Hahnweide had 4/5 days! Updated with news and pictures from today!

Sorry , no last updates yesterday evening as it was late before I arrived home after a great BBQ and talking too much with lot’s of friends at the Dutch Nationals.

 Terlet en trein 2013 007  Terlet en trein 2013 005

With Brutus {Peter} and Bas and Frits in the bar.

Here they still hope to fly till Friday , last day! This morning, is grey and wet! Briefing was at 10.30.

Terlet en trein 2013 011  Terlet en trein 2013 013

Hans explains the weather and warm dressed pilots and crew.

For those who missed the daily news since Friday , you can just scroll down to read it.

It’s 3 PM now and I arrived home after an easy trip by train, no rain and typical Dutch skies, low grey clouds , bleu spots and a bit of sun.

Terlet en trein 2013 017  Terlet en trein 2013 016

Grey low clouds with blue sunny spots on the way N. from Terlet.

On my mobile I also got the message from the NK team, that straight after the 12 0’clock briefing , gliders had to be in the box [13.15] as the first launch would be at 13.30 and,..the QNH was 1013. Combi and open class have to fly 116 km. and the club class pilots got a B task with 104 km.

NK 2013 Ben  NK 2013 Frank Ready to go! Courtesy Ben and Frank Hiemstra via FB.

To have a real valid NATIONAL competition here , 4 days are necessary !

And ,…YES there were finishers today. All club class pilots made it home except for one , glider 74.
In open/18 m. 10 from 21 , amongst them Ronald Termaat and Jelmer Wassenaar.
In the combi class it looks like everybody has outlanded. More on Wednesday!!!
For all results from today  and next week , you can look at www.soaringspot.com or at the NK site ; www.nkzweefvliegen.nl and look for “uitslagen”  and klick on live scoring. A very nice rotating system.

HAHNWEIDE; The champions are known, the aspergus eaten and the party is over now. Unfortunately for those who wanted to get more points out of the last day, it was not happening as the day had to be cancelled. So the results are easy. 15 m. had 5 days and the winner is Tim Englert in the Ventus a AX, with 3119 points. Standard class had 4 days and the winner there was Joachim Hörsch in the Discus 2A;2608 points. 18 m. had 4 days and 4 from 5 UK pilots in the top! Winner Francis Derren in the Ventus 2 cxaj with 2859 points just ahead of Russell Cheetham in the JS 1 , as the difference in points was only 20 points. Open class winner is after 4 days Alexander Späth just ahead of Killian Walbrou; 2753 and 2739 points both flying the Nimbus 4 and 4 T. In the double seaters 4 days and 2 ARCUS T gliders on top; 2456 and 2360.

France; 18 m and Female National Comps at Buno; After 6 days of soaring Jutta Sturm  in the Ventus 2a[2863 points] won the female nationals and in 18 m. Christophe Cousseau in