Extra edition on July 11 2013; WWGC jitters and nerves, bit still cool looking “chicks”

Extra edition on July 11 2013 at 10 PM.


WWGC Mark 3WWGC hele veld

Pictures courtesy Mark Pal.

Of course I checked the preliminary scores from the toppers first thing in the morning. It all looked alright. In 15 m. Susanne will feel the breath of the 2 French girls,  Anne and Jutta, “together we are strong” in the tail of her Ventus 2ax. TC  Eric will give them instructions over the last 2 days to be better than Susanne, BUT Uli will do the same. Both teams have lot’s of “helpers” including meteo men, so tactics will be important . Big advantage for the French girls is, that they fly “at home”, for Susanne that she knows what it is/how it feels, as she defends her title. May the best win , in each of the 3 classes.

Today , day 9, had a later briefing than normal; 11 sharp. 233 km. for the club ladies 3 hour AAT for the standard ladies [179,0km/292,0km (233,1km)] 267.4 km for the 15 m. ladies

In club 4 Libelles in the top 4 and on 5 an LS1f. 12 Points between Doerte and Chrissie who was a bit out of competition soaring due to having little gorgeous Fin, but before already a topper as in 2003 she won in the Czech Rep. the WWGC in club class. Between Chrissie and Sarah only 14 points difference.

It turned out that the weather was less good than expected, blue skies and wind with 15 to 20 kts. . Tasks were changed from A to B to C;  AAT’s from 2.30 for 15 m. and 2.15 for the other ladies! They also had a little break after the 15m. was in the air. Club started at 3 PM.
Altitude between 1200 and 1300 m. This makes it even ALL more exciting.

Just saw that the Tour De France finished today in Tours. And heard that they pass by tomorrow at Issoudun, also with their helicopters!!!! The whole circus!
Would that give the same problems as on the last day in Hobbs 2 weeks ago,…no flying????? Hope not! Though the TOUR has a status of HOLY.
By the way, when I would have been there , I would have taken time off to see the TOUR passing by. Always loved it!

In standard class Natasja bravely tried again but it did not work out well. Out after 13km. as the ears did not clear/co-operate. Fever was gone, pain in the throat less but ears are important too, better to not ruin them as she is still young and has a long life ahead  of her.

A difficult day , but ONE GOOD THING, even when the comps are nearly over,…..the harvest is in full swing and IF necessary there are now fields to land in.
What happened?
The message on the official site was not TOO hopeful.
“Some more outlandings now, about 20km south-west of the finish line. Seems that the conditions are now less and less good and gaggles are growing and growing, with all classes mixed.”

Luckily most crop was gone! But,…would this day cost “heads ” in the top rankings?????
With the late start and for that reason later arrivals , the waiting was long and nailbiting, even for me sitting at home. Can tell you it’s better to write at location , then reading all you can read , to share the best info about this competition.
Read already that Sue and Conny are in a paddock, but who makes it home? The tough head wind to come home was for some too much.

Preliminary scores from 15 m. are first published , so here we are. They all started within 8 minutes from each other.
Not a TOO good day for Susanne, nearly loosing 100 points on Jutta who had a top day.
Orsolya did well as runner up and Anne was on a day-spot -4 ,  just behind Joanna Biedermann from Poland.
With [HOPEFULLY] ONE day to go the scores are very tight!!!!
Look at this; Susanne….8288, Anne 8279,….and Jutta 8213.
Katrin Senne who was WWGC champion in this class in Romorantin [France] in 2007, still has a chance too with 8077 and only ONE point less, another French lady Marilyne surely wants to be in the top with  3 French ladies. DEMAIN…….. tomorrow evening we know.
Will be difficult but everything is still possible., Maybe NOT everything,…a lot!

In standard class Gill had a top day, flying together with Meike from Germany. As I read, Meike was very happy with the fantastic flight with Gill, who was also WWGC champion in Romorantin in 2007;  she called it a DREAM flight and they flew 155 km.
Sue and Cornelia did not make it home but still flew 153 km. but lost about 250 points. Now did they have some “room” to loose,  Sue more than Cornelia, who dropped to 3 with Meike above her now with 33 points. Gill went from 8 to 6.Good on her! Most outlandings just a few k out.

I read already that Sarah made it home. Francois who keeps the blog, wrote that earlier, so all her fans at home could breath again. Also knew that Chrissie and Doerte finished,..
In club class  the UK girls, used to wind,  living on an island, did the same as Gill, topping the list and now with 2 ; Ayala and Claudia…. 157.8 tough kilometres! They started late at 4PM. Most of the rest about 10 minutes earlier.
Also in this class most of the outlandings just before arrival. One of them Elena , but she keeps her 5th place.
Changes in the top, as Ayala is number 1 again!!!!!![7827] Then Doerte and Chrissie [7775 and 7768] and Sarah on 4 with 7760!!
And Kerrie seems to get used to her glider and “the new French world”  now and finished on a good 5th place!!!
I don’t say anything anymore I’ll see what tomorrow will bring, this is like a crimi!
I only hope the TOUR and the WWGC can get through ONE door together!


The organisers news at 23.38 yesterday night, which I missed as I was sound a sleep was; NO grid, NO briefing NO task on July 11 2013. So hopefully they have a good restday after the International evening. Some might need one!

Here a picture from the party;

Ostrow partytime

Party time!!! Sharing friendship, booze and lot’s of talking!


Ostrow happy chappy

Belgium  crew member….. thumbs up! And Sebastian in ORANGE ,..good on him
As shared by my Belgium friends.

CU tomorrow for the last extra edition , then back to normal on Sunday.

A demain,…Cheers Ritz

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