David’s records ratified!”Old ” ASW 17 from Dick Butler flies now in Australia.QSGP in Chile.


Another EXTRA BLOG, enough news , as otherwise they get TOO long!

We got indeed a bit of winter. Not much but frost up to minus 5 and 0 during the day, snow at some places and freezing rain here. Hope the spring flowers who were popping up already due to the mild weather, survive after this ” hick-up”.


Good news for David Jansen . Pam Kurstjens-Hawkins , the record officer from the GFA, has done her job already. Compliments to her as not everybody handles records so quickly.
Here is the one from David Jansen, the epic flight!

GFA has ratified the following records from David Jansen’s flight on 2 January 2015.

The Free Distance Record is also a Continental Record claim in the Oceania Region and has been submitted to the FAI for ratification.

Australian National Records Open Class and 18m Class

Free Distance – D.G.Jansen – 02/01/15 – ASG29E – 1308.12 km

Australian National Records Open Class and 18m Class

Free three TP Distance – D.G.Jansen – 02/01/15 – ASG29E – 1532.61 km

Australian National Records Open Class and 18m Class

Three TP Distance – D.G.Jansen – 02/01/15 – ASG29E – 1342.90 km

Australian National Records Open Class and 18m Class

Straight Distance to Goal – D.G.Jansen – 02/01/15 – ASG29E – 1252.91 km

And to make it even better,…..the GFA has ratified the following record claimed by David Jansen from his 750 km triangle flight on 20 December 2014 as well;

Australian National Record 18m Class

750 Km triangle speed – D.G.Jansen – 20/12/14 – ASG29E – 136.63 kph

So again CONGRATULATIONS to David!!!!


In a race against the clock as they mentioned it their selves, Dutch record-chasers Max and Jeppe got his time , January 22, a VERY special one.
Did they improve their last 600 km. record with another 14 minutes,a couple of days ago,  this time they set a BIG one in the NIMBUS 4DM  with call sign UFO;
a declared 1.250 km FAI triangle .an exciting flight.
As they said ALL has to go well when you try it. Start should be as the fore-casted 10 o’ clock and on each leg they need the calculated speed.With 9.30 and for that reason a speed of 130 km./h. it would work.
They did it!!!!! 133.56 km./h.over a total of 1.270,55 km.
Though parts were slower over the first 437 km.[102 km./h.]  they managed to speed up and be back before sunset.
Yes days are getting longer here, they get shorter there!Congratulations with 2 new Dutch records and the longest flight world wide till now for the Baron Hilton Cup 2015 rules.
They topped the OLC list world wide on January 22.

zzzz Max en jeppe 3

zzzzMax en jeppe 1 zzzzMax en jeppe 2

As shared by Max and Jeppe!


Pan American Gliding Championships

They very first PAGC will be held in Chilhowee in Tennessee from April 3 till 17.
” The pilots would like to thank the Members and the Board Of Directors of the Soaring Association of Canada, for providing the funds that will cover the entry fees for the contest.This is a great show of support for the team in particular and soaring competition in Canada as a whole.
4 Canadian pilots will enter the handicapped class and 1 reserve pilot is nominated and in 15 m. class 3 among them Jerzy [Szemplinski]

The local procedures have been approved and you can find them at the documents section;


News for pilots who are preparing already for the 2017 WGC in Benalla.
Tim Shirley will be the CD at this next event and here is his news:
” For information of all who may wish to attend, the next Multiclass Nationals – incorporating the pre-worlds – will be held at Benalla from Monday 4th (official practice) to Friday 15th Jan, 2016.  The event is now on the GFA Calendar. 

I will be the contest director, and other team members will be advised as planning progresses.

The event will be generally as for an Australian Multiclass Nationals and will be held in the usual 4 classes (Standard, 15M, 18M and Open).  There will be some changes to accommodate a larger number of foreign entrants, and where possible we will treat this as a dress rehearsal for the Worlds and run as closely as we can to a WGC format and approach.  Expect challenging tasks 🙂

A website and entry details will be published shortly, however this will give you a chance to start planning and arranging accommodation etc.  Note that Benalla is a full time operation throughout the season (November to March) and pilots wishing to prepare and practice are welcome at any time.” 


zzzzz Dick

The CONCORDIA on tow.
As shared by Gary Adams.

Some nostalgia. Once upon a time ,long, long ago CONCORDIA owner DICK BUTLER, owned and flew a 23 m. ASW 17.After having a few other owners ,this glider is bought by George Schuit a couple of years ago. Being in Tocumwal, George got it after the annual inspection , out of the hangar and with help of some mates, as the bloody thing is REALLY heavy, Ingo did the first test flight again and Bill [Harvey] got the honor of the first flight, that is, since a few years , as Georges wife Diana flew the Nationals in it at Benalla, then. Here some pictures as shared by Bruce Wilson.[Southern Riverina Gliding Club]

zzzzASW17 1  zzzzASW 17 2

zzzzIngo and Bill   zzzzBill

One of those special famous Tocumwal -cloud-days and the ASW 17, with Ingo, Bill, Raff and more.

