“Cracker of a day”.

Both Australia and South Africa were blessed last week with fabulous early-spring-conditions. GOOD!!!
Heard from my friends in Munich that they still had 24 dgr. C. on October 7, pretty weird but lovely autumn conditions over there.
Saint Gaudens , in the SW of France , situated at an altitude of 405 m. overlooking the valley of Garonne and facing the Pyrenees, had a great nearly 1000 km. wave-flight last Wednesday. Robert Prat flew the Arcus M. ” solo” over 943.6 km.
He said in his comment that is was not so easy;  “ Not easy, wind shear, half task in blue waves.” Nice flight so in autumn, you might remember Robert flew a 1000 on April 1 in early spring.
One day later they flew the first European 2014/15 OLC -1000 in Switzerland from Hausen Am Albis direction East; Rainer Crohnjaeger in his ASH 31 MI/18m. was the one.[1.061 km]
From Brazil Egon Rehn had a good nearly 750 FAI triangle. First flight in the new ARCUS M!! 766 km. [739 FAI]
On the contrary in Genua in the N. of Italy they have flooding [even killing one person, ] due to heavy rain.
Finland had the first snow.
Last Sunday I was outside again [after being ill]and enjoying the beautiful day .It looked like EVERYBODY in Alphen was on the bike or walking. 19 dgr. C. on October 12. The upcoming weekend might have 24 dgr. for Holland after a few days of rain.
The Formula 1 in Sochi even had 29 dgr. C.
And last but not least Tocumwal “enjoyed” a great Saturday.
As Eddie and Cheryl mentioned;” Great start to summer, with the temperature 30.5 c …..3 degrees over forecast resulting with the thermals going to 13,000 ft .”  BUT,… in the night it is around ZERO, freezing cold, that’s spring too.

Mike Codling called it ” a cracker of the day.”  After day 2 was cancelled at Goondiwindi ,the new day 2 showed fabulous weather.Look at this.

ZZZ Goondiwindi

Great skies!As shared by Mike.

The South African-“born”- JS 1 fom Ian Craigie, must have felt ,that these were the same circumstances as in it’s country , so his glider won the day with BIG speed; 156.2 km./h. over  the set 408 km. Next best was 150.2 km./h by Andrew Georgeson in the Ventus 2 CX.
Too fast so no 1000 points but ” only” 847.

368 km. was flown that day in Club Class by the St. Libelle and it’s pilot Stephen Cesco all the way from the other site of Australia from Adelaide; 1000 points for him. We normally do not realize how FAR pilots have to travel to compete in an Australian National Competition. Some travel for 2/3/4 days.
Bruce Taylor in the ASW 20 b was runner up with 420.5 km. over a 3.15 AAT , in time 3.26.

Flying day 3 was a fast one again with this time David Jansen [ASG 29E] as daily winner;465.3 km. with a speed of 139.6 km./h. and finally a 1000 points-day for these fast racers.
Interesting top places after 3 days; Andrew on spot 1 with 2633 points, David with 2630 and Tom with 2623. So close!!! But still a week to go.
In club 411.8 km. was set and with 121.3 km./h. Jim Crowhurst won in the ASW 20. Bruce was a tad slower and runner up.After 3 days of soaring 3 ASW 20 -gliders topped the overall scores.

On Saturday [flying-day-4] a 3.45 AAT was set for sports class and another “old” topper won the day; Butch [John Buchanan] flying 538. 2 km. with a speed of 140.8 km./h. By the way Butch is the junior performance coach and busy enough with the JWGC in 2015 in Narromine.
Quite a difference in start times, between 12.01 and 13.02.
In club class Bruce won “easy” ; 413.6 km. in a set 3.15 AAT with a speed of 124.2 km./h. gaining 1000 points . A better day as well for the “younger” toppers as Adam and Matthew being 4th and 5th for the day.
A just ” rotten ” day for kilometer-eater Allan who flew 367.7 km. but did not finish. Only 347 points for him and dropping from 7 to 17 overall, but,…it is not over yet!!!!

