parker!Good runner up Ricardo Brigliadori and a nice 3d place for Butch [John Buchanan].

What I heard from several sites was, that it was a smooth and well ran organisation with very disciplined pilots! Luckily the weather co-operated, so no day was waisted.The finals will be flown in Italy in 2009.Hope you enjoyed Jo’s blogs which I got on my laptop every morning and before going to the gallery I put the blog on
Good co-operation!THANK YOU JO!!! Well done !

Some people forget about the distances. Graham lives in the neighbourhood of Adelaide and that is at least a 2 day drive for him to travel home from Narromine. Tony and Jo normally make a stop over in Tocumwal and even Michael Sommer stopped there on his way home to Benalla/Melbourne.

Another friend , Simon Holding from Alice Springs[ a mature law student and a great guy!] , send a nice reaction on the Eagle-incident with Tony Tabart.I just want to share it with you too.

“Our client is in fact a run-out Chicken Hawk (in poor feather) as

opposed to the purported Wedge Tailed Eagle that has been described.

Your pilot Tony Tabart in an 18 metre glider, in poor feather (the pilot looked as

though he needed refinishing) flew aggressively into our client’s patch,

and then proceeded with some temerity to loiter. Judging by the speeds

achieved there was no intention to merely transit through this patch.

Accordingly, our client’s well being was put a risk due to his honour

bound duty to act to defend his patch. As further and better particulars

come to hand, we will clarify our position. Until then we strongly

advise your pilot to stay off our client’s patch – you have been


In between the great weather in Africa continues! My friends Bert sr., Hilde and their “kids” Bert jr and Tijl spend time in Bitterwasser this year. Did mum and dad fly in the past with us in Tocumwal, with great pleasure, they had to find another place for winter, so last year they moved to Bitterwasser flying I think on the last day their first 1000 km.

Yesterday young Bert flew HIS First 1000 km in an ASH 25 26 m. and young Tijl in a DG 800B/18m. a great 841 km.They defenitely are on the right spot on the right time and both young but very good and skilled pilots.Last week Bert flew witd dad as co-pilot in the ASH25 26m , they really seem to like, another great flight;905 km with a speed of 120 km/h.

Australia has very nice weather too with distances flown up to over 800 km. Some Danish friends [Ib, Ole, Stener and Morten] have had nice long flights from Corowa, but had not forgotten about Sportavia where they flew in the past several Danish records and visited the old WW 2 airfield. Ingo flew in his discus from Tocumwal a nice 672 km. flight and Pepe flew from Narromine 711 km., while Benalla had some good flights too.

Uwe Thiele added another 1000 km flight in his logbook flying from Gariep Dam in a nimbus 3 D with a speed of 124 km/h. Hans is still going strong in the FAI-OLC championship as winner , so wherever our glider-friends are in the world they enjoy their off-season- flying to the fullest.Hope this upcoming week is another good one for all who are there and for all of us at home.

Cheers Ritz

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