Very nice and soarable autumn weather !

Alphen aan den Rijn            22-09-2008

Normally this time of the year ,I am packing my”gear” to travel to OZ. It still feels weird that I stay in Holland and have to face the cold winter period. I get used to Holland again, but I would lie if I would say I do not mind staying here. Would love to go back to OZ for my annual 6 months! But…decisions have been made and ….my grandchildren are more then adorable!

So if I read the Corowa news I feel a bit jealous that so many ,also lots of ” our ” guests/friends move overseas for their soaring holiday in Australia. Only compliments for Francesco and his team for the every year better and easier going packing of the containers. They have finished it, I heard in a tight schedule, everybody from Spain to Denmark and in between and from Slovak Republic, perfectly in time to help.

Also Africa will be busy with soaring friends “hating” the cold. Specially my English and German friends move there, but also others. Some of them the REALLY lucky ones “do” first Africa and then move to OZ, to enjoy the weather and the soaring in both parts of the world.

I have been asked to write one page in the ” Gliding International” from New -Zealand -soaring-icon John Roake and though I am more then busy with the gallery and baby-sitting, I have said yes. I like the set up of his magazine with the human factors as much important as the news about gliders and competitions.

November has already the Australian Nationals in Narromine! In between pilots still enjoy some soaring in Europe. The weather here has been really nice , a bit cold so 16,17 dgr. but DRY and blue skies with lot’s of sunshine and thermal activities!
Jean Luc Colson flew in Belgium from the airfield of St. Hubert a nice autumn flight from 457 km in his ASW 27 over the hilly areas from the Ardennen.Also nice to see was the 403 km flight from Rafi Luske in Israel in a PIK 20 E. He is a real nice fellow!
In Holland young Tim Kuijpers flew a 314 km.flight.More pilots in both Belgium and Holland had a great soaring day yesterday. Glad to see that Roland Wurbs von Bulow still is flying. Years ago he learned how to fly gliders with us at the Sportavia Soaring Center in Tocumwal.Now he flies an ASW 27 in France [303 km.] most probably on a club -camp over there.

So nobody is complaining about the weather here in Europe over the last week! Pilots indeed deserved a nice-after-summer-period to remember this season, which was not the very best.
This week I catch up with 2 Aussie friends so ,to not get to much carried away with the past and being to nostalgic  , I better say bye and see you next week.


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