Happy Autumn!

Alphen aan den Rijn         September 1 2008

Today the metereological autumn has started and we can see and feel it here. Yesterday for sure was summer with on some places in Holland up to 29 dgr. C. Today is different with 8/8 of clouds dark ones with rain and lots of wind ,yes….indeed leaves are falling already from the trees. So this last weekend was the last summerweekend and for all who did not have to work, a great one.
Downunder spring has started and I know how beautiful that time of the year is in OZ.

I was unlucky enough to work both days from this great summer weekend and very hard. A huge truck arrived with 160 objects, from small and light to big and heavy. We had 2 young boys to help and the 2 elderly gentlemen who brought all art from Roland Roure from France. Next weekend will be the opening , so more work to do! That was also the reason I could only write today!

It was pretty sad to see and read over the last weeks that 2 airplanes crashed ,one at the airfield of Madrid in Spain  with 156 people dying and one in Russia with nearely 100 people dead. Also 2 airplanes were overpowered , one in Sudan and one here in Rotterdam, the company of Transavia. Both ended well.
The Transavia one was weird!!!
A couple, HE from Turkey, SHE from Marokko, living together for 8 years went on a holiday together to Turkey. SHE did not want to go as she had a “lover”, for a longer time. HE did not know!
When everything failed to keep her here , and they tried a lot…SHE and her lover decided to take drastic measures. The lover called 112 the emergency number and the plane was held for 5 hours. HE from Turkey had nothing to do with it, SHE and the lover are still in custody!The worst scenario for them could be 4 years in prison!

Better looking at what happened in our soaring world.
Rieti had good weather again , with in the weekend 2 over 800 km . flights.
Rayskala had some great flights yesterday and they deserve it as they had till now not the very best summer, I heard.In Holland the weather was real ” summer-weather ” but more for the beach then for soaring, nothing special happened.It will be nearly over now and also Holland has not had the very best soaring conditions this year.

Today the 15 m. Nationals start in Saint Auban -France and at Lasham – UK. At Lasham 15 UK toppilots have been invited and 5 international pilots based on IGC ranking.Hope the weather will be better then here today and the rest of the days!

Thayt’s it for now, enjoy your week and see you hopefully next sunday or a day or 2 later! Sorry!
It will be  a nice week for me, after the opening ,my granddaughter has her birthday [5] on thursday and Maria , a friend from Munich arrives on that day too.The die -hard -visitors from Sportavia still will know her, as they have seen her and her husband Dieter , many years for soaring in Tocumwal.


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