1000 km in a Standard Cirrus in thermals in Europe…1.609 km. ridge flight in PIK 20 B!

What about  1000 km. in a Standard Cirrus!?
It was flown last Thursday  and believing in the weather forecast from TOP METEO, Michael Ebel flew it and had the day of his life.
As I heard from my Lasham friends Alix and Roy, who happened to be there it was shivers all over. Here is Alix and THANK YOU !!!!!;

—” Roy and I are on a week’s holiday in Reinsdorf near Berlin with our friend Michael Ebel.
You will have seen from OLC that yesterday was a Hammertag in this area.
Michael flew his first OLC thousand (average 92.87km/h) in a Standard Cirrus! Andy Gesell and Marcus first OLC thousand in the Gesell Arcus.
The excitement the night before when Top Meteo had an orange spot in Poland even more excitement when, in the morning, it was a bigger orange blob.
There were lots of good flights from Reinsdorf including a circumnavigation of Berlin in the Aero Club Berlin ASK21 by Andre Huhnd and Hermann Bantle.
Roy flew 800k in the ASW20 he has chartered and even I went cross country. Amazing countryside -windmills every where, woods and old military exercise grounds.

A few more 1000 km. flights in this area also from Stendhal, where several  Dutch Nationals have been flown in the past, but also from Ouarzazate and Moriarty.
Finally some smiling pilots again!

It was Laurent Aboulin,  who  after the pretty late regatta start at 16.25 on Wednesday,  raced as fast as he could, over the 117 km. to arrive back home just after 18.00; 10 points for him.
The day before he missed a reporting point , missing out on a higher score!
Quite a few penalty points concerning the height of the finishline[ for 6 pilots]  and even worse, ….a non-valid-start for Ricardo[Brigliadori] and as far as I could see he did not fly on day 1 either. With Didier [Hauss] as runner up on this day 2, with 8 points , Didier leads after 2 days [ 13 p] before Laurent  [10 p]

Whilst Day 3 , was world wide not everywhere normal , as in India  people were struggling with a heat wave and lack of water , we here in Holland  could add to the history books the coldest EVER 23d of May and  the Berlin area a day with HAMMERWETTER , it was for the French GP  a day with a “normal-start-time” , but,..also a very challenging day.
ZERO points till then for Ricardo, but he changed that on day 3 winning the day over 313 km. and collecting 10 points.
As Laurent outlanded and Didier “only” got 1 point , there were some chances over all;Didier and Sebastien[ Dubreuil] share the lead with 14 points and Laurent and Ricardo share spot 3 both with 10 points. In between with 12 Tilo and Nicolas[Veron].

Day 4 had a 20% chance of flying!!!It ended with 0 %. scrubbed day ……….

BUT Day 5 , [yesterday and the last one], had an over 300 km task again, with 307 km. direction OCEAN. The weather looked as I read , great and after a night with music , everybody must have been relaxed and ready for this last day.
German pilot Kai Lindenberg flew with a speed of 108.2 km. p/h. Earning the 11.01 points. So he wins the day and ends up with 18 points in total, so does  Laurent and Nicolas as well .
According to the tiebreak rules Laurent wins, Kai is 2d and Nicolas 3d.
SO winner of the FRENCH GP is Laurent Aboulin.

The COPA PIRINEOS 2013 in Santa Cilia in Spain [May 19-May 25] counts 10 pilots , amongst them 2 from Italy, one from the UK and 2 from France.
Not the very best weather either but they had already 2 days with a 1 hour and 1.30 AAT and the French did well topping the list after 2 days with 644 points for Vicente Bilote [ Janus 18.2 m] and 643 for Tanguy Benoit,[ DUO DISCUS]   but Italian pilot Vitorio Pinni also had 643 points .[DUODISCUS]
Then 2 cancelled days!

On Thursday they continued again and the Spanish Nimbus 4DM won the day with nearly 100 km. more than the runner up a Nimbus 2.

The last day had a small 132 km. task which was won by the Spanish Nimbus 4D again; 149 points. A few pilots did not fly anymore so Serge Leqlerco from the Nimbus 4D won; 2637 points over 5 days!!!
Runner up was Jorge Madrigal in the Ventus  2CT/18m.and if I remember well he flew once with us in Tocumwal.

Feel sorry for all organisers who worked so hard to get pilots to their comps and were “punished” by bad weather. Also the Uppsala Masters had a few scrubbed days , but they continued also on Thursday.
2 Hour AAT’s were handed over , so pilots could fly within the rules between about 165 and 300 km. in the 2 classes. aprox. 225 for racing and 233 km. for open class. Only 5 finishers from 36 pilots in racing class with Janne Nordh in the Discus 2T as winner with 197 km.
In open class 6 from 14 in open class, with Andreas Kingbäck as winner with 180 km. 2 .09.
Göran flew 193 km. but needed 2 hour.51.

Day 4 had a 2 hour AAT as well, no worries at least  THEY FLEW!!! BUT,…it turned out to be not a valid day! Only racing class flew and 2 pilots finished the rest did not make 100 km. even only 37 km. and less.
The 2 finishers were Janne and Ronny [Lindell] flying together in time 3.42 a total of 134.5 km!!! Compliments , however ZERO points do not feel good then, but proving yourself and maybe the others might have.

New comps have started this weekend as the Austrian Nationals with 62 competitors in 5 classes from Nitra in Slovakia, the Belgium Nationals from St Hubert with 35 in 2 classes, the UK Club class Nationals in combination with the Regionals with 79 pilots in 2 classes and the Swiss Nationals with 38 in 3 classes.
Also the Slovakian GP [ 18 m.]  started yesterday in Prievidza, with 16 pilots amongst them, Gilles Navas from France, Sebastian Kawa from Poland, and Roman Mracek from Czech Rep. Their first day was cancelled!
Mostly ASG 29’s flying!

Will keep you updated!

And as I just read on FB in winter Oscar is still able to fly from ground to 14.000 with 5 m./s. from Potchefstroom. Not bad.
AND,….a 1.609 km ridge flight in a PIK 20 is perfect. First soft ridge than strong , also good thermals up to 6500 plus and wave , Brian Collins, the pilot in the USA flying from Ridge  Soaring, did not use the wave but as he mentioned.—“Completed 1250 km with 3 TP’s then added on another 2 legs of distance.”
The day before he flew 1.254 km in much more difficult weather circumstances.
A few more pilots did fly over 1000 and the 1.404 in the Janus CFG is perfect as well, also from Ridge Soaring.

Sorry quite some problems with my internet explorer program. Write now in word and copy and paste. No pictures today, too many problems.

CU next Wednesday cheers Ritz        on Sunday May 26 2013 ritzdeluy@hotmail.com     www.soaringcafe.com      www.glidinginternational.com


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