Welcome at the Welkom Nationals….775 km. task flown from Temora.

They started last Sunday, the 37 pilots participating in 3 classes in the South African Nationals.
On flying-day 1 in club class 3 from the 6 pilots finished at Welkom, after a 2 hour AAT with as best result 198 km. in 2.25.
In 15 m. only 2 from 7 finished and one missed the start, ouch!
12 from 22 finished in 18 m./open class, but all in all it was more a practice day then a real good South African competition day. Though it hurts to loose a lot of points already on day 1.
On the other hand some interesting retrieves as I read and some colorful trailers and cars. Have a look at the pictures shared by Roland Termaat , one of the out-landers.

zzzzSA 2


With such pictures , there is a story to tell, here it is from their FB site, when you have not read it yet;
An interesting day yesterday with the positions as per my report last evening. Although none of the outlanders were more than about 50 km. maximum distance from the airfield, some of the retrieves were more than interesting with navigation along farm tracks, through the veld, locked fields, and following coordinates that do not advise about water hazards or hills in the way. One trailer has been totally ‘re-classified’ – it is no longer pristine white but totally brown with mud and ‘camouflaged’ and the car is also no longer maroon in color!
Some of the retrieves were relatively quick and easy and those pilots & crews were back at the airfield at a reasonable hour, whilst others were caught up in the heavy rains, which not only made derigging more onerous but also the rain was freezing cold. The latest/longest retrieve finally got back about 3 a.m.”
Well, that’s soaring too!
” An interesting day with those that made it home, those that didn’t and those that are out in various fields up to approx. 50 km. from Welkom. The overdevellopment when it arrived, came from the convergence line to the south and came as a very impressive line of cloud and dust and finally rain.” 

Arne out-landed as well, no wonder why, as you can see on the picture he shared.

zzzzArne 2d out landing

The weather was not good on the next day, this can happen also in South Africa.
After 2 scrubbed days in a row they hope to fly today 3 hour AAT’s in each class.
As they mentioned;” What a treat! To wake up this morning to sunshine and partly blue skies – there were scrappy looking small clouds and still a stiff easterly wind and the clouds are already burning off. The pilots are busy rigging, washing, and getting their gliders prepared so obviously eager to have a contest today.”
I can imagine their eagerness.

zzzz arne day 3

Today as shared by Arne,….for sure they are flying!!!!! Good luck all!!!


Temora had a great 2nd day of its NSW State comps.
He was the only one to finish in open 18 m. class; my good old friend Paul Mander who I met already during the pre worlds in 1984 in Rieti.In his ASH 25 he flew 775 km. in 6 hours and 45 minutes. A long sit on a State competition day ,but a great result on this SET TASK.
Dave Shorter in the JS 1 flew 733 km,. the rest around 3 and 400 km.
The 5 hour AAT in 15 m. was won by Matthew Cage in his LS 8; 634 km. in time 5.06.
The 4 hour AAT in club class had a winner as well;St.  Libelle pilot Les Kinsley from Canberra managed to fly 379 km. Less than Nathan who flew 419.7 km. but did not finish loosing a bit under 200 points.

About day 2 Matt said;” It’s what happens when we let the kids task set and then the pilots decide they want to do even bigger tasks ! About 1/2 the outlandings were back at the airfield.”
Young Ailsa just back from the Pre Worlds Joey Glide was one of them.
In 15 m. 7 from 15 finished among them Matt and Tom [over 600 km.]  but Mac  and Peter [Trotter] belonged to the out-landers after flying over 500 km..

After this BIG day the next  was scrubbed.STORM gusting to 35 kts.

Day 3 had an 3.15 AAT in club class and Anderson flew 311 km. in 3.44 in his LS 3a.
In 15 m. 5 LS 8 ‘s in the daily top and Matt Cage was the best flying the set  342.8  km. with 106.4 km./h.  and Mac followed with 100 km./h.Mac won day 1 Matt day 2 and 3 a few more days to go!!!
In 18m./open it was again Paul Mander who won the day, but this time all 9 pilots finished. Task was  a set 353km.



The Angle Sea

Got these great pictures from Rolf, one of my Aussie mates; Here is his story about the Bacchus March Activities.
THANKS Rolf for sharing!
” Pre Christmas greetings from the south of Victoria.
Due to our location handicaps of restricted airspace, closeness to the ocean and hemmed in between the great divide and the big blue water we don’t often fly great distances from Bacchus Marsh. Sometimes however these disadvantages can result in very memorable flights. One of those I had the privilege to experience last Saturday when myself and Alesh flew to the coast and a distance out above the water. The attached pictures don’t really do the actuals views justice.
Another proud achievement was the participation of 3 of our Geelong Gliding Club juniors in Joey Glide. Ailsa placed second less than 400 points behind Matthew in 15m. With that result she probably qualifies for the junior worlds in Narromine next year. Justin in his second competition placed in the club class top 10 and Andrew in his first comp achieved an 11th place out of 20.” 

View towards Port Phillip

View to wards Port Phillip


Since December 1 Guy Bechtold from Lux. flew 13 x a 1000 km-plus flight from Bitterwasser. As I told you a real kilometer eater.Best flight 1.321 km. with 148,33 km./h.
Another kilometer eater is Walter Binder who flew since November 18 a total of 15 till now with as the best flight; 1.344 km. with a speed of 156 km./h.[Pokweni]
Alexander Mueller flew since November 23 a total of 13 over 1000 km./flights also from Pokweni.Best;1.370 with 147.57.
The 1.831 km. [163.36 km./h.] by Jim and Dennis tops this list flown from Chos Malal in Argentinia.


How terribly sad to die ,when you are having a coffee with mates AND even worse  by someone [a raper and killer before]  , who had to be in prison, instead of killing people during a siege in Sydney. Australia mourns and I mourn with them.A young barrister , mother of 3 young kids, who tried to save her pregnant friend and the  manager of the business who wanted to get the gun out of the hands of the intruder,both heroes but they should be still alive!!!TRAGIC!!!!


Cu nex Wednesday
Cheers Ritz
on December 17 2014 one day after my birthday, so THANK YOU FOR ALL THE GOOD WISHES!!!

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