WOW what a final of the WWGC !!!!!And 4 medals in club class!

Mark Pal issoudun

ISSOUDUN from above and a last THANK you to MARK PAL for sharing his great pictures with us.

Unbelievable those 2 last days of the WWGC.
Women “fighting” against the wind and each other. Were the first 8 days in retrospect just easy -going for most, the last 2 days mostly in the blue and with a tough head wind, were nearly “hell.” But for us at home it really gave some exciting soaring to follow!

Congratulations to the new WORLD CHAMPIONS, to the silver medal-winners even 4 this year as in club class there are 2 silver winners and to the bronze girls and also for the girls on that “nasty” 4th place, but what did they fly well too.

And what about the difference in points!?
In club class Chrissie wins, she has never been on spot 1 overall during these comps , but slowly climbed to the top and on the last  day with very small differences in scores , she was NOT even one of the 3 finishers  but the first from the toppers being “out”with still 193.6 km. AND….. she climbed from 3 to ONE.
After 10 years she is back as WWGC Champion. [ 8419]
10 Years younger not having a child,  she was 1 in Romorantin in 2003, now with Uli and Fin, both for sure sharing in the festivities , she can just be HAPPY.
Great performance from Ayala and Doerte sharing the silver spot [8405] each with a medal. And absolutely great flying from Sarah, [8364] in the first ever year the USA participated. She gave  her country and her many fans, immense pleasure. She  got the bronze medal!!!!!
So 4 medals in this class quite unique, I never saw this before.
Great flying from Elena [ 8072]as well.
Unlucky this year in this class, was Swaantje with her rolling-out-incident , loosing her spot 1 -place and Kerrie with a hard landing on the one but last day.

 Sarah and podium  Sarah with bronze

The TOP 4 and Sarah, congratulations!

This is what TC Francois said about the bronze medal and I can only agree and back this up:
—-” After several meetings and discussions among officials and powers to be, a decision was reached that 1, 2, 2, empty, on the podium was neither elegant nor appropriate for the Women World Gliding Championship, and that Sarah would be awarded the bronze medal and third place in a 1, 2, 2, 3 on the podium. So, we had the pleasure to see Sarah step on the podium, the pride to see our flag fly at the ceremony for the Club Class, and the joy to witness Sarah getting her bronze medal. We are all very proud to bring one of those special FAI World Championship medals home for all of you who have been so supportive of Sarah.—“

In standard class it was pretty sure that Sue was going to continue her title. She did ….with a marge of a bit less than 200 points.[ 8618]  A good silver for Connie [8439] and the bronze medal was for Meike, a total- German -top.
Well done by the Czech girls, Jana ,Jana and Dana , mostly consistent around   spot 4-5 and 6.
Unlucky girls in this class Nina from Russia landing in a tree and Natasja from Holland getting sick.

WWGC winners1

3 VERY happy German ladies!!!
Picture as shared by the team site.

WWGC standard class
The top girls in standard class.

In 15 m. it was the French team taking the highest spot ,GOLD and the silver and it was a bit of a disillusion for Jutta finishing on spot 5,  but how fantastic did she fly.
Most probably a bit of a disillusion as well for Susanne on her way to prolong  her title but is was not meant to be. On day 8 and 9 she still topped the overall list but the last day her 2 team mates finished and she had to land out, loosing more than 200 points on her team mate Stefanie who won.
Anne wins the gold [9098] , Marilyne the silver [8925] and Katrin [8921] takes for Germany the bronze medal home.

WWGC 15 m winners

And the toppers all of them in 15 m. class!

WWGC French winners  WWGC French winners 2

The French number 1 and 2 Anne and Maryline and the successful team with TC Eric to the right.
Pictures as shared on FB.

 Differences in points were SOOOO small! It could have gone either way in 2 classes, but it ended like it did.
Great comps. Absolutely!!!
Thanks to EVERYBODY, pilots, crews, organisers, photographers and bloggers on home sites and FB, for sharing a wonderful time via the social media.
And thanks to Mark, for the great pictures!

And here 2 pictures from the so SUCCESFUL German team. They won the TEAM CUP! Well deserved with 6 medals from 10.

German team  German team 2
The German top girls , as shared by the German site!

That’s it about the WWGC.

Back to the EGC in Ostrow where they did not fly yesterday , maybe today , they had a grid order.Looking at the weather map ….Tuesday looks really good. Let’s hope wait and see.

Some great flights, several 1000 km. from Germany last Friday and yesterday, from Bayreuth, Burg Feuerstein, Hahnweide and Klippeneck to give you the most wellknown airfields.

Cu on Wednesday. Have the grandchildren this week, so busy enough!

Cheers Ritz

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