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Alphen aan den Rijn      Wednesday March 30 2011    ritzdeluy@hotmail.com

 meeting in the Postillion Hotel Arnhem, picture from iphone from Natasja

This is the organization of the 2011 Dutch Nationals at the National Gliding Center of Terlet.  Nice mob is n’t it and then the meteo and tuggies are not yet on it. As said we had a meeting last Sunday, in the Postillion Hotel Arnhem , very close, 2 minutes,  to the airfield. They are also one of the new sponsors and provide rooms for a very special rate for everybody involved with gliding, also for the  family/friends from the participants.
Of course our main sponsor is the CAE NLS , just to let you know. All other sponsors you can see , when you are interested, on the official site; www.nkzweefvliegen.nl which is under construction now,  to be perfect after April 1.
On rainy days, we can also go there to use our laptops in the business center including a cup of tea or coffee.
Our meeting was very constructive and uplifted with a nice gesture of Ronny , the owner of the Postillion, as you can see.

  www.postillion.com   picture ;Natasja

Enough about our meeting as there is more. In Italy the first big competition of the European season started not too good for top pilot and friend Giorgio Galetto. On day 1 he started too high and for this violation he got 0 points for that day. Luckily it was only a 552 points day, could have been worse. On day 2 NOBODY finished, but it was still a 1000 point day, Giorgio had 658 points, climbing from spot 31 to spot 22. No more news, so …no more results at this stage.

On the OLC  I liked recently the LS 7 flight ; 603 km. from Unterwössen. And not so far from Unterwössen from Königsdorf , both in the South of Germany, a Discus 2T /18m. flight from 764 km. This was an FAI Triangle of 730 km. That area  ,had really great weather and includes also, Sondrio and Bolzano in Italy, Kufstein in Austria and Zell am See  .
AKAFLIEG Frankfurt has a wave camp at Cerdanya in Spain , also with an ARCUS T.
Great to see that nice flights are still on in Tocumwal, up North it is often still good; 358 in a Ventus 2 CM/18m. by Neil Burns.
Talking about Tocumwal , look at the great pictures full of airplanes at the airfield.
Tocumwal had the RAAF 90 years FLY-IN, with static shows and demo’s. 58 Planes arrived to commemorate 90 years of the RAAF. http://sportaviationtocumwal/blogspot.com

From Australia I received a link to more about the Quantas flight QF32   from November and as they call it, it is  investigative journalism at it’s best, so when you are interested here is the link. Indeed very impressing with a video on demand.


And more from Vanessa, certainly interesting when you like /love hang gliding as well. I have written before about Jonny , a real topper in hang gliding. He visited us in Tocumwal as well. Another topper,  now topper in gliding is Pete Harvey and Tomas Suchanek is one as well.
—-It seemed to be the night for being in the air on the ABC. The 7.30 program ran a segment on an Australian (Jonny Durand) off to the world hang gliding champs. Some great footage, especially doing loops on a cloud formation called the ‘morning glory’ in the Gulf of Carpentaria. You can see it on iview at  http://www.abc.net.au/iview/#/program/741741. The story starts at 22min 15 sec and the morning glory part starts about 28.30.—
Enjoy  and thanks Vanessa!!!!

In Lake Keepit  ” the knives are sharpened ”   by the 18 m. pilots, during the NSW State comps. 8 Of the best 18m.  pilots in Australia are flying. The first 2 days were won by Tom Claffey.
 There are 5 classes with a total of 44 competitors. Unfortunately day 3 was cancelled for all classes but, day 4 had an AAT  for 18 m. and Graham is “really HOT” . 2 Second places and now number 1, with Tom as number 2;
Total scores after 3 flying days; Graham is 36 points ahead on Tom both flying ASG 29  and more then 200 on David Jansen [ASG 29]and Bruce Taylor [JS1]. A few more days to go ; tension enough!!! On Sunday I analyse all  the results in the different classes.
Talking bout the JS1; End of April a container with 5 JS1 gliders will arrive in Europe. One for the UK, one for Denmark, one for Lithuania , 2 for Holland , one for a pilot who bought the glider and one is the demo glider JS1 Revelation for the Dutch dealers for JS1 ; Maarten Baltussen en Ronald Termaat.

To finish a picture from Kai, who gave me the possibilty to use a lot of his pictures and” some more” from him. Cheers Ritz


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