Hammerwetter in Bitterwasser!!!

23 December 2007 Alphen aan den Rijn

 Yes it WAS Hammerwetter in Bitterwasser with a new world record over an FAI triangle from 1250 km. flown by Lazlo Hegedus who flew with a speed of 151,6 km p/h. The old record was in hands of Steve Fossett, who is still not found after he got lost flying from the Baron Hilton Range to……             Steve flew with a speed of 149,2 km in the past.

Also 16 more 1000 km flights were made on this 19th of December 2007 in Bitterwasser.  I got lost counting how many 1000 km have been flown in Africa this season. Another  fabulous day. I congratulated already my good friends Bert and Hilde Schmelzer from Belgium. They are the mum and dad of Tijl and Bert jr, both flying the World Comps in Rieti in 2008. Their very FIRST 1000 km together in a nimbus 3D. They must have been over the moon!!!!

It pleases me more then I can say, how many pilots now fly again a set task and FAI task . It is not only “eating km”  anymore, where the weather is the best! Great!

 Also some bad / sad news. During the Grand Prix in Omarama in New Zealand, 59 year old German pilot Herbert Weiss died after his glider crashed 55 km north of Wanaka over a hillside.I wish his wife and both children a lot of strenght to live on without him.

The competition was cancelled for a day to pay respect to Herbert but today they were flying again and it was a good day for Aussie top pilot Bruce Taylor. There you see how close sadness and happiness lay together.

Another tragic accident in Gariep Damm, a few weeks ago, when a father/son -combination in a nimbus 4DM “just fell out of the sky” after a wing fell off /broke off. Investigation will sort out, how the 51 year old father and his 31 year old son, found their “end” while doing what they both loved to do ; SOAR! More sad family and friends I feel deeply for them!

Nearly 20 years ago [ Januari 3] I lost my own son flying a retrieve in a Bellanca Scout from Tocumwal to Jerilderie. Finley, the place in between was the tragic end of his too short life!Only 18 1/2 !!!! And…ONE powerline on the way!!!

I wish you all a safe and merry Christmas.


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