Sunday,…WOW,….what about 3 pilots flying with “about”  the same speed; 156.4-3-2 km./h. during a 3 hour AAT.
That happened on day 5. Tom , I should call him Speedy Gonzales, won with 475.6 km., [1000 p. ASG 29] then it was David with 469.7 km.[997 p. ASG 29 E] ] and Ian with 468.9 km.[962 p JS 1] ] On spot 3 Butch followed with 959 p.[ASG 29 ]

A 3.30 AAT for club class with Bruce winning the day again with 475.5 km. and a great speed of 134.6 km./h. in the ASW 20. Terry in his LS 3 still goes strong and was on spot 3 behind Jim. The young[er] ones as Matthew and Adam were on spot 4 and 10. Under ” full steam” they approach the overall top and are on spot 4 and 5 now!!!
Allan had a much better day with a 5th place, as well as Lisa who finished for the day as number 7.

Day 6 was on yesterday . Another day with good speed in both classes;142.9 km./h. over 434.6 km [3 hour AAT] by Andrew in the Ventus 2 cx and 115 km./h. by Jim in his ASW 20.[ 3.15 AAT–390.8 km.]
But not an easy day as Philip mentioned;
A low save, good to be home, very tough day in the office.”
With 3 days to go the scores looked VERY interesting.In sports class the difference is at that stage 16 points between Tom and David!
In club class even less , only 14 points between Jim and Bruce.
After his very unlucky day 4 where he was the only ” out-lander” and ended as last on spot 25, Allan climbed overall from 17 to 10 with 3 days to go.Good on him !


Mike with as comment on day 6;
” Cool, blue and windy at the nationals. I’m on the front of the grid for a 3:15 task. Should be fun.” 

Day 7  today was according to Allan in his comment on the OLC, a day with ; “a fixed task for a change, 350km. Another strong wind day, lots of cu but a lower base. I started just after the gate opened, trying to get a jump on everyone else. Had what I thought was a good run to the first turn, with a slightly slow patch just before it. Turned a little high, then had a good run with Bruce down the second leg to Warialda. The third leg was a bit of a struggle, with every climb not quite good enough to get me onto final glide. My final top up was right at the final turn point, only 10km from the finish line. Got in easily then but it cost me a couple of turns.” 

Winners on day 7 [preliminary] Ian in the JS 1 with a speed of 129.3 km./h. over 437.6 km. and Don Woodward from Benalla in the ASW 20 c with 111.1 km./h over  347.7 km.
No changes in both classes in the overall scores.

Friday will be the last day of this 34th national Championship with in the evening the presentation dinner/closing ceremony. About the last 2 days more in my blog next week.

Potchefstroom continued as well with their regionals and another good and fast day 4 with this time not Pieter but Markus Nouwens winning the day with a speed of 143.5 km./h. over 549.2 km.

Uys Jonker went back to his “roots” the Cirrus for one day , as I read on FB and flew HC in club class on day 4 ,his first participation-day. He straight away was on a daily spot 2.
Third win for AP in his Cirrus; 412 km. with a speed of 108.2 km./h. Not bad for the ” old ” Cirrus, big distance good speed.

Day 5 had not such booming weather but still a speed of  142.2 km. /h. over 315.9 km. in 18 m. class. Uys moved back to his from Leszno returned JS 1 and was the last to finish, whilst behind him the pilots went ” au vache”.  The first 7 other pilots all had a speed between 126.9 km./h. and the 142.2 km./h.
In club class 194 km. was set and won by Jaco in the LS 1f.

ZZZZ POTCH container ZZZZZ OG is back

Happy pilots again, their toys are back home.
As shared on FB.

Friday was cancelled ,so  one day to go. And a”  difficult”  one, looking at the task ; a set 1.15 AAT for the small ships and 2 hours for the bigger ones.
In the end setting a task was no deal for the weather-gods , so the comps finished,with 2 non-flying- days, but  still in good mood. Great speed  and good tasks were  flown.
Club class;  AP won in the Cirrus,[ 4109]  followed by Tommie in the ASW 20[ 3924]  and on spot 3 Jaco flying the LS1f.[ 3863]
Sports class;  Pieter,[4414]  Attie [4375] both JS 1 and Oscar, [4350] and…Laurens had 30 points less than Oscar.[both ASH 25]
The season has definitely started in South Africa! AND,…..I am 100 % sure that the pilots flying in Leszno were over the moon when their gliders returned safely home again.
Full scores on www.soaringspot.com 

You are up to date.
Unfortunately the checked spot on my eyelid was not good, but isolated and without metastasis,so surgery will follow soon in November.
Nothing to worry about….they say.
Cheers Ritz

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