Scientific approach on speed record 100 km.!Climbing up from spot 22 to 1 in 5 days!Chaves,..Omarama, …Waikirie and Santiago!

With nearly 4 million people on the street in France and about 1.7 million in Paris only and lot’s more all over the world…..this world is not lost yet.
By the way the last 2 events in France with so many people around, were  in 1886 when 2 million people attended the funeral of writer Victor Hugo and in 44/45 when France was FREE after the war and general de Gaulle drove through the streets.
Last Sunday however was the biggest EVER.
Hope the solidarity stays longer than only on Sunday.


What great flying in Worcester!!! I still enjoy the QSGP from last week and look forward to the next one!!


Enough comps to follow, that is when the weather gods are in good mood!!We continue where I left you last Sunday.

Ostler Vineyards Multi Class Nationals Gliding at Omarama [N.Z.] 


Keeping their sponsors happy as well.
Courtesy competition site.

On Monday they continued with their nationals and day 7 was on.
On day 6 in 15 m., Alex won but he, nor anybody else finished. Vaughan was not yet scored on day 6 but he managed to come close as well with a 2d place for the day.
This day 7 with 263.7 km. was a prey for George Wills in the Discus 2c. Vaughan was 2d again, Nick 3d , Tony 6th and Alex just out landed, loosing over 500 points. BUT,…the overall scores did not change after 7 days it is Nick on spot 1, Vaughan on spot 2 Alex AND Tony on spot 3 [both 4164 points].

zzzzzFather   zzzzzSon

Father and Son Oakley.
Courtesy the organizers.

In the combined open class it was …..yes Michael Oakley again. He won 5 from the 7 days till now and was once 3d and once runner up.Father and son top the scores, interesting, but ,..still at this stage.
8 from 16 finished in this class ?????????

Have to mention again Grae Harrison who tops the 18 m. class after day 7. [Ventus 2cx]He looks like a great pilot , is after 7 days over 1000 points ahead on the runner up and won this difficult day again, looking only at 18m. Good on him. You remember he was the only finisher on day 6 , even won the combined open class and won day 1 and 2.


The field, mountains, gliders and flags.
As shared by the organizers.

Day 8 was weather-wise still not the best, but there is hope for the last days. In 15 m. it was Vaughan[LS6a]  AGAIN ,who got the daily prize.
Not all pilots choose to fly, some returned and some had relights and went on track.6 From 11 finished in this class and Vaughan’s 1000 points for the day brought him to the overall top.Nick moved to 2 and Tony remained on 3. George {Wills }moved up to 4 and Alex dropped to 5, earning only 223 points for the day.


And Alex .
Both Alex and Nick belong to the NZ Junior team and both participate in the JWGC  in Narromine end of this year!
picture courtesey Organizers.

In the combined open class the 1000 points were for Gavin Wills/Keith Essex in the ARCUS. My Aussie friends Tom [Claffey] and Graham [Parker] are doing a GREAT job in their ASH 25 e, by occupying the 3d place overall after 7 days.
Grae  remains TOP, he is still on spot 2 inn this open class, between all those big gliders. Of course he tops the 18 m. class and with a marge; more than 650 points.
The 20 m. class is at this stage topped by Ge and Tom [Klassen] , or Tom and Ge.

Today is day 9 ,more about that on Sunday!


53d Multi Class Nationals ; Waikirie Australia.

zzzz W 1 zzzzW2

Courtesy Adam Woolley

As you can see the weather did not really improve on Monday in Waikirie. What a pity, it can be so GOOD over there!!!!
Adam mentioned:
” Tough day in the office, yet fun & rewarding at the same time! Most of my climbs were in the rain, surprising what you can do on any given day.
Awaiting the scores now, will it be a competition day?” NO WORRIES,… was n’t for him.
YES they squeezed out another competition day;day 2 at least in ONE class.
St. class got a 2.45 AAT and was first on the grid.Nobody finished but Tobias Geiger in his LS 4 ,”  who loves eating kilometers”  , chewed 207.9 km. and was the best in his class;513 points.

