I ‘m dreaming of a white Christmas ,NOT Easter!!!

Alphen aan den rijn             Easter Sunday 23-03-2008

Yes, same with you?? At least if you live in Europe.
Not that we have snow already here , but close by in Germany , in Belgium and Luxemburg , they have snow. And….it is March 23, even spring which started on March 21 had a cold day with hail, lightning and lots of rain.For tonight and tomorrow snow is predicted here in our region.

Here in Holland we have the coldest Easter sinces 40 years. A pity for all the flowers in the greatest flower show “keukenhof”, which was opened by Prince Willem Alexander a few days ago, as we expect up to minus 7  for this night. “My poor pink blossom”.
Thinking of blossom, I remember the great atmosphere during that time in Japan. Also for Japanese glider pilots the season starts. When I visited 3 gliding fields in the Tokyo area, a few years ago, I was not only impressed by the way they have to fly from pretty windy fields on the side of  the river, but also by the great view of thousands of pink and white flowers on the trees.

Places to fly at this moment are, even if it sounds contradictional; THE MOUNTAINS. Also snow there, so all pilots enjoying , Gap, Vinon, La Motte, Sisteron, Saint Auban and other good places, do not only fly but enjoy skiing as well.
That’s what I did in 1968, when the boys flew in wave over the Aosta Valley and we enjoyed skiing over the pistes from Pila. When it was time for the apres ski, the boys flew fast and pretty low over the piste to announce that our skiing and their flying was over and the “ebo-lebo” was waiting. Just a warning if you have never had it and want to try;Don’t drink that, when you are tired, you just fall over!

In the UK they have made their first flights. Good friend Hugh mentioned a nice first flight in his duo-discus, from Lasham, 385 km., with some help of the South Downs Ridge.

George Lee, who has now his -own -after -him- named -airfield in Australia, on the East side, still makes nice long flights in their autumn. Was n’t he 2 times world champion? Like Ingo , who was 4 times world champion [will there be somebody to ever break this record?] , he still loves soaring and remains good in it!

I got some info from Rieti, how they are going to visualize the world comps over there in July and I was most impressed. When I have ALL the details , I will share them with you. One more week and those who are interested, can start thinking of who will be going to win in either Luesse or Rieti, as the defenite entries will be known on the 31 of March.

One of the early-season-comps is the one on Hahnweide which starts on the 25th 0f April. This competition is for st. class, 15 m and open.

Wishing you all a Happy Easter, wherever you are!


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