189.8 km. /h. during a GP!!!!” Loosing” a day, but still winning the QSGP!!!Chapeau for Laurens!

What can you say about all what happened in France??????!!! It’s too tragic for words.Maybe only ” JE SUIS CHARLIE”!!!!!!

Qualifying Sailplane Grand Prix in Worcester [South Africa]

With the one but best time on Tuesday ,  ZERO points however due to missing the ” bloody”  startline , Laurens showed straight away his quality; 10 points on a hot day [40 dgr.]  ; 395 km. with a speed of 175.4 km./h. just a tad faster than Holger. In fact ,5 pilots had about the same finish time, that must have been spectacular.No out-landing , but one pilot missed a TP and got scored till there. Laurens climbed from spot 5 overall to spot 3 with 18 points , whilst Uli had 23 and Holger 19. Everything was still possible!!

Nothing different on day 4 , it’s a valid GP now, but South African pilot Laurens seemed determined to keep the “honors”  in South Africa and was just a tiny, tiny tad faster than Claus, but he took the 10 points bringing him just ONE point behind Uli overall, with 29 points. 5 Pilots nearly finishing again at the same time. 189,8 km./h . for Laurens ,what they think the fastest time ever during a QSGP, then Claus [189.6 km./h.] , Oscar [189.5 km./h.] and Holger and Uli both with 189.3 km./h.. Starting and finishing at the same time over 475.9 km. WOW!!!!!!



Some of the pilotsas shared on the FB site from the QSGP. Oscar , Sven and Uli.

On Friday,day 5 of this QSGP, a task from 407 km. was set. Who had the best nerves!!!??? No nerves were necessary as the weather was already nerve-breaking. As they mentioned on their site ; “Difficult day ( see the speeds !) and most gliders were late entering the start zone. One landout before the start, one landout at Citrusdaal and WL still battling homewards…. and just to make our day complete, there is no electricity  AGAIN .” Such is life! BUT,…..Laurens won day 5!!! 407 km. with a speed of 138.2 km./h. gave him 8 points.He tops the list now , as Uli who was 2d, got 6 points and has one point less. 39 for 38.

EXCITING one but LAST DAY with 589.6 km. and the expectation of VERY HIGH SPEED. “ They are holding out for a 200 kph+ average for the task today, but it might be slowed down as the pilots have to get past Waaihoek 4 times today. If they can navigate quickly through this area they will get the required results .”  Still a long distance and mistakes can be made. BUT,….. HE DID IT!!!!! After loosing 8 points cause of missing the start line, he still managed to win another day at the QSGP in Worcester and I take my hat off for Laurens. He won 4 days in a row!!! A total of 38 points plus 8 from the first  day . Not the hoped for 200 km./h. but 188.1 km. /h. is ” not bad ” either. And,…. flying around with 141 km./h . gives you ZERO points and the last [11th] spot for the day. The first 10 pilots flew with a speed of 188.1 km./h. and 178.6 km./h. That IS SPEED!!!

LAST DAY. NUMBER 7. Today!!!! Just a small 201 km. OUT and RETURN task,  to get everybody home in time. 46 points for Laurens, 42 for Uli and 35 for Holger.So 3 pilots were still in the race for the highest spot, as the winner on this last day gets ONE EXTRA point. EXCITEMENT ALL OVER !!!!! For sure brother Oscar was going to help Laurens and the S.A. mates maybe as well and Uli and Holger had  3 more of their German mates, if necessary.

The REGATTA start was at 13.30 and Laurens won AGAIN; 11 points!!! 149.9 km./h. was the time on this last day, so all days were impressive fast. Congratulations to Laurens [57 points], Uli [50]and Holger [41]. Normally they should be attending the FINAL race in Varese [Italy -September  5-12]

When you are interested you can look at all the videos on  http://www.sgp.aero/southafrica2015.aspx?contestID=6098  for the exciting [ridge-] races and some  nail-biting finishes. Congratulations to all pilots and thanks for another great  QSGP- “show”.

To finish a message from Uli, as shared on my FB site; “At first I want to thank Laurens Goudriaan for inviting me and organizing a glider for me to fly at the Qualifying Sailplane Grand Prix at Worcester, Western Cape, South Africa.

