Practise all over Europe!!

 Alphen aan den Rijn        May 4 2008

It is 63 YEARS ago that men and women died for the freedom of Holland in 1945.
The Queen will be in Amsterdam to start the parade at the memorial.
Tomorrow May 5 ,we celebrate our freedom!

The Klix competition was practise for a few pilots participating in the Worlds. Did you follow it? Indeed after 5 days , the last day yesterday was cancelled due to rain, Mac [Ichikawa] was the winner in the open classand for him it was really good practise before going to Luesse later in the season. For sure he will practise more in Germany!
Borje Erikkson ,also a WGC pilot, was 5th in the mixed class after 4 days.
I was VERY pleased to see that young Tim Kuijpers, son of the Dutch TC in Luesse Frouwke and brother of Maaike, the Dutch TC in Rieti, WON the big Club class in an ASW 19 B WL. With 100 points ahead on the runner up. Great effort!! Compliments and congratulations!!!I always forget that life goes on, I remember him in his pram while we parents were joking , that our children would be the next generation of top pilots. For sure he is one and there is another young “Kuijpers” to come as a topper!!
Yes this is a REAL gliding family! They fly all 5!!! They even get the regional papers with it.

More flying as we nearly reach the 1000 km badge flights in Europe already in this great spring weather. Yves Jeanmotte made a beautiful flight from St Hubert in Belgium, mostly over Germany as Belgium is very difficult at the moment with the different airspaces.He flew  955   km. in a Ventus 2 with a speed 106 km p/h.
In Germany , yes from Burg Feuerstein were a few of my friends fly, a pilot flew just over 1000 km. in a nimbus 4 M. A total of 2292 flights were send to the OLC. Not bad! A lot of pilots are flying and think it is interesting enough to put it on line!
In Rieti , WGC town 2008, one of the pilots flew on Mai 1 776 km. Let the great weather stay there! So had Luesse some good flights too one of the former juniors of the Dutch team flew on Mai 2 a nice long flight from 651 km with a speed of 88 km.p/h   in an LS 8.
While that same day Alberto [Sironi] flew nearly 1000 a ventus 2 c t in Italy, with just over 100 km.p/h.

This is going to be a big week for me and I am not too sure if you will “see ” me next weekend. The European Art Fair in Amsterdam starts tomorrow with 2 days of furnishing and carrying of paintings and sculptures!Wednesday at 2 is the opening for the VIP guests and at 6 it STARTS!!!! Next monday will be the last day and I can tell you alreadsy now,” I will be dead then”.

Enjoy your life, your soaring and jobs and see you whenever…..!?


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