Longest/busiest runway in Holland closed for nuclear summit!

WOW, we had a real spring/summer weekend with temperatures up to 22 dgr. in the Southern part of Holland!
It was very blue here, so no cross country weather, but time enough for check -and- local- flights to test the glider , the instruments and to just  be together as glider pilots , at the field/clubhouse,  to start their talking with ” hands and legs” about their flights from last year or the years before  or their plans for 2014.
It’s ALL happening again!


z Gelderse

Members from the Gelderse at Terlet enjoy the sun and the finish of their 3d soaringday in 2014!
Picture shared by Hobbit.

The longest/busiest  runway at Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam , the POLDERBAAN, 3800 m. long and 60 m. wide [ 18R-36L] ,was closed last Monday for more than a month,[ till April 21]  due to the fact that the Nuclear Summit will be in the Hague on March 24 and 25 and due to maintenance after the world leaders have left.
48  of them[Obama -yes, Putin -no]  will visit and to  let them land straight away on this runway and to give them the opportunity to   park their [private] planes at this runway, it is closed already now.
The eyes of the world will be looking at the Hague, as it is an important summit.
With the leaders a total of 5000 delegates will arrive, as well as 3000 journalists.
Parts of the highway from Schiphol-Amsterdam to The Hague will be closed for normal traffic and will be only open for guests.
This SUMMIT  will be HUGE and will cost around 24 million euro, security NOT included!!!!
F 16’s will fly over Holland over the 2 days of this summit, boats will be ready in harbors and at sea and around 13.000 police will keep an eye on things.

No worries for the ” other”  pilots, landing or departing from Schiphol Airport,  they will like that the POLDERBAAN  is closed now,as it  extends the flight with about 15 minutes only by taxiing from there to the terminals. Though on the other hand there is one long runway less, so it will/can be busy at times!

The weather is still cooking in Australia “ was the message from Adam, when he drove from Kingaroy to Narromine, on a ” nice”  day!

Z adam

Surely not too bad!!!!
As shared by Adam

And…..ANOTHER WOW -factor!!!! One of our Dutch glider pilots , Leon Mol,[ flies Nationals and a lot in Spain -Fuentemilanos!]  has designed the new  leather  interior of the JS 1!!
Their business in the S of Holland  is unique as they are excellent cabinet makers, specialized in design furniture, but also in renovating.
It has nothing to do with gliders I know, BUT, Leon is as said a glider pilot and the co-operation between sailplane lovers resulted in this new interior of the JS 1.
Backrest and arm rests full leather!!! Pocket for oxygen System. No more tubes everywhere!!!

z leather chair  Z js1 stoel

Uys enjoying the great sitting leather and mentioning;
Development of the luxury leather in the JS1. This is the prototype. Production will change slightly. The leather is the highest quality available and the colors can be chosen by the customer.
What do you think, should this be the standard?
More pictures and news at:

Mol and Geurts also design exclusive chairs as this one.

.z stoel

A luxury chair by Mol and Geurts with an audio system built in!!!!
Shared by Leon on FB.

For all the news about the IGC Plenary in Varese you can read the soaringcafe -news about the latest.  For those interested, also a video-tour  is published about the exhibition hall in Reno where the SSA convention took place.

Cheers Ritz

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