All kind of CHAMPIONS !

Day 6 in Kiripotib was another 1000 km. -day for the CHAMPIONS! The trainees from Andy, Janusz and Holger flew them.
They changed pilots to “use” also the experience and soaring-knowhow, from the other top pilots. Great concept!

Champion Andy Davis

Andy explaining to his “student”.

On day 7 the weather was so-so, no worries ! With what they learned, the students made the best out of it. A regatta start over the field was set [max. 3000m. MSL] and a flat triangle from 430 km. direction North East, in the blue!
Ludwig could stop organizing for a day and jumped in his BRANDNEW ANTARES and won as they mentioned the day with 136 km./h.
The new team for week 2 had arrived in between and all news about that in my next week blogs. The new guests are from Holland [2] from Brazil, Germany , Austria and Switzerland. Unfortunately CHAMPION Stefano Ghiorzo was ill, so Ludwig replaced him.


Namibia pilots and “trainees”

Namibia, in general, was booming again over the last couple of days, with good spring soaring weather and also in  Bitterwasser the- first- 1000 -of- the- season was flown, whilst Pokweni had flights up to just over 900 k. As you know they had their first 1000 of the 2013 season on November 4.
The 819k [721 k FAI] in a not-open-class-glider [ Ventus 2CM/18m.] from Bitterwasser was good as well.

I am still “glowing” from pleasure; what fabulous flights on November 5 by Uys , John and Oscar from Potchefstroom. Uys and John flew the “normal” JS 1 and Oscar the 21 m. version! They flew to the South , passing places as Bloemfontein and Gariep Dam on their way to a fast and long flight from over 1200 km .with huge speed over and just under  160 km./h..

Oscar gezicht

Oscar on an “old ” picture from my archive!

 Of course I checked with him if this was pretty normal.
It is unusual, but with climate change I think the seasons are also upset. We normally have good weather in the central interior in November, although the days are still slightly too short. The longest day is only on 21st December, so the sun already sets at 18h35 now. What made this day special, was the large area of relatively good weather, as well as the lack of thundershower activity. But I have to say that there are more of these days available for flights like this, we just miss them sometimes.”
What makes flying from Potchefstroom nice, is that we are a couple of pilots with similar capabilities, so we can get together easier to attempt these flights. The previous 1000km I flew together with Pieter Nouwens, was actually a very average day, and I would have abandoned the task if I was on my own.  ”

It could have been even faster,  as Oscar mentioned as well.
On this flight I was not in a big hurry, and wasted a couple of minutes, especially
late on the first and second leg when we changed the task and I was looking for
new turnpoints to make the task longer. This distracts from the pilot’s
concentration and performance, I think. I also think what also makes a
difference is the performance of the new generation open class.”

Oscar has written a small account for a local aviation internet forum and I copied and pasted that for you with his permission for today.

By the way on November 9 Uys , this time with brother Attie and with John , did it again. As the proud club AKAVLIEG POTCH Gliding announced on FB:
Potchefstroom one and two (and three if John uploads his flight) on OLC distance, and 123 on OLC speed.”
Distances just over 1000 [ 750 FAI triangles] , speed 135 km./h.
Oscar flew another 865 km task

Also at Gariep Dam and Douglas Backhouse  guests arrived for the season and the first flights have been added on the OLC. Max Leenders [ Nimbus 4DM]  from Holland flies from Gariep, as well as Uwe Thiele,[DG 808 c/18m. and from Germany];  both kilometre-eaters!

Down under the gliders have arrived in Melbourne,  so the COROWA- season can start soon as well! Planning; on November 16.
Last Friday George Lee showed he still “can do it”!!! He flew from his own airfield, carrying  his name,  796 km. [646 km. Fai triangle] with a speed of 125 km./h. in his Nimbus 4DM.
And also Gerrit Kurstjens had a great flight with 870 km.[ 688 FAI triangle]  in his Quintus. And Chad Nowak enjoyed a great flight in his ASW 20; 776 [772 FAI]  both members from the Darling Downs Soaring Club and flying from Mc Cafferey Field, called after Dennis Mc Caffery a great Aussie mate .
The HORNET flew with Michael Codling, 683 km. He set a 750 but unfortunately the first 2 hours were too slow, still great achievement.

In the USA ,Michael Higgins had a pretty difficult flight , but still enjoyed it from Mid Atlantic Soaring in the Discus b with 805 km.
He had a
–tough and slow start.
–no wave at Fairfield
— heavy snow showers to north.
–got stuck early at Harpers Ferry for an hour or more.
–scattered and unpredictable wave
But then there is the big BUT; “after climbing out of that hole, all went well — strong thermals, high bases, and good ridge.  — but it proved useful to the far SW.”

When you missed the absolute fabulous flight on September 29 2013 by OLC CHAMPION 2013, Jim Payne, with Mitch Polinsky in the back, you should read the story  and look at the magic pictures,[I published one below!]  written by and taken by Mitch on the next link;

Mitch Polinsky
Courtesy; Mitch.

In a way Mitch was a trainee as well. He learned from Jim not only how to fly but also to “go for it”.

Quite a few Aussie pilots flew this week, the SPEED_WEEK in West Wyalong. For Tocumwal pilots West Wyalong was the 500 km. out and return.
On day 4 Grant Johnson flew his KESTREL [ I presume this is “our” old one , later owned by  Richard Vincent, but I am not sure!] over a 382 km. FAI triangle [total distance 407 k.] with a nice speed , certainly for a KESTREL of  101.79 km./h.
On the non flying day with temperatures up to 37 dgr. overcast and storms , Ingo was one of the speakers. Narromine still further to the NE had up to 40 dgr.

Ingo teaching in WW.

Ingo. As shared by Anne .
picture courtesy Stuart Fergusson!

That’s about it for today. Will enjoy some time with my weekend-guests again and my Sunday-Soaring-Cafe-blog, will be published soon as well, with a nice resume of that excellent flight by Oscar.

Cheers Ritz
On Sunday November 10, one day before the CARNAVAL -season starts ;11.11.2013


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