“An absolute stonking day” Jenny called it!


“Much better day today. ” Is what Bruce shared with us about flying-day 4 in Lake Keepit.
”  We had clouds most of the way, though they became thin on the last leg, and climbs, while not really consistent, were of the order of 6 – 7 knots for most of the day. There were some climbs much stronger than this, with reports of 10 to 12 knots. “.

Jenny called it “an absolute stonking day!” You can read her full report about day 4  on the OLC on November 21 2013. She flew a “dry” ASH 26E and was 3d .
It’s over now! Nice comps!!
Bruce won not loosing one day only a few points on a no-1000-points-day.4 days 3983 points.
Allan won same story and out of 4 days he had 3797 points.
David Jansen won in 18 m. with more then 300 points on Tom.
Matthew Atkinson in 15 m. class with more the 500 points  and in the 2 seater class it was Derek Ruddock in the DG 1000.
For all scores; www.soaringspot.com

“The Southern Riverina Gliding club would like to congratulate our Life Member, Mike Burns as a worthy recipient of the Harry Ryan award for Services to Airworthiness 2013, from GFA on our nomination. THE MAN WHO KEEPS US ALL SAFE IN THE SKY!” is what Judy Renner wrote on their site. I know Mike for ages and indeed if someone deserves this award it is MIKE!! Congratulations!!

Mike Burns
Mike Burns
Courtesy SRGC.

Tocumwal did well with all these recipients, here is the news about Bill, another “gem ” in gliding and very devoted tuggie;

Bill Harvey
Bill Harvey
Courtesy SRGC.

“Bill receiving VSA Living Treasures Award 12/10/2013- Melbourne

After 1 practise day and 4 flyable days they had a rest day in Omarama and look how the skies looked: For more news; https://www.facebook.com/NzJoeyGlideTeam

 Omarama rest day
As shared on FB with the remark:
“Rest day. Not a bad sky after all.”

And the latest about the South African Grand Prix;
“Welcome all to the face book page for the next leg of the African Sailplane Grand Prix 2015 qualifying series. The event will be held at Worcester in the Western Cape from the 4th to the 10th January 2015. Follow this page for news, views, updates, information, pilot lists and much more.”


AND,..something totally different. When you have NEVER heard of a volo-copter please look at;

DG Flugzeugbau is a partner in this project and with that one of my “former” juniors in HusBos, Jelmer Wassenaar is involved in it as well. As you know he is now the constructor at DG Flugzeugbau.

volo copter

The volocopter
“DG Flugzeugbau as member and key-partner in the Volocopter Project is very proud to announce the VC200 maiden flight! On Sunday 17th of November 2013 a successful maiden flight and numerous other test flights had been performed. All flights were unmanned and took place inside the locked “dm-Arena” in Karlsruhe. ” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dndB6u5mfgg

Due do family circumstances I could NOT visit the ZES seminar, but Bert Schmelzer sr. was so kind to write up for me what he had heard. Here you are and thanks BERT!

Dreams of Flight: Flight of Dreams

That motto was dedicated to an inspiring and spectacular symposium on behalf of the 50th jubilee of  the Eindhoven Student Gliding Club at their Technical University’s auditorium maximum at November 22nd 2013. All was perfectly organized in detail and with the friendliness and effectiveness of whole the team.

180 attentive listeners were participating at an unseen compilation of newest technology in and around flying and energy.

Because of a huge hart for gliding the organizers invited two well-known experts in gliding with a scientific background and there approach to realize their dreams.

Ir. Tijl Schmelzer from Belgium,  member of the Belgian Gliding Team, opened the symposium. He started with his profound research and theoretical considerations about cross-country glider flights above 1000km from a difficult and wet area as Flanders. He proved his theory with 3 flights above 1000km from Flanders in a single season. The secret was his excellent preparation and use of modern weather models, airspace information including radio communication and use of transponders with a well-balanced  cockpit equipment. At least a motor as a “Turbo”-system  is of wish able value to start early in the morning. The use of power-plants in the late evening and again the Turbo to reach the airfield before sunset makes all possible.  Tijl realized the best performances in only one year from the low-counties, including two Belgian records. He looks forward to realize even more and longer flights in the nearest future.

