Nitra pilots are eager to go for a nice long flight, but the weather does n’t co-operate ..yet!

After a pretty bad first day ,with all pilots still airborne but in the end an invalid day for all classes, day 2 in Nitra was a tad better.

Z Nitra day 1 by Swaantje  Z Nitra by Swaantje day 2

Day 1 and day 2 as seen and shared by Swaantje, who is competing.

Day 2 had in each class out-landings but also over 600 points for each of the winners on this 2 hour AAT.
Speed in 15 m. still 104 km. /h. and in open class 114.98 km./h.
Some pilots lost points by entering the forbidden airspace!

Day 3– ingredients; ” Competition area is in the flow of wet and warm air from the South. The air stratification is unstable giving us good conditions for forming updrafts. Rain showers and thunderstorms in the afternoon are expected.”
In each class a 2 hour AAT again. They were launched , but the conditions were so , that most pilots returned home or landed in a paddock. Tim Milner from the UK , managed to fly 73 km. in his St Cirrus but received 0 points. In open class Marcus Gauman flew  75 km. in his Nimbus 4M but also for him ZERO points, so an invalid/ cancelled day.

Day 4 yesterday; Cancelled!

Z Nitra in the rain

NO soaring! As shared by Martti.

For today Nitra expects better weather. Hope they can fly.
It’s fun as well , being together on the ground and lot’s of sight- seeing, BUT the pilots are there to fly, to compete, so hopefully the weather gods are ” gracious”  for all in Nitra, today and the rest of the days.
For results you can look tonight at

Also small tasks in Goondiwindi where club class flew a 1.45 AAT on day 2 and 15 m. and sports class and the 2 seaters 2 hours.
Ray Stewart in the Discus bt won the first 2 days in club, so did Butch [John Buchanan] in his ASG 29 in the sports class .  Peter Trotter won day 2 in the Duo Discus.
Day 3 was cancelled.  As Mike Codling mentioned;
 Launch held , the 3 sniffers have all landed back. I suspect the day will get cancelled as the window is small and quickly closing. There’s just no hint of breeze or thermals coming through.
Day 4; ” Didn’t think we’d launch, let alone task, but it turned out to be a lovely day. My first real look at the place from the air – very scenic!” Comment by Les Milne on the OLC yesterday on their 1.30 AAT.
Mike [ HORNET]had a good day and won in club class ;183 km. in 2.11.
In sports class Butch [ASG 29/18m.]  had his 4th win; 158 km. in 1.36 and in the 2 seater class team Medlicott won the day in the ARCUS.
They had day 5 today. No results yet but I noticed a 305 km. in an LS 6 from Goondiwindi, so the weather was OK.

Z Mike and Charlie

Mike and Charlie  Downes , waiting in Goondiwindi on the grid!
Courtesy Mike via FB.

On other spots in Australia p.e . from George Lees Airfield , George himself flew 368 km. in his Nimbus 4DM.
In S.A. the Jonker brothers flew over 500 km from Potchefstroom, so still pretty good weather there as well.Also 574 km. from Orient!!! All flights in JS gliders. Also the 598 km. [500 FAI triangle] by Mannie, from Orient ,in the Duo Discus is worth mentioning.

What’s going to happen soon!!!
The KLIX competition starts end of this week and will be flown from April 25 till May 3 in Germany.
The Leonardo Brigliadori International Cup for 13.5 m will be held in Alzate Brianza.[Italy]
Very pleased to see that my good friend Leonardo is honored with a CUP in his name. SO deserved!!!
In about the same period they will fly in Austria [St Johan] for the Kitzbueheler Alpen Bokal and in France from Carpentras,  2 comps, the Coupe du Ventoux and the AMICALE ASW 20.
Hope the weather will be good for ALL!!! And lot’s of success!

And to finish some very HAPPY AUSSIE CHAPPIES! Andrew and Nick Maddocks on a day- out together. Just looking at the picture makes you feel good!

Z happy chappies

As shared by Andrew and Nick

First SOLO from members of my former club de ZES, praeses Kyle and member  Jasper, both on April 21.

Z solo 2

Z solo before  Z first solo 2

Jasper after and Kyle before and after.
Courtesy Sam Staassen via ZES FB site

in 45 years or so…however a Grunau Baby looks fancy or not?
Ritz before and after on the shoulders but the ” head disappeared”.

10250823_10152324907059235_1873196674_n  RdL 010

With my instructor Dickritz solo.

Thanks to Arjan for the digital version he made of  that day from my photo book .
More pictures from the lustrum and lot’s of digital pictures from the ZES-past, also from Kees Musters one of my instructors
I am a donor- member from the ZES again. Still remember my ” flowers/garland”  in 1968 with a BIG smile!!!  

Have a great week and CU next Sunday in the CAFE!
Cheers Ritz
on Wednesday April 23 2014.

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