This was an opportunity to visit a gliding site that I had heard so much about but had not visited before. Now I know why the pilots have talked about Worcester so enthusiastically – I am also now enthralled by this venue and the amazing and fantastic flying conditions.

I feel very honoured and indebted to Attie Jonker who so very kindly allowed me to fly his glider AJ. On New Year’s Day together with Laurens we had a training flight when we flew 400 km. at a speed of 180 kph. It was incredible.

I had never flown in a JS glider before, so the first flight was my first introduction to the Jonker Brothers’ JS glider and it was a wonderful flight – I was totally at ease and comfortable and it felt so easy to do a flight at a speed of 180 kph – it was as if the glider was made for me and that it ‘talked’ to me. Despite flying at high speeds I could still feel the air and whether the lift was off to the left or right – it was so easy and the glider was totally in harmony. Also when flying at high speeds the cockpit noise was minimal and talking on the radio was excellent and not problematic, and the ventilation in the cockpit was extremely quiet and yet very effective. The wing profile is so good and this meant that the flaps do not need to be used so often and it was so comfortable to fly. It was a real pleasure and a joy to fly in all conditions and at all speeds. I felt very safe in the JS1b 18evo. The workmanship is very professional. You can feel the passion and the sensitivity of the Jonker brothers and their team, that they have incorporated into their designs when you fly with this glider. It has been my incredible and utmost pleasure – thank you for this incredible opportunity, Attie – it has been amazing. Uli Schwenk



Ostler Vineyards Multi Class Nationals Gliding at Omarama [N.Z.] 

Well, I guess you agree with me, ….., he deserved the 1000 points this day. After flying as sole pilot the task AND finishing, but nobody else did, so ZERO points, Alex won again on day 3 , but now for 1000 points. Good on him!!

In the combined open class it was dad Oakley AGAIN;364.8 km. with a speed of 130 km./h. Looking at the pilots separately in their class Brett Hunter won the 18 m. class and Ge and Tom Klassen the 20 m.

Day 4 was a tough one!!! ” Lots of unhappy pilots.”  This time young Nick showed his talent again by only missing out on 10 km. to finish ; he flew 318.8 km. from the set 328.7 km. Nobody did by the way, but he got the 500 points. Vaughan Ruddick in the LS 6a, had a good run  and got 468 points. Young Alex had only 24 and Tony 185. After 4 flying days but still a week to go. In the combined open class it was not ” dad” , but this time but Ge and Tom in the Duo Discus.Must have been really UK-weather!! 4 Pilots among them “dad” , managed to finish the task from 328.7 km. Some really tried HARD!!! Starting at 17.20 is such an effort. At least he tried even after returning after 10 km.

The next day was cancelled/scrubbed!

Then there was day 5.…and I look again at the combined open and the 15 m. class. Later we analyse the final scores in each class. The small ships got task between 176 and 450 [311 km] .And Vaughan seems in a good flow . He won the day got the 1000 points , but the young ones did well too on spot 2 [Alex] and 3 [Nick] Michael Oakley [ASH 25]  won , his 3d win this competition in open class. BUT he did not win day 6, still got 925 from the 1000 points however. A  477 km. was set and this time a Ventus 2cxt won the day; Grae Harisson, who was , with that also the winner and sole finisher in 18m. Another difficult day as only 3 gliders in this combined class finished.Scores for 15 m. are not ready yet as 1 glider is not scored yet, and this is ZI the one from and with Vaughan.Nobody finished in this class, but Alex was nearly home; 468.9 km. from the set 477 km. so interesting to know the distance from Vaughn. More on Wednesday.


53d Multi Class Nationals ; Waikirie Australia.

Great first day 1 result for Matthew in 15 m., so here is as shared from his ” tales” Matthew Scutter’s Gliding Good first day to kick off the Australian Multiclass Nationals!
Ignored the gaggle, started early by myself and pushed on a long way waiting for the day to boom, had some strong climbs around the task including skipping around the outflow from a rainstorm, and slipped between showers just as it all turns to worms at the end of the day. I think that’s my fastest speed at a competition.” Good on him!!!

Lisa [Trotter] had an excellent day 1 too,winning the standard class;379.3 km. in time 2.34. on a 2.30 AAT. And in the 2.45 AAT for 18m./and open class it was Ian Craigie in the JS 1 who won the first day  [460.8 km. with 167.6 km./h]just ahead of Brad Edwards.Good to see Pete Temple flying, their house in the burning Adelaide Hills should be fine then.