The other speaker about gliders and gliding was the worldwide known  Ir. Loek Boermans from Delft University. His merits are countless. His presentation was all about how to develop and reach a glide ratio of 1:100. The audience was  stock-still whether the listener was interested in gliding that much or not. He is the one and only master. The trick lies in the lengths of the wingspan, in having flaps, in optimizing  the wing-fuselage transition and in boundary layer suction. And if we would have an until by IGC and FAI not accepted new open class definition with using the power of suctioned air in driving a propeller 30% of improvement of the glide ratio would be certainly achievable. And by knowing that the Concordia with a L/D of 75 (the actual best glider of the world) could be use that kind of technology it’s easy to belief that a glide ratio of 1:100 wouldn’t be a dream anymore.

The other aspect of the symposium was the use of sustainable energy, with a focus on aerodynamics. The students of the hosts of the symposium from Eindhoven University of Technology presented in a wonderful spirit of being eager for knowledge,  working hard and going for it, demonstrated  their “Stella” Solar Car. They said: “The solar car is a user friendly and comfortable electric car, powered mainly by solar energy”. The car is made for transport of four persons and can drive independently more than 750km on electric energy. All this incredible effort ends up in the “World Solar Challenge 2013” 3000km race in Australia from Darwin to Adelaide in a huge victory in the cruiser class. The enthusiasm of Karin Conen and Tim Jansen was contagious to all of us. www.solarteameindhoven.nl

The other item was about “Airborne Wind Energy”. The team around Drs.W.Allaart succeeded in developing the Ampyx Power Plane-Systems. A glider is fixed via a cable to a winch. The autopilot-controlled glider flies repetitive cross-wind patterns at an altitude between 300 and 600m. It  fetches wind  that power converts into mechanical power and will be converted in electrical power at the ground. That system is promised to be cheaper than all current forms of electricity production, and reliable in all circumstances. www.ampyxpower.com

The commercial realization of Dreams of Flight or Flight of Dreams were highlighted by two outstanding projects and well-known experts.

Lt.General Ben Droste, highly decorated former fighter-pilot of the Royal Netherlands Air Force, Professor and Dean of the Aerospace Faculty of the Technical University in Delft (The  Netherlands) and also a former gliderpilot and member of the ZES promotes “Your Ticket into Space”, it’s an upcoming reality and not any longer a dream. All of us looked fascinated which what drive and passion he advocated space traveling for common citizens with a common health, and with 100.000USD at their disposal for a ticket.  “Space Expedition Corporation will be carrying out the flights into space using two different spacecraft. The Mk I will be operational from 2014 and will take passengers to the edge of space (60 kilometers high). This spaceship will depart from Mojave Spaceport exclusively. The second spacecraft, the Mk II, will be operational in 2015/16 and will reach deep space (103km) from both the Curacao and Mojave spaceports.” General Droste said. He also said the sky is not the limit anymore. www.spacexc.com

Ir. Robert Dingemanse MBA and CEO of PAL-V Europe NV came up with a striking and revolutionary technology The PAL-V One, or simply the flying car. The speaker demonstrated elegantly the realization of an old dream in the best way. Many concepts were tried in the long history of flying, but that kind of using a vehicle to drive on earth and after a 10 minutes change of the configuration it transforms from car into a gyrocopter and overcome gravity  and fly away . It was astonishing to all of us. This  beautiful and certainly splendid concept is already  available in some month. The authorities of many countries and also fortuned investors are highly interested. The PAL-V (personal air and land vehicle) two seater  will be accepted in a minimum of time for many purposes and is the first usable car-aircraft hybrid which is developed in The Netherlands and will be spread over the world.  www.pal-v.com

Furthermore, commercial displays of new technology were present. Modern instrument and equipment technology were shown by Glider Pilot Shop, Millenair Glider Supplies and XCap Batteries. Glider manufacturer Alexander Schleicher Flugzeugbau presented the fuselage of the upcoming ASG32 double seater, HPH from the Czech Republic demonstrated its jet technology of the Shark glider, and the Dutch composite model aircraft manufacturer Weimo presented their large-scale glider and aerobatic models.

After being entertained by so many passionate speakers with already or nearly already realized newest projects in  mainly flying, the audience was more than grateful, we all thanked the organizers, the  moderators and helpers of Eindhoven Student Gliding with a big applause.

I will finish with a lovely saying: Those who are thinking the sky is the limit doesn’t have imagination.

Bert Sr. Schmelzer MD.Ph.D.

 Lustrumcommissie _ex Arjan

The lustrum commission.

Hope to be back on line soon again, but loosing a lot of details maybe not stored in the back up, can cause some problems. Sorry cheers Ritz
On Sunday November 24 2013

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