HACKED!!!! A nuissance!!!! Checking again if it works!

As you might have noticed the blog from last Sunday about the opening of the JWGC and the very nice pictures, I was allowed to share from Katja and Rob,  has vanished. In the morning I saw already, that some of my old blogs re -appeared in FB, later in the day I had 1500 spam messages within one hour and the blogs stopped after Leonardo. They totally DISAPPEARED! They were saved and published ,…but they are just gone.
Bill in the USA has deleted the re-appearances on FB, I cleaned and put AVG EXTRA on it and hope you can read again tomorrow what’s happening in our soaring world; specially in Leszno [JWGC] and Mengen.[open and 18 m. German Nationals , as last Wednesdays’ blog has disappeared as well but might have been saved as it was pending for soaringcafe, where you might be still able to read it if that’s what you wish]

Sorry, but things like this happen beyond my control. We just happily try to continue!

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