Day 2 was cancelled, maybe an euphemism but they said:”Not exactly ideal gliding weather.” They had heavy rain.Good to dampen down the fires though. The rain continued and a few days they had to look at it. On Saturday evening the message;”We are optimistic of getting a short task in tomorrow. It is forecast to be 29 C and blue. Briefing is at 10 am. It is currently raining.” 

Today they tried HARD. They gridded, the sniffer “sniffed”, but the trough came back to spoil it all.  It has come back from the East to have a second go at us. We got up to 26.5C but we needed 27C. The grid is currently decomposing and many are derigging – having rigged this morning.
Day Cancelled.” 4 Days in a row now cancelled and the outlook for the next 2 days was not too good either, but there is always HOPE!!!!! More on Wednesday.

Even the HEART OF THE CONTINENT is wet. Alice Springs has  very unusual flooding.Water flows through the main-street and that normally  happens once in 20 years.


Nationals at Chaves in Argentina.

After the cancelled day, 4 days in a row were flyable.2.30 and 2 hour AAT in club/St Class and in the 15m./open class  and 2 hour AAT’s were set.On day 4 a 2.30 and 3 hour AAT. In club/st. class 3 days in a row the same daily winner; Javier Sondon in the St. Jantar 2. After 4 days he tops the overall scores , nearly 400 points ahead on the runner up. But ,..still a week to go and a lot can happen, as we all know. In the other class 15m./open everyday another pilot was cheered on as daily winner.Martin Bossart was the most consistent and tops the list with 200 points after 4 days.This day 4 was won by Damian Goldenzweig, who climbed to spot 3 coming from 8. Interesting scores the number 1 has 3590 points, then 3323,3318,3317 and 3316.3304 Is still pretty close too. ALL ASW 20 except for the Ventus 2CM/18m from Martin. More on Wednesday.


On the OLC the great flying continues. Last Thursday the top 5 on this OLC was for 3 Dutch and 1 Belgium pilot. Top spot 1 was for Rob with Dirk [ARCUS T]  and they mentioned;” Forecast was not so good, so we declared only a 720km. After an hour the weather turned out to be brilliant, so we decided to go for OLC 1000 km, which we achieved with time to spare. ” Bart Huygen from Belgium flew in a DISCUS 2 a very good 911km. distance.

They fly from Douglas,  as do Max and Edo [NIMBUS 4DM] .

Top spot 3 was for them the record-hunters Max and Edo; ” Declared 1101km out & return.
1. Dutch national open class speed record @138kmh
2. African continental out & return distance 1101km
3. African continental free out & return distance 1106km
4. Dutch out & return distance 1101km
5. Dutch free out & return distance 1106km” 

And some selfies they shared on FB.  Congratulations!!!!!

10906110_813644581991296_4997761823102639518_n   11014_813644381991316_410274200766614105_n


And,….have a look at the news from the OLC. Great news. Bitterwasser as a youth training center – a great idea of ​​a top man. I mentioned already in one of my earlier blogs , my happiness about pilots as Wilfried Grosskinsky to take up younger ones . This year he had 4 talented pilots for 10 days. Now they are planning a 10 day ,[ in the future international]  training camp to share [t]his experience with those of the young ones;for sure he is one of the MASTERS to learn them. Wilfried “ wants to provide such training camp in the coming year. Preferably with international participation. A nice way to promote young drivers and thus promote our sport.”[OLC] See the full story on the OLC news on January 8.Love the idea!!!! In the past about 10 years ago we did the same at Sportavia. We invited one young talented  pilot to fly a competition with INGO RENNER. With him in the glider and as coach each in their own glider. Pekka from Finland, Tijl from Belgium and Alfred Paul from Holland were the lucky ones. By the way , Tijl flew with his dad last Wednesday a declared 1000 km. [Belgian records on declared 3TP and free 3TP.] from Kiripotib in the EB 28. 

That’s it, enough news again to fill a Sunday blog so , CU next Wednesday again.

With so many people from all over the world attending the impressive manifestation in Paris to remember the 17 people who were killed in the different attacks this afternoon and so many at home who are behind this solidarity appeal, this world is not yet  “lost”. Cheers Ritz

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