Weathergods were not “helping” the juniors! Last day makes us forget the bad weather-days!


STUDIO LTV Jacek Lewiński idea!!!
As shared by MANY on FB.

ZZ studio1 zz studio 2

Whataday it was on Wednesday ,….so marginal with the expectation it would NOT be a competition day ,…..and then it was!!! Great flying from the juniors.

On Thursday [20 km.h. wind] and Friday [cooler but thunderstorms]  the weathergods were not helping;  both days were cancelled and then you start thinking as Matthew did. A nice  philosophy;
—“So we’re now faced with the stark reality that there might not be any more flying days! Tomorrow looks like a wipe, and Saturday looks sketchy. Of course I’d like to fly, but tactically I’m not sure it’s a good idea! Last week we all went tenpin bowling with the Polish and Swiss teams, I noticed that while none of us were very good (some slightly better than others), there’d be huge swings in the scores even over a 2 hour game, and I’ve been thinking about this ever since and how it relates to gliding. Most of the time, my strategies at competitions have essentially assumed the competition is infinitely long – fly consistently every day and you’ll do well. But gliding competitions, particularly in Europe, are most certainly finite in length and I think there’s a lot of tactics at play to maximise your performance. In tenpin you don’t have much capacity to ‘hold’ your position, and you’re forced to ride the highs and the lows and when the music stops you’re just where you end up. In gliding however, we have the opportunity to choose who we’re going to start with and fly with, almost as though we have the option of taking our competitor’s result sight unseen over our own potential result – a very logical tactic if you are in the lead or are lacking self confidence on your next move. So I think the ‘optimal’ strategy is to just keep playing the odds and trying to differentiate yourself until you find yourself ahead of where you think you’d place in an infinitely long competition, then try and hold that position by choosing to take the result of those beneath you / fly with your challengers. So where does that leave me now? Well, I think I’m possibly 1-3 places below my theoretical placing in an infinitely long competition, but emotions are a factor too as I think there’s a step in perceived value between 10th and 11th and I’m not sure I want to risk falling beneath that too much. So, I haven’t yet quite decided how I’ll attack the last day if we end up getting one. That’s my musing for the moment, let me know your thoughts – I’m off to sleep on it.”—

Thoughts of a young pilot, I am pleased to share and yes it is difficult also for older pilots; trying to win the title,  as for some only ONE spot counts the NUMBER 1 or being happy with a good well fought runner up place or 2-3 or…! It’s all very subjective. Matthew by the way ended on a good 9th spot overall  and is still young enough to participate in his own AUSTRALIA on the next JWGC in Narromine!

The Dutch team did well, no doubt about that ,so crew was very tired from working [too] hard as you can see on the by them shared picture

