EUROGLIDE 2014! War birds down under!

The organisers from EUROGLIDE 2014 have published the track and this year it will be a distance of 2438 km. to be flown in the period June 23 and July 5. Here is the route  and you can keep an eye on it on;


“Starting from Eindhoven (EHEH) to Dahlemer Binz (EDKV) in Germany.

Then to the South West to Poitiers (LFBI) in France.

From there to the East, just North of the Massif Central, to Roanne (LFLO).

The following leg to Klatovy (LKKT)in the Czech Republic passes through four countries, France, Switserland, Germany and the Czech Republic.

The finish is in Malden, the Netherlands.

The total distance is 2438 km (clock-wise 2475 km). ”

A lot of pilots and crews are very pleased now, no HAPPY is a better word, as this race is more than popular!!!!Registrations just started from November 1 onwards and you can find all details on the site!
One reaction on FB;

Junior World Champion Peter Millenaar is very busy with his own business MillenAir. Not long and he will be co pilot as well for Ryan Air. And, I believe Tim Kuijpers the JWGC Champion from Musbach is going to fly there as well. Young airline pilots they are now and as we all know a glider pilot mostly is a good airline pilot.
When you were just trying to find a good radio here is one of Peter’s  offers:

Special offer this winter: Dittel KRT2 8.33kHz radio for only € 1099 instead of € 1142! Are you an aeroclub or group, ordering multiple radios? Contact us for a special offer and information.”

My Temora Friends Jane and Tom Gilbert will have a busy weekend:
“” Preparing for the big airshow on Saturday. Warbirds Down Under. 13000 visitors expected. Poor little Temora will be busting at the seams.”

Airbirds at Temora.
Courtesy Jane and Tom.


this great “toy” a CARIBOU, the “war horse of the skies” and a retired part of the Royal Australian Air Force,  arrived in Temora , as well as a P 51 , P 40, Catalina , Black Hawk and more….

Airshow 2

A Canadian built military plane, sometimes still used for bush flights.
Last but not least
nose art 1 nose art 2

nose art 3 nose art 4

NOSE ART!!!! Great or not?
As shared by Tom and Jane with their permission.

He flew last Wednesday,  756 km.[735 FAI triangle] in the West of Australia [ from Cunderdin] and that means very early in the season great weather in a big area; James Cooper in an SZD 55. Good on him! The best flight in the 2014 OLC-season world wide till now!
More good flights; On November 1 Geoff Pratt, in the PIK 20 with 614.89 km.[ 599.3 FAI triangle] from Mareeba and Tomas Suchanek from the wave camp in KRNOV 527 km.  in an ASW 15!!!!
And on November 2 Jenny Ganderton set a 750, had to turn short , but still managed to fly  640,63 [631 FIA triangle]in her ASH 26 from West Wyalong. A 551 [ 402 k.   ] in a Hornet from Warwick is not bad either.
From Potchefstroom  in S.A. a great flight on November 2 as well; 761 km.[ 648 FAI triangle ] with a good speed of 133 km./h. by Uys Jonker in his JS 1.
AND,…you might have noticed the flights on the OLC , from November 1 onwards, from FLYING WITH THE CHAMPIONS in Kiripotib. More about that in my Soaring Café blog.

 In my last blog I wrote about the nice ridge-flight from Max Gödde in the LS 4, [Porta Westfalica] even topping the OLC list that day. The reaction on his flight from the OLC was a bit weird and nearly “intimidating”.
I translated the reaction which created a huge amount of other comments. Don’t have to tell you why.
“Hallo Max,
unfortunately you did not add a SMILEY with your name.
That is a real pity!
Even better; The OLC team was pleased with your nice flight,  but when your participation on the OLC contest would have been  accompanied by spending a dime, p.e. 9 EURO for the season, we would have rewarded that also with a SMILEY.”
I stay out of this,  but can only add that the OLC has been one of the better things happening in our soaring-lives. Let’s call it a “mishap”. Nobody is perfect.

Good news for pilots who are planning to fly [ maybe the Nationals] in Omarama:
This just came in from the President of Gliding New Zealand regarding airspace restriction removal. Great news from those flying North of Omarama.
Yesterday it was formally released by CAA that the Mt Cook airspace change to class C controlled above FL 245 has been reversed and for the present time will remain uncontrolled . Probably till someone else wants to challenge it!  It’s been hard work but the outcome was worth it…  So go forth and use it to whatever height you feel like!”

More and more of my friends are buying or have bought the ARCUS!
Jorgen and Brigitte [Denmark] keep a blog about how they handled the first steps of this glider shipped to Australia. In Bacchus March they worked hard on the glider and trailer and oxygen was put in for the HIGH flights. Then it is travelling up to Stonefield for the first past of the soaring holiday. You will find them on the OLC. The last part will be in Tocumwal.

Arcus m 2 Arcus m 1

Trailers from Jorgen /Brigitte and Roger.
courtesy; The blog from J and B.

For more news, I will be back on Wednesday and today in Soaring Café.
Cheers Ritz
On Sunday November 3 2013, the day my last guest will leave , but new ones have announced their arrivals.

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