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December 25 2007


I was not planning on writing but have a few spare minutes before my familie arrives for my first Christmas dinner in my own home in Holland. Time to open champagne and to just relax and let things happen as Rodger , my daughter Inge’s husband is doing the cooking.

The GRAND PRIX in OMARAMA is over with a wellknown winner, Sebastian Kawa from Poland. How can it be different as all pilots competing are famous top pilots.Yesterday was the last flying-day and Sebastian Kawa of Poland was this years winner of the FAI WORLD GRAND PRIX GLIDING CHAMPIONSHIPS, after 5 days of intense racing. He won with 30 points, 5 more then the runners up, Uli Schwenk and Mr. Flewit. 4th was Steve Jones with 24 points, [ close ]and Peter Krejcirik and Michael Sommer were 5th with 17 points.

Every day had a different winner and Pete Harvey managed to win the last day. Due to the very tragic accident of Herbert Weiss, one day was a non-flying day out of respect for their/our  friend/fellow-pilot.

The New Zealand Air Games start on Thursday with gliding as ONE of the 10 sports.

This news from Spain  from Fernando Correa, which I received today is not funny, but very serious, though still unbelievable. First I thought it was a joke , but it IS NOT! The original news is from the UK and send on December 12 by Hannes Zimmerman. Thank you to Fernando and on behalf of him also ‘ Feliz Navidad y buenos vuelos!

 I give you the message as I received it.

” Someone stole an ASH 25 EB 28 in England [ on December 10] and cut the fuselage up to steal the cockpit and engine. We are sure it was stolen on order!!! I ask for concrete reference which can contribute to the clearing-up of this unbelievable theft.” So far this message. IF you know something, or somebody offers you and engine,please let them know. Email adress from Hannes Zimmermann  [ ISS- AVIATION] is

Phone;+49 [0] 7171 931862

To me this is weird, unbelieveable and does NOT belong in our soaring world! But it has happened!!!

Back to Christmas and my family. Hope you enjoy your Christmas evening too. Wishing the owner[s] of the ASH 25 all the best. I do hope they find the ones  who did it and I really hope they are not glider-pilots!

Merry Christmas! Ritz

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