Hurricane Hana

Alphen aan den Rijn      14 -09-2008

 In Holland “they” keep statistics about traffic jams!!!!The longest ever was on november 25 2005 with a length of 810 km, due to unexpected heavy snowfall.
The next bad one was in 2006 on 16-11 with 595 km and this week “we ” had 530 km. on 12-09-2008 due to heavy rainfall [ for that reason accidents in the evening-rush, ]40 mm. on a lot of places. Thanks to hurricane Hana who “pleased’ us [not] with her left-overs.
Meaning, the weather has n’t been too good here.

But….while writing I can see blue skies, lot’s of sun , but a lower temperature then normal for this time of the year between 14 and 16/17 dgr. ;18 would be normal.And…a weak easterly wind, which I can see very well due to the fact that 4 high wind- mills are about 1 km. from my house in the ” polder ” .Their huge wings [3] look like the new duo-discus -wings.

The Corowa -team is packing their gliders which will be brought from all over Europe to Grubbenvorst , near Venlo , here in Holland, as the 24 gliders have to be ready for transport on the 16th of September. Just saw that Grietje one of the owners got a new baby girl. Congratulations to both Grietje and Francesco and Frank, who surely will be proud of his new sister.
2 ASG 29 ‘ s will fly on line at Corowa airport, not bad!

As said before, on the same ship as the containers with the gliders, will be also containers for more then half-a-ship, from Andre Rieu, who is going to perform in Australia. What an organization that must be!!!!Glad I do not have to do that, only containers for gliders even one is already a hell-of-a -job.

Nice to see that good old friend Hannu Korhonen [Finland] was enjoying himself last week in Fuentemilanos and he flew a nice 410 km.flight.
Yesterday was an American day again , with the best flights flown in the Truckee-Tahoe area. Good mountain flying there!
Not a lot of activities here or in Belgium last week.Up to 400 km flights in Germany.

Yes the season is about to move to Africa and Australia. Looking forward to keep an eye for you on what’s going on there the next 6 months. I think we better forget about the 2008 season in Europe except for a few very good days, it was not the best season. Were we lucky in Rieti during the WGC!!!!11 days out of 12 with good soaring! By the way the new Gliding International issue for September is out, a magazine from John and Chris Roake from New Zealand, with a long article about the WGC and the post frontal system. Also an article about the accident from Roland Stuck .

Maria has left again for Munich and we had a great time. Next soaring friends arrive in the end of September;Nicole and Richard from Sydney Australia. Richard is now flying in Saint Auban.

Off to the southern part of Holland now. After working [too] hard in the gallery over the last month I need a short break and visit one of the most beautiful dahlia-parades [the biggest one in Europe after Zundert!] in Valkenswaard, where I lived for 20 years, when I was young!!!!!

Enjoy your next week to the fullest and see you next sunday.

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