EGC winners, 5 from 9 are Polish!Scales…”loosing up to 23 kilo?”! Day 9 battlefield for some toppers!


Ostrow weer op donderdag

The morning from Thursday looked fantastic but was more or less hectic for the TC’s . What happened? Some club class gliders were lighter than the reference weight, as set with scrutiny for the acceptance check, before the comps.
There is a tolerance of 10 kg. ;10 pilots were under weight.
Penalty points were given for those who had between a 4 and 23 kilo weight discrepancy; 2 points a kilo!!!
On Thursday long tasks for the 8th day of flying with the prediction of 1600 m. cloud base and maybe thunderstorms in the evening;
Club 408.1 km
Standard  541.4 km and
the 20 m. had to go for 479.1 starting last.

Ostrow day 8

Launches in progress!
As shared on FB.

In general the crews on the ground were a bit worried during the day, as it looked that the weather the day before was better!!!
This could have been  an “expensive day when you miss the boat”.
Toppers as Roman Mracek in CLUB class, showed why they are 1 in the cumulative scores; he just flew over 100 km./h. over the 408 km. in his standard cirrus and won the day.
Told you already that we should keep an eye on Rasmus Orskov from Denmark. He won day 7 , was on spot 6 today and is on spot 5 now overall, with 7160  and Roman had at this stage 7496.

Ostrow zweefvliegtuig Holland

In standard class the KAWA -team/collective/train,  collected the 1000, 999 and 996 points for Poland …. AGAIN.
GREAT effort from the Dutch pilot Peter to be just behind them with 944 points after already winning one day.
At that stage the runners up in the overall scores on 4 and 5 are my Belgium friends Bert and Tijl and then Peter on 7!!!

Ostrow Kawa poetst

You clean your own wings!!! AND??????…Nothing new in soaring, BUT ,…when Sebastian is cleaning ….all photographers hang around.
Picture as shared on FB.

 In the 2 seater class I heard Wolfgang left and the whole “circus” followed him.Wolfgang however did NOT win the day, he was 7th , BUT he is still 200 points ahead of Janusz overall.; Janusz won the day.

FRIDAY one but LAST DAY OF EGC!!!! And,.. during the last 2 big comps,  EGC in Vinon and WWGC in Issoudun , it ALL HAPPENED on the last 2 days!!!!
club ; 237.9km.
standard ; 366.4km.
2 seaters ; 353.4km.
Expectation of first finishes at 15.30. Pretty early closure of start time as well [ standard class 14.09] Tough wind was forecasted even stronger later in the day. PFFFFF, what a day!

At 4 I looked if something was going on. A lot was going on. OUTLANDINGS!!!!My Belgium friends shared on FB , that the Schmelzer brothers had outlanded in 21 and ALB at the first TP. On spot 4 and 6 overall in standard class, such bad luck.
Club class pilots had to land out as well; German toppers Gerrit and Lars on spot 4 and 6 overall, before the first TP!!!!
Was this  day going to be a battlefield????

In club class Roman Mracek belonged to the finishers, he finished on spot 3. Not only the 2 German pilots who did so well during this EGC outlanded, also 15 other pilots were out. Polish number-2-overall- pilot Jakub Barszcz was the runner up on Friday.

In standard class, TA …TA… Peter Millenaar won again, starting very late , at 13.42 just behind the German boys Felipe  and Michael. The Kawa-team started on different times, Sebastian at 13.04 and Pawel and Lucasz at 13.13. Interesting!!!!
Sebastian finished on spot 13, lost some points nearly 200 , but,…no worries he can have it.
Peter is “best of the rest ” , when you don’t count the Polish team, but of course it does n’t work like this.
A total of 19 outlandings! Bert jr. and Tijl dropped to 9 and 13.

 Peter dag 6

Peter was already winner on day 6! Good on him!
Picture shared on FB.

In the 2-seater-class , ” tiny -little- disaster – struck” for Janusz with an outlanding after 316 km. That COST!!!!
Also they were not the only ones;8 gliders landed out!
Good effort from the French [ Jeremie and Marc] and the Belgium team [Pierre and Arnaud] who slowly move to the top. The French in the ARCUS S won the day starting at 12.53, whilst Pierre and Arnaud were the runners up starting at 13.12.They were with ONE day to go on a good 3d spot overall behind the German team with Florian Theisinger.
A good day for Visa Matti finishing as 3d with Harry. Good on them!
Dutch team Peter Batenburg and Ard Tielenburg had a great 4th place. Ard is one of the juniors who is going to fly the JWGC in Leszno soon in club class. SUPER to “find out “, this way, with a very experienced pilot,  about flying in Poland and the area from Leszno is not that far away.


Happy family; uncle and cousin on spot 3 overall on Friday.
As shared by Arnaud on FB.

 YESTERDAY was the last day!
Briefing at 10, grid at 10.30 and club upfront with standard and 2 seaters behind them. Weather forecast; it should be good!!!!!
AAT’s for all classes;
Club class ; time  3.00 …157.4km/350.7km
Standard class ;time  2.45…..211.8km/394.1km
2 seater class;  time 2.30…..164.3km/332.1km

Before departure Matthew wrote on his blog; “Last day, three different air masses with conditions improving substantially as the day goes on. 11am launch, and start gate set to close an hour after opening as they want people to start early so the scores can be done in time for a closing ceremony tonight. General consensus seems to be that this will cause a Grand Prix start of 100 gliders on the same task one minute before the gates close… At least it’s an AAT.”

Matthew on Ostrow

 Picture Courtesy Matthew!

