Activities move to other parts of the world! Rain enough in Europe!

Alphen aan den Rijn    september 7 2008.

 Have a vernissage in less then ONE hour, so busy , busy!!! Will try to write more, somewhere this week.

Have a nice guest again. From Germany,  Maria Bottcher, yes from Dieter Bottcher former syndicate partner in UE, {a DG 600}. Next week I will catch up with Nicole and Richard Shemtob , from Sidney here in Holland!Richard is in the UE syndicate now, together with 5 other pilots. The glider is still in Tocumwal!

Some news from Africa from good friend Dick. If you look outside and see the autumn weather with wind, rain and falling laves and yo want to fly a nice long cross country flight you can both go to Africa r Australia.

Here is some news from Africa; Enjoy!

Dear Gliding Friend,

Spring is in the air here in South Africa, the trees are getting their new leaves, the temperatures are beginning to warm up and the planning for our next season at Bloemfontein is at an advanced stage.

We have taken the liberty of attaching our News Letter to give you a heads up on our plans for the season. If you don’t want to receive our occasional News Letters please let us know and we will take your name off our mailing list.

Some late news that may be of interest:-

 We still have two slots available in our second container. So, if you own a glider that is has already spent most of the summer in it’s trailer, ask yourself, is it fair to condemn it to languish there for another cold, dark and damp six months, when it could spend a happy four months flying in the sun in South Africa. The total return cost is about ₤2100  and if you can get three or four of your mates to share the cost it’s an absolute bargain and tremendous fun. Just for your information, last season we only lost 12 days flying during the whole season, and that’s about typical for a summer in Bloemfontein.

The last week of November and first week of December are nearly fully booked but we do have gliders available for most of the other weeks in the season, and don’t forget that if you make a booking during the first two weeks of our season – 2nd  to 15th November you qualify for a 25% DISCOUNT ON OUR PUBLISHED GLIDER HIRE FEES.

 Best wishes,

Dick and Iain.

 Look for more news on their Soaring -safari-site!

Take care , all the best and don’t get to “sad” about the summer disappearing in to autumn and winter. Before you know spring and summer 2009 are back

Cheers Ritz

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