And talking about Tocumwal, one of the pilots Uwe, flying at Sportaviation,  was very happy .He achieved on one day his silver badge and the other his gold and diamond.
First day Silver “C” 100 km. Second day Gold distance & Diamond Goal 300 Km.” 


UWE,…A happy chappie.
Courtesy Sportaviation.


Qualifying Sailplane Grand Prix in Santiago/Chile
24-1-2015 – 31-1-2015

zzzzzThomas glider

Ready for the practice day with GT from Thomas Gostner nicely in line.

After the training day, won by Rene Vidal,  the real game started in Chile and the 11 pilots in 15 m. class , among them 2  Italian , 1 German , 1 UK, 1 Argentinian, 1 Lithuanian and 5 pilots from Chile,straight away had a DIFFICULT one.
300 km. Was set , but most pilots did not finish and aborted the task , 4 however went ON!!! The winner of the day with a speed of 93 km./h. ,which says it all, was Alejandro Chanes flying the Ventus 2CT/15 m.
In fact Juergen Wenzel won the day but penalty points cost him that first place, the other 2 determined ” heroes” were Thomas Gostner and Javier Gaude.
10 Ventus gliders in 5 configurations [2 x a Ventus 2 CT/15 m…4 x a Ventus 2 ax…2 x a Ventus b/15 m…..1 x Ventus 2….1x a Ventus cm/15 m.]  and one Mini Nimbus, so all Schempp Hirth gliders performing there.

zzzzzCarlos Rocca  zzzzzGP Rene Vidal

Carlos Rocca and Rene Vidal preparing for their flight.
Courtesy QSGP site


2 Seat-National-Championships at Narromine in Australia
20-1-2015 – 28-1-2015

11 Gliders, so 22 pilots are busy enough in Narromine to see who is the best in 2 classes one open 20-seat- lass, with in fact one open class glider and the 20 m. 2 seat class.
They started on the 20thiest for the 4th 2 Seat Nationals, with a practice day and flew straight away 5 days in a row.The Mander’s in their ASH 25 were doing a great job in open class and after 5 days they topped with a marge of 100 points the list.
The other class was more interesting to follow.
The Georgesons won day 1, a 2 hour AAT , and 2 , a set 429 km…… but then it was Terry Cubley with an Adelaide mate Brian Rau who won in the ARCUS M the 4 hour AAT, followed by an other Adelaide team Pete Temple and G Rau in the DG 1000 s.
Day 4 , a 2.30 AAT was for Pete and G.Rau and day 5 for 2 pilots from the Hunter Valley flying the Duo Discus.
2 Collegues from my daughter at Transavia are flying in this competition as well. They spent our winter in Narromine and even run their own business there at Narromine.Evelien [Nijland] and William [Stalenburg] were on spot 6  flying  the Duo Discus after 5 days.

Great to see also Mark and John Rowe [Duo Discus] in this competition as well as Harry and Wendy Medlicott.[ARCUS M]
After 5 days Pete is leading the pact before the Rowe’s.


The Rowe’s as shared on the site: http://2015twoseatnationals.blogspot.com.au/



The Club Class Nationals at the airport of  Drury on New Zealand’ Nord Island
20-1-2015 – 31-1-2015

The Auckland Gliding Club organized this competition on the foot of the Drury Hills.30 Pilots were allowed due to the size of the field. They flew in 2 classes Club and open.
Day 1 was difficult with only 4 from 17 finishers, so was day 2 with 3 finishers, both days were won by Steve Wallace in the MOSQUITO.
Day 3 with good weather and a 3.30 AAT was again a prey for Steve.
Day 4 however was not for him, the LS 1f with Tim Bromhead was faster but Steve finished as runner up; task 3.30 AAT and a speed for Tim 92.6 km./h. over 375 km. Good on him. Steve flew 333 km. in 3.45.
Day 5 with again great weather and a 3.30 AAT, had 2 WINNERS both 1000 points; Michael Strathern in the ASW 20 [handicap 98] flew 366.2  km.in time 3.49 whilst Marl Wilson in the St. Libelle flew 351.4 km. in time 3.40[handicap 89]

A combined -open class , the MSC Contest 2015, had till now 2 days and the 7 participants in this class enjoyed a 3 hour AAT yesterday won by Pat Driessen in the Ventus ct /17.6 m. [ 1 out-landing] and today a 3.15 AAT won by Pat as well. [3 out-landings]; 2000 points.
Other well known pilots in this class Tony Van Dyk , Nigel McPhee and Lindsey Stephens.


To finish this extra blog,  a “special”   outlanding as seen by Marcelo Navarro  and shared by Guilherme Purnhagen .

zzzz buitenlanding

 Back next Wednesday

Cheers Ritz

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