Kingaroy finished… Goondiwindi and Potchefstroom started! DG conquers after Australia now Brazil.

Our summer is over and till this weekend we had up to temperatures in the low 20-thies, very special for October.No complaints about the summer, though August was MUCH TOO wet!
Even Norway and Sweden had up to 17/18 dgr.  Slowly however autumn shows now,not only it’s great colors but also some rain, more falling leaves and specially this year LOTS of spiders.
The early- morning – “art” looks fabulous.
We even had our first autumn storm yesterday and I noticed between the cars, slowly passing by in the street in front of my house, a light garden-table as well. Was pretty rough for a few minutes during that thunderstorm.

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2014-10-03 09.23.20 2014-10-03 09.23.29

It’s good to see more comps again on soaringspot .
First I will look back at the last 2 days of the State Comps flown from Kingaroy.

2.30 AAT’s on the one but last day, won by Peter Trotter with with 302 km. with a speed of 120.9 km./h. and Tom Claffey with 323.4 km. and a speed of 129.3 km./h.
And then there was the last day including dinner after all the fun that week.
292.8 km. was set in st./15 m. and 373.1 in 18m./open class.

It was Kerrie Claffey who won this last day , just ahead of Greg Schmidt the CD from the Nationals in Goondiwindi next week.
Peter Trotter flew for only 4 days, winning 3 of them and being runner up on one. After 6 days,he finished for that reason on spot 4.
Local pilot Mark Dalton won the state comps with Kerrie as a good runner up.
Tom won again in both 18 m. and open with a speed of 141.3 km./h.
No doubt that he is the winner of these state comps in both classes after 6 days of flying and more than ready for the Nationals in Goondiwindi, this week in the sports class.Between the 24 participants in this class ,he will have some good/strong concurrents there .24 Competitors as well in club class.

In Potchefstroom another Regional Competition [NW] this time in South Africa,  they started last Sunday with a practice day, and what a practice day!!! Not everybody flew , but they might have regret that later, as winner Pieter Nouwens flew with a speed of 150 km./h. over the 316 km.
And,… it looks Pieter is in ” hot/fast”  soaring-mood as he won day 1 and ….day 2……and…day 3!!!
Day 1 with a speed of 143.4km./h. over 334.7 km—— Day 2 with 149 km./h. over 467.4 km.—–Day 3 with 142.3 km./h. over 459.4 km.

Pieter flies the JS 1 -C /21 m. and both Oscar and Laurens an ASH 25.I guess because their gliders are not yet back from Leszno.
The 5 toppers started all around the same time on day 2. They flew for 467 km. and Pieter arrived back 1 minute earlier than the rest who finished within seconds from each other.
Same ingredients on day 3 , only difference now was that the difference in speed was smaller; 142.3, 142.0 and 141.8 and 141.4. Close finishes. Must have been exciting!

237 km and  333 for club class with an AP [Kotze] on a mission. Winning day day 2 in his Cirrus and being runner up on day 1.
On day 3 AP was the best again flying the 338.4 km. [3 hour AAT] with a speed of 102.4 km./h.

Akavlieg Potch Gliding shared about 195 pictures and I share a few with you. Was difficult to make a choice! But you can find them on their FB site.



ZZZZ POTCH 2 ZZZ Potch 5 Oscar

” Hi Oscar”
As shared by Akavlieg Potch Gliding


Also the first NATIONALS from this season and they are flown at Goondiwindi in Australia not that far South-West from Brisbane;
the 34th Australian Club and Sports Class Nationals.
BIG speed as well on the practice day in Goondiwindi. David Jansen flew the 2.30 AAT around with 152 km. /h.  over 379.9 km.
” There is always someone better!”

But on day 1 , when the real “thing”  happened,  Tom Claffey was the best with 127 km./h. over 359 km. over the 2.30 AAT.

In Club class a lot of top- pilots but they were not straight in the top on day 1.Don Woodward [ASW 20 c] from Benalla won the day with a 2 hour AAT. Pilots as Terry [Cubley] ,Tobias [Geiger] ,Adam [Woolley] , Bruce [ Taylor] , Allan [Barnes] and Matthew [Scutter] lost a few points. Lisa [Trotter] unfortunately out-landed and lost 300 points on this day 1.
No flying today! Scrubbed.


ARCUS M number ONE HUNDRED is a fact. Tilo and Biggo delivered the number 100 to Mr. Lodes. Congratulations to the new owner and to the 2 faces and the full hardworking team from Schempp-Hirth.


As shared by Schempp-Hirth.


And…..GREAT news for my friend Jelmer and all the people at DG Flugzeugbau; After the USA and Australia they “conquer”  Brazil!!!!Congratulations.Look at the news below,shared by one of the DG dealers from Australia Jane and Tom Gilbert.

—“ New Air Force Contract for DG Flugzeugbau

DG Flugzeugbau recently won the tender process for 10 training sailplanes.
The request was published by the BACE, the Brazilian Aeronautical Commission in Europe, during the first quarter of 2014. Analysing all requirements and composing a tender took several weeks, but finally DG Flugzeugbau was able to deliver the winning bid to BACE and therefore received the contract to supply 10 DG-1001Club training sailplanes to the Brazilian Air Force Academy in Pirassununga, Sao Paulo, Brazil.
Established in 1960 the Academy is the largest Air Force Academy in Latin America today, covering an area of more than 250.000 m². An average of 1.200 cadets are trained in these facilities each year.

The DG-1001Club has 18m wingspan and a fixed landing gear which allows the Brazilian Air Force Academy to perform basic training as well as aerobatic, advanced aerobatic and cross country training. 
Our gliders will replace an old fleet of L-23 Blanik training sailplanes which reach life time limits. The Brazilian Air Force Academy will get their first gliders during Summer 2015. 
This contract again shows, that the DG-1001Club currently, is the most advanced training sailplane available on the market. Brazil will be the 4th Air Force taking the DG-1001Club into service. We are proud and very much looking forward to deliver these gliders.” —

More next time.
Cheers Ritz
on Wednesday October 8 2014.
Already sick for nearly a week,…grrrr…..



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  1. Lovely seeing old chap Hartmut Lodes taking his new glider. Tilo and Biggo looking satisfied too while selling Arcus number 100

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