Press release November 20

Alphen aan den Rijn       21-11-2008

Busy,busy!!!! Another press release ,for GRAND PRIX fans.
On sunday the interview from Jo Pocklington with Bruce Brockhoff will be on. So STAND BY!!!!!

Cheers Ritz

Press Release – Australian Qualifying Grand Prix – 20th November 2008

As the contestants gather for the Australian Grand Prix event to be held in Narromine, New South Wales, pilots who are gathering for the Narromine Cup week are checking out the high performance 18 metre racing sailplanes which will be the stars of the Grand Prix.

This new class of elegant sailplanes is proving to be the perfect answer for the pilots who are looking for maximum performance with ease of handling.  Just as the battle between pilots will be of interest to the gliding community so to will the battle of the manufacturers.  The modern sailplane is the ultimate solar powered machine, able to convert  the power of the sun and the terrain to fly tasks of 1000 kilometres in a day.

The growth of sophisticated instrumentation fitted to the modern sailplane requires an excellent understanding of the latest technology in GPS and digital collection of information for display in the cockpit.

The organisers are hoping for the usual strong gliding weather present at this time of year in Narromine. Under these conditions these streamline new sailplanes will race through the air at speeds in excess of  300 kph through the finish line.

The spectacle of the high energy finishes of each race will certainly attract a large number of spectators for each days task.

It needs some updating but for sure that will happen when it is on.

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