Z Dutch juniors sleep in party.
a well deserved rest.
What would the last day bring? This is what Eric’s crew Andrew , from the Aussie team thinks on Friday night/evening as well. You can find their blog to read back over the weekend  at
–” It’s now 2030, and raining steadily.  And forecast to keep on all night, stopping around sunrise.  Forecast up to 15mm but I think there’ll be quite a bit more than that.  And yet another thunderstorm going by to the south-east.  It’ll be a miracle if tasks are set tomorrow but stranger things have happened I suppose…”—
ZZ skies
Skies looked good on the last day as shared by the JWGC site.
A Dutch and French WORLD CHAMPION!!!
It was a cold morning but there was still WARM hope for a day-of-flying  by the organisers!No doubt about the fact that they were  more enthusiastic/optimistic about the window to fly in than the pilots and TC’s. They expected cu’s, cloud streets and lift up to 2m./s.
Standard class got the B task with 298.1 km instead of A 351 km.!!!Then the C and in the end the D TASK ;245 km.
Clubbies went for a 3 hour AAT and then 2.30!!!!
And indeed they went up eager to go and even with 3 m. average lift at places! Good call from the organisers!
ZZ standard class ready to go
Standard class ready to go for their last task D.
As shared by Aussie team.
It was a “hell of a day” looking at the trackers you were in hope and in hell seeing some low, some high …but slow. Knowing that the differences between the toppers was not too big EVERYTHING could happen. And it did!!
In Club class the French “carried out a coup”. Being on spot 3 and 5 overall on the last but one day,  Valentin and Benjamin started pretty early and flew both 236 km. in time 2.55.
Some other pilots nearly flew for 4 hours!!!And quite a few even outlanded!
Valentin jumped from 3 to ONE and Benjamin from 5 to 2. Great coup! Swiss pilot Maxime Petitpierre unfortunately dropped from 1 to 3 but still is on the podium today!
zzzzwinners in clubclass
The 2 French and Swiss on the podium and also 2 Dutch pilots on a  good 6 and 7.
As shared by the German team.
In standard class Peter Millenaar had to defend his first place he was “sitting on” for 3 non flying days. He flew in his own way with help from his Dutch team mates who kept an eye on the Czech pilots who were ready for their coup to take over spot 1 and 2. It ONLY JUST did not happen. Peter started early the Czechs later and had a better day , but,..Peter won just with a few points, 27,  thanks to the 7 outlandings, 2 from his Dutch mates,  providing less speed points.
The story is even, that the 2 Dutch pilots sacrificed themselves by landing out, which would be great team spirit, but I am sure Peter could have done it by himself!
He is just a GOOD pilot. When you “beat” Sebastian Kawa during the EGC on 4 days you are pretty good, is n’t it?
Petr and Radek did their VERY best and finished on a well deserved spot 2 and 3.
Peter Millenaar by Mikolaj
Peter .
Courtesy Mikolaj.
In the end we had 2 new CHAMPIONS!!!!!!! Valentin Grit from France in the Hornet and Peter Millenaar from Holland in the Discus 2 A, each with their own “coup”. Well done guys congratulations!!!!
By the way I was impressed with the Swiss team and a bit disappointed in the German team.
Dutch victory in pictures by Frouwke Kuijpers and Rob Millenaar.
Hope to “find” some French pictures as well.
zzzTim as coach
Coach and the JWGC WORLD CHAMPION from 2011 Tim, advising and counting to oversee the scores.
zzzbubbles zzz team
Bubbles ready and speech from TC Gerd 3d to the left.
zzz in the pool zzz peter
Dutch ritual; after winning you are thrown in the pool. And a happy chappy!
zzz relaxed
Peter checking the congratulations!
More juniors as the Dutch Junior Nationals have been flown and finished yesterday.
As you see enough “future”!
During the Dutch Junior Nationals experienced pilots fly with the young ones as scouts. 3 JS 1 gliders with 3 JS1 pilots Arne Böye- Muller from Denmark and Maurits Dortu and Ronald Termaat from Holland were the scouts on the last day. Good stuff and great to see they support the young ones!!!!!
Once they were young as well!
Also here the last day was a tough one. In standard class [2.30 AAT] only 3 from 12 finished and they ended in the top 3 overall.
After 6  days [ only 2 days cancelled not too bad for Holland!!!] the winners in standard class were; Sander Terpstra ,[ 3634]  Sjoerd van Empelen [ 3559] and Jens Bouma.[3263]
In open class; Rick Boerma, [4348] Odin van Oord [ 3941] and Pieter Daems [from Belgium 3433]
Z js1
3 JS 1 gliders as “scouting-material”.
And the CIM, the International Mediterranean Cup has added a few days. They are on 5 days in club, standard and 15 m and 4 in open and 18 m. where Peter Hartmann from Austria won 3 out of these 4 days , one day “beaten by UK pilot Afandi Darlington. More about the CIM in my next blog on Wednesday!
Enough for today MORE about the JWGC in my blog at
Cheers Ritz at Sunday August 11.
Sorry about the spaces between, something is wrong!!!!! Going to sort that out now!

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