A year full of soaring-news ahead!

Alphen aan den Rijn

January 6 2008

First a little correction . The Eskilstuna Open is NOT the National competition for Sweden for 2008; it is a very wellknown and highstandard comps for all classes.

In Italy and Germany they prepare for the Worldcomps. In Italy the Aeroclub Centrale de vola di vela, will give all competitors who want to practise in the area before the world comps, the possibility to fly. Look for their news  and conditions on their site ; www.wgcrieti.it

In Germany ,the prelimanary entries are expected on Januari 15 and in the end of januari we will receive their 2d bulletin with news!!All very exciting!!

In between pilots DO NOT STOP, flying 1000 km in Africa and why would they, when the weather is so good! I am sure this season will be on every pilots lips in the future!Even for Australia, where they did not fly every day a 1000k but where they could fly nearly every day with good to very good conditions. And…as said not every pilot is interested in such a distance, they just want to fly, when it is more or less impossible in Europe!

In Bloemfontein in South Africa, the South African Nationals have started on januari 3 going until januari 12. They started with rain and later heavy rain and strong winds, but I am sure they will have some good African weather too. Yesterday they missed one pilot. Search and rescue was informed, but…..no worries the pilot was safe, so was the glider [except for the engine] only a bit of a lonely night.

The clubs here in Holland, in fact in Europe, are very busy to prepare their gliders for the upcoming season. A day like today makes me look at the sky . Not yet white fluffy , black bottomed clouds, but already SUN and nice blue skies with 8 dgr.

Soon some of my friends arrive back from their overseas soaring holiday , I am sure full of great stories and I am looking forward to see them here and talk with them about their great flights.

Take care, not much more to say,

Cheers Ritz

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