EGC in Ostrow! Early start today …..grid time 10.30!!!


 Ostrow 5 vl

Arrivals on one of the 5 first good days with Jeroen Verkuijl.
As shared on FB .

With Issoudun over and most pilots from Europe  back home, we can look again at the EGC where they did not fly over the last couple of days. Yesterday was “practise rigging and de-rigging” ,as I heard but to day might be the day again and then it should improve. Everybody is MORE than eager to GO!!!!!

Ostrow ready to go


So after 5 days of flying in a row , then 5 days of enforced rest, pilots started for a BIG task on a sunny blue day ;
Club class had a 3 hour AAT. and some of the pilots “normally ” in the top , were a bit out of “their groove” after the days off.
It was a Russian daily winner [280 km. in 3.16 in a St Jantar] , a Finnish runner up  and a Polish number 3 whilst the German pilots still were in the top 5 , just before Dutch “topper” Tim.

In standard class a 3.30 AAT and what happens? Sebastian is on spot 2 but Peter  got 106 points more for his 390 km. in 3.36. Sebastian and his team mates had 361 km. in 3.33. No too bad from Peter to beat the 3 Polish boys on their home ground and,…with marge.
That’s when you are as good as Sebastian and in the past as Ingo Renner; you want to beat them over their “home-soil”.
The Belgium brothers Tijl and Bert did well with spot 6 and 7.

Peter Millenaar 2 Peter Ostrow

Peter is still young but was already Dutch National champion and flew JWGC.
Very talented young pilot. AND,.. Peter ready to go in Ostrow with mum as crew!

In the 2 seater class with a 4 hour AAT, the THE Broquevilles showed what they can do by being runner up behind the Polish DUO DISCUS XLT. 399 km. for the winners in time 4.09 and the Belgium friends flew 400 km. in 4.08 in the ARCUS T.
The toppers in this class overall where on spot 3 and 4 Janusz and Wolfgang with their “mate”.

Exciting finishes as most of the pilots arrived in a mass finish.

TODAY a very EARLY briefing at 9.30 with grid time at 10.30!!! BIG task I would say!!!! But no, just 3x 3 hour AAT’s. Maybe the expectation of thunderstorms in the evening. Keep an eye on it.

Good weather on MORE places in Europe, here as well but more for sunbaking, but in Spain {Ocana and Fuentemilanos} and in Germany { Bayreuth and Dahlemer Binz} 1000 km. flights were topping the OLC.
One 1.089 in an ASH 26E with a finish just before sunset and the last thermal at 9PM with still 2 m/s. and a 750 FAI triangle in it.

To finish this blog some pictures I received from the Dutch TC [WWGC] a bit closer to the club class ladies and one from the TC’s who got a ”  thank you” as well.

 WWGC hans1

Pretty unique ,…4 ladies on the podium!

WWGC hans 3

TC’s ; a lot of familiar faces from my TC time and some new ones.
Great job done by all, as usual, experienced or not they all want the best for the team.

And one from Sarah who is enjoying Paris with her crew Joy. They are having a well deserved break.
Joy and I are still in Paris taking in the sights, and for me catching up on all the blogs. I had a really good time, made friends, and learned lots of lessons.”

Sarah in Paris

Sarah and Joy at the Eiffel Tower.

CU next Sunday,  off to the beach with the grand children
cheers Ritz

on Wednesday July 17 2013

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