On the grid they changed the task from the 2 seaters. A bit of confusion, but no worries in the end. Task was now B, not smaller but bigger/more kilometres/ more distance, same time.

Indeed most pilots started just before the line closed!
Sebastian had a problem, came back to the field, crew and more helpers rushed out to help him and off he went again.

Sebastian landt  Sebastian landt2

As shared by one of the teams.

Problems!? But,..they seem to have been solved! No stress! He started before 13.20, the closure of the start-line in this class.

In between it was HAMMERWEATHER, with wave up to 1900 m.,  lift from 5/6 m. per s. and some “sadness” as the weather is SO/too good , for such a short task, in fact some called it the best day of the comps. But in the evening it was party time and the scores had to be ready for the prize -giving-ceremony, on the same evening.
In club class 321 km. was flown by Lucasz from Poland in 3.01.54,with that he stayed on spot 3 BRONZE for him![ 8897]. His mate Jacub defended the SILVER , but lost more than 100 points by being on 13 today, no worries .[9065] Roman was 3d and kept the GOLD steady in his possession![9415!!!!!] All pilots finished , so they could all enjoy the party.
Lot’s of confusion as in first instance the 2 Dutch boys Jeroen and Tim got the 1000 and 999 points. But it seemed they started just after the closing time and were set back. Interesting/weird was that , as far as I heard, the jury neither the CD wanted to listen or accept the protest which was given in time! As far as I know a protest should be accepted, also  on the last day in a shorter time.

Winnaars club

The champion , runner up and number 3 from thids 17th EGC.
As shared by the Ostrow FB site.

In standard class “our” Peter Millenaar won AGAIN; 366 km in 2.46,54 a speed of 131.7 km./h.
3 days the day-winner , in a class with Sebastian, [who was 15 yesterday] at an EGC ….good on him!!! He really deserved that 4th spot ,he truly was the “best of the rest”!!! behind the Polish mates who all 3 flew themselves in the 9000 points -ranch. Congratulations to Sebastian for another EGC title.[9353] Of course his mates, Lucasz and Pawel,  won the silver and bronze.
Peter mentioned after his flight:
What a day! Before the start line opened, there was wave till 2370 m and a cloud base of 1600 m. After starting regularly lift up to 3-4 and 5 m.
After rounding the second sector the average speed was 131.5 km/h.
What a day!!!! What an EGC!!!”
Looking forward to see him fly in Leszno during the JWGC. Next step in his still short, but long-looking- soaring-life!!

Matthew finished his blog on a “low” with 413 points for the day ….
Ended on a low unfortunately… around the start there was clearly wave going on, but only a couple of people managed to climb in. It’s quite depressing to make a start and see someone starting 4000ft above you on the FLARM. With the start line closing early I gave it a solid go, but just couldn’t get the right cycle of the cu for the climb in.”
For the rest of this last story, he had troubles with the water ballast in his wings,  on these comps you can go to
There you can also follow his participation in the JWGC . Good luck Matthew!

Winnaars standard

Champion Sebastian with his Polish mates.
As shared by the Ostrow FB site.

The 2 seaters had a B task which was still not long enough to make it a 1000 -points- day. Wolfgang raced with 129 km./h. over the 333.3 km. and got 834 points. THE GOLD was his and Andreas’.[9250]
The Belgium pilots Wim and Dennis had a good runner-up-spot on this last day 10;317.7 km/807 points.
German pilots Florian and Thomas, won the SILVER [ 8877 in a DUO DISCUS XLT and the Broqueville-family goes home with bronze.[8710] The other 5 gliders in the top 6 were ARCUS.

Winnaars 2 seaters

The champions and numbers 2 and 3 in the 2 seater class.
As shared by the Ostrow FB site.

With 10 days of flying and 5 days of forced rest, this was a wonderful EGC. As usual the last 2 days were pretty spectacular!
Thank you to the Ostrow team for sharing via the social media stories and pictures!!! Here are the last ones!

Ostrow the end

All participants and lot’s of gliders.

Ostrow einde  Ostrow einde 2

Photographers, antennas it ALL helped to share our sport!

Other news;The Dutch SUMMER COMPETITION at Malden had just the best weather.
Starting on the 14th of July, they flew every day, 7 in total. This competition is the “road” to the Nationals.
A new young talented pilot is Robin Smit, the son of one of our Friends,  “Smitje” who,  when he was about the age of Robin , was regularly our crew at comps. Now his son is winning the Summer comps. Time flies!!!!!
Robin flew LS 4 and was more than 500 points ahead [4130….winning 4 days] of the runner up , another young Dutch talent Sander Luimes.[ 3597…in LS4]

Our future is pretty secure, hope the juniors show that as well in the JWGC. 3 Of them flew in Ostrow now.
The opening of the JWGC will be next Saturday July 27 at 7PM. That’s the next BIG competition to follow! This weekend the Practise week started.

JWGC vertrek  JWGC UK team and ferry

  JWGC Ard

“Team Neil Deijgers” from Belgium on the road to Leszno for a 980 km. drive from Diest.
Teams from the UK waiting for the ferry also on their way.
And,..Ard who had practised already in the “back” from the ARCUS T with WGC pilot Peter Batenburg during this EGC in Ostrow.

 With 5 days, one non flying in between with each a 1000 km. Guy Bechtold ,[Lux.] proves he is a real kilometer eater. He flies with some of my friends in Fuentemilanos. It’s already a long time ago I visited them there. Yesterday 23 pilots started from Fuente for nice long flights!

Cheers Ritz
On July 21 2013




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