Starting blogging-live again!

Just checking if this system works as nothing seems to be the same anymore.

To write a good blog ,I read/check/do research,about  what’s happening in our soaring world and share that , my way, with you.
With loosing all favourites I have to dig them up again , which might take some time, as REALLY EVERYTHING IS DIFFERENT!!! So I have to find myself a new rythm .

Yesterday I had help for a full day and I see ” light on the blog-horizon” .
Our long-time-house friend Theo even found more than 5000 pictures back on the extern disc so we might find more!!

Let’s start again!!!

For sure you kept an eye yourself on ” things happening in our soaring world”.
I quickly checked the OLC and was impressed with a few days:
December 2 had only 88 flights but what a great  flight from Jim and Morgan, from over 7000 m. MSL, but also ” only” 1927 m. MSL , over a distance of 1972 km. with a speed of  144 km./h. A day with wave and blue conditions but fun for the Perlan Project team in their DG 1001 M.

December 5 was another interesting day with so many 1000 km flights from the 3 places-to-go too in Namibia , you nearly got lost. Reinhard added the so maniest 1000 to his already impressive list from this year.
My friend Daan , flying the Arcus M with his mate Henk, had a great time in Pokweni flying several 1000 km’s and NO flight under 700 km. That’s why you go ” overseas”.

Looking at Australia today,it’s  great to see many familiar faces in Corowa [ Rudy, Stener, Max, Anders , Peter, Pepe and more] and Tocumwal, [ Anton  from Austria, Hannu from Finland, Stephan from Germany] , as well as Stonefield and Benalla.

The Aussie juniors fly their JOEY GLIDE and the 2 young enthusiastic New Zealand pilots , Nick and Alex, are competing again , as last year.
2 Flying days and 2 ” scrubbed’ days, to stay in their language till now and the Aussie pilots flying at the Junior worlds in Poland are doing well. Matthew won both days, Eric was 8 and 2 and young Ailsa, the girl between the boys ,twice on spot 6!
The NZ mates are on spot 2 and 8 overall after 2 days! They continue till the 14th.

Joey glide 3013 2 Joey glide 2013

Both pictures shared by Nick and Alex from their ADVENTURES FB site. Sorry can’t get the link to work but YES YES pictures are on!

From Western Australia , Perth, I got some news from Vanessa, which is interesting for glider pilots as well.
It’s about sea-planes, always a bit nostalgic.

Commercial seaplanes have been given the green light to fly twice daily, seven days a week on the Swan River.

The soon-to-be disbanded Swan River Trust has approved a 12-month trial for Catalina Airlines to land its Cessna 208 Caravan planes between the South Perth jet-ski freestyle area and Milyu Marine Park.

The seaplanes will courier up to 11 passengers at a time from Rottnest Island, Mandurah and Margaret River.” 


Read more:

In South Africa the Nationals start today with a lot of top pilots in club, 15 m. and open/18m.
Will try to follow it for you.Finish now as it took me more than an hour extra to write such a short blog, but I will get there.
Cheers Ritz
on Wednesday December 11 2013

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