Japanese winner Dutch Nationals [open class] in Germany!!!

Alphen aan den Rijn                        May 25 2008

The Dutch Nationals in Stendal in Germany are over with a Japanese winner in open class. The Dutch National Champion in that class is Hadriaan van Nes.
Mac [Ichikawa] was the best and this is great as a preparation for his WGC in Luesse.
Just 60 points difference between Mac and number 3 Rien Bastiaanse, so pretty tight and lots of tension for the last day!
In 15 m. class Steven Raimond was the champion , with 500 points ahead of young Alfred -Paul Alfers as runner up and Steve Crabb as number 3, another good preparation for the WGC for 1 and 3.
In Club class young and talented Rene de Dreu won before a German guest -pilot Christoph Barniske and Frank Hiemstra, another young Dutch talent.Yes the Dutch have GREAT NEW TALENT in soaring.
Holland [Germany] here they are. Europe and world here they come!!!

With 6 days out of 10 , this was a good competition and worthwhile to go for a second year in a row to guest country Germany to a place Stendal , close to Berlin, which nearly turns orange in that period.The Dutch pilots and their crews LOVE it there!!!!
One interesting day was a 500 km flight AROUND Berlin for open class!!!!! What do you want more!!!! And…who would have thought 25 years ago, that this would EVER be possible !!!!!!!And….most pilots did fly the task!!!!!!
Compliments for the tasksetter and the organization.

Of course the prize giving is on a day when the weather is great. So on the 23d ,one of the pilots decided to fly home to Holland to his home club Malden [close to Nijmegen] and DID SO!!! 583 km !In 6 hours and 17 minutes.

Well, there was more! Got a message from Jo from OZ. As you know women in gliding is nothing new ! But a total female crew for a competition is at the least INTERESTING! As you can see by an article from former -junior -team-pilot Lisa!

Women take the controls for the Club Class Nationals

Women interested in the sport of gliding have offered to take up key roles in the

Club Class National Championships being hosted by the Kingaroy Soaring Club from 5 – 17 October 2008

Competition Executive Positions
Position Name
Director Wendy Medlicott
Weather Person Jenny Thompson
Task Setting Lisa Trotter
Scoring Jo Davis
Grid Marshal Anita Taylor
Safety Julie Maddocks
TugMaster Val Wilkinson
Radio MasterSecretary Jo Pocklington Lorraine Kauffmann
Media Relations Jo Pocklington
WebnewsStewards Jo Pocklington Pam Kurstjens & Jo Pocklington
Outlanding Coordinator Jan McKenzie
Bar Manager Suzie Scoles
Treasurer Linda Kolb
Office Administration Louise Ransby
Legal Advisor Lisa Turner

“Women are more likely to be attracted to the sport of gliding and stick around if they feel that they fit in and can see themselves as being part of the gliding scene. Because there are a lot more men than women involved in the sport of gliding, women can easily feel that they don’t belong.

“The men of our sport are welcoming and supportive to women and this helps women feel comfortable and encouraged as participants in our sport, but men can’t provide role models for women.

“We need women to be more visible in high profile and competent roles in gliding so that other women – and men – see the participation of women as a normal part of gliding.

“For this reason, a number of women have taken the bold step of offering to take up key roles in the Club Class National Championships being run by the Kingaroy Soaring Club this year.  So, you can look forward to the above line-up which brings a great depth of experience and competence to the organisation of the competition.”

(Lisa Trotter, April 2008)

I know that Marina is planning a total-female-crew for the women-WGC in Rieti.

In between nice flights were STILL flown in OZ , where former Dutch team -pilot Gerrit Kurstjens flew 515 km in “nearly” winter from Jondaryan airport .
But…also Rayskala had great weather again. You remember the 1000 km task for open class on the first day of the European champions over there a few years ago!?? 799 in an ASW 20 is great!

Good friend Daan  , former Dutch top-team-pilot, but STILL toppilot is back in the USA for his summer holidays and flew 829 km. from Ridge Soaring.

On wednesday morning while sitting for half an hour in the sun, before going to the gallery I enjoyed looking at the sky and thought; Don’t forget to check if a good flight is made today, as the sky looked superb. And YES from the National Gliding Center Terlet a great 814 km flight was flown by Marc Smeets in a nimbus 4 DM. 500 and 600 km flights were flown in discus and ventus!
Holland , Belgium , Germany and the Northern part of Europe had the great weather last week, while it was raining in the mountains and more south in Europe.

In Rieti and Luesse they are working VERY HARD to prepare the world comps. Not long and I will “see” you from Rieti.

More news next week,Ritz

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