And Matthew said :” Extremely challenging day today, ~2500 ft cloud base, widespread rain and a 2.5 hr AAT. No one finished the task, but I did the 4th most distance at a whopping 84km. 0.9kt average climbs, and 34km/h to the paddock. Incredibly it’s still a scorable day, 70 pts for my efforts. Thanks to Andrew Horton for the retrieve.”
In all other classes they had a 2.30 AAT ,but in none of the classes they passed the 100 km. distance and all got zero points, so not a valid day.
First time since 1990 it seems that ALL pilots out-landed.

Yesterday was …..cancelled……
Today they flew day 3 in st and 15 m. and  day 2 in 18m. and open. Preliminary scores at this early stage ;
St class; Allan Barnes together with 3 other LS 8 pilots.[set 193.9 km.]
15 m. class; Matthew Scutter [ set 222.9  km.]
18 m. class; Pete Temple [ set 263.5 km.]
Open class/18 m. ; Pete Temple


Nationals at Chaves in Argentina.

Damien is in the right flow and won after day 4 also day 5 , whilst the other class was cancelled.
15 m./open had a 2.30 hour AAT ,a slow day with around 60 km. speed ,but still distances up to 240 km. in the ASW 20.
After the 5 flown days in this class Damian just leads , the overall scores with 5 points on Santiago, both ASW 20 pilots.
BUT Damian comes from FAR, started on day 1 with spot 22 overall and climbed up to spot 1 in 5 days …..NOT BAD!!!!!
Martin Bossart who won day 2 lost quite some points by out-landing.[over 400]
The other more well known pilot Fernando Repiky flying the ASH 25 ,was one of the 8 from 29 who managed to finish.

Yesterday no news.



Club de Planeadores de Vitacura, Santiago, Chili,
10-1-2015 – 22-1-2015

After a speedy practice day [408 km. with a speed of 143.7 km.]last Friday,  day 1 , a 345 km. AAT straight away was a prey for well-known topper  Carlos Rocca Vidal.[Ventus 2b] . Rene [Vidal] as well known, in the competition-soaring-circus, was on spot 8.[Ventus 2cxa/15 m.]

Rene won day  2 a set 366 km. task and Carlos Rocca was runner up. On day 3 , they changed places again in the top; Carlos Rocca was first and Rene on 3.Day 3 had a 3 hour AAT and Carlos flew with a speed of 150 km./h. over 452.2 km.
17 Pilots flying in this combined/handicapped class.2 German pilots entered as well one from the UK.

Day 3 had a 3. 45 AAT . Carlos Rocco won with 486.7 km. in time 3.53, so a nice speed of 125.2 km./h. Rene, lost 225 points on Carlos.The ARCUS M with Andres Errazuris, moved in as runner up  both as daily winner and as provisional overall candidate.


What happened on the OLC?
On the 12th a nice flight from Los Antiquos in Argentina in a 15 m. glider!!! Jean Marc Perrin flew this DG 808 over 1.395 km.
Quite a few of my mates are doing well at their over seas destinations. I liked the flights from Rob, Erik, Martti, Roy, Patrick, Michael, Max and Max, Reitze, Alfred Paul ,Mark, Roland ,Hans, Manuele, Wolfgang, Reinhard and more.
Still great weather in South Africa and Namibia.


And talking about Namibia…..Last but not least a link to the speedy record flight  from Belgium father and son Bert sr and Tijl Schmelzer. Tijl is SOO good in describing such a flight  and as he is some kind of mathematical wonder….  it is illustrated with statistics , polar ‘s , models and  one beautiful picture! IMPRESSIVE scientific article!
As you can read, you just don’t fly such a record ,….it needs PREPARATION.
Though it looks SO easy when he describes : ”  the 100km FAI triangle record can be defined as: One Perfect Climb, One Perfect Final Glide.”
When the link does n’t work you can copy and paste it and then read it. Enjoy!!


Father and son; Tijl and Bert sr.
Courtesy Bert sr.

IMG_0792  IMG_0912

Bert sr. and Bernd Dolba [from Kiripotib] and Tijl and Tijl, Bert, and Hilde with Dutch friends.
courtesy the Schmelzers.


That’s it for now. More extra news on Sunday when most of these comps have finished.

Cheers Ritz

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