Flying along the Dutch coast looks/remains sensational!

NOVEMBER 9 was the day for more dune-ridge-soaring in Holland cause the wind was favourite to do so.They started at 8, as the wind was forecasted to slown down after 1 PM.5 Different planes were participating and they flew 12 flights. Great pictures, here is one of them !!!

 duin vliegen1

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To see the flights you can use the next link;

The CHAMPIONS continued soaring in Kiripotib with week 2 and on day 2 they flew a few 1000 k’s again. Organiser Ludwig got the best out of his new ANTARES E [23 m. and 850 kg.] and flew around with 165 km./h on the “clock” in weather with a base of 5600 m. and up to 8 m. lift!! Swiss “student “Hans, [with Janusz]  flew with a speed 143 km./h. Not bad .


Ludwig,  here still in the factory from Lange in his new toy.

Yesterday was good again, after a slow start of the day, pilots had lift between 3 and 5 m. up to 5600, with still over 900 k.

 Champions3 champions 4

Ready to go. Pictures courtesy;

Also Bitterwasser added a -number-4-1000k-day, to their list.
Max Leenders started at Twee Rivieren in SA, {never heard from}  ;964 km. in his own glider the NIMBUS 4DM and 778, the only flights from there on the OLC, at least at this stage.
Pokweni had flights up to just over 800 km. whilst Danish  Brigitte and Jörgen flew for the first time in their ARCUS together from Stonefield , DOWN UNDER and loved the glider and each other.

Stonefield is not too far from Gawler and that was the place where Matthew Scutter had a great flight which he shared with us;
“—Finally flying the Discus 2 at home! Strange day. Abnormal to have such strong weather in a strong southerly with a max temp of 20c. Most of the day was below zero because of the low maximum temp and high cloudbase. Some nice convergences around, sometimes way out over the water. Feeling a bit robbed as it could have easily been an OLC 1000k+ flight, but due to much yakking on the radio too much on the first two legs, combined with old (and cold!) batteries I ended up like Voyager 2, every time my logger reported low voltage I’d pick an instrument to switch off (radio, FLARM display, spare logger, 303 nav, PDA, vario!!!). I finally ran out of instruments to turn off and still only had 8.3v on the battery so I jumped off the convergence and just made it home to catch the landing on the trace before the logger died.Still can’t complaint!—“

Convergence was clearly forecast (although I didn’t look at this before I flew…)convergence by Matthew

I mentioned in the past the Waikirie Nationals for club and sports class. This competition will be held between January 2 and 11 in 2014.This week the GFA added the next announcement:
Due to a low number of entries the Sports Committee has decided to make the Sports Class at Waikerie a ballasted competition. So if you were thinking of entering but didn’t want to fly dry now you can enter and fly wet.”
Click here to enter;

Talking about Waikirie, last week , Graham Parker, flew in the ARCUS M already 700 km. The more or less normal pattern when we lived in Australia was, that spring started with good weather in the East in Queensland and then slowly the weather improved more to the South East, South and West.
But the weather is different now, everywhere! Poor people in the Philippines!

The IGC has announced the 6th series of FAI GRAND PRIX for sailplanes for 2014 and ’15.
They will be held in :
—France in Rennes, just received the message from Philippe de Pechy ;”Welcome to the Grand Prix France 2014!The registration will start soon.”
—Italy in Varese,
—Spain in La Cerdanya,
—South Africa in Worcester, [18 m.] and happy pilots “Worcester (January 2015) is one of the venues” shared by Sven Olivier.
—Chile in Santiago de Chile,
—Poland in Zar,[ where Sebastian Kawa did the greater part of his basic glider training. He still calls it the best place for take-offs and landings] and
—Australia in Lake Keepit, where we can expect great finishes over the lake.
More info at ;

And to finish the mention of a soaring-symposium in Holland “Dreams of flight, Flight of dreams”on November 22 in Eindhoven at the Technical University , the last event of 50 years ZES and on November 23 in Lelystad in the Aviodrome a congress about PASSION FOR FLYING , the yearly event organised by Glider Pilot Shop.

 Millen air

Junior World Champion Peter Millenaar will attend both with his business MILLENAIR and shared this picture on FB!

You are up to date,  so till next Sunday,
cheers Ritz
On Wednesday November 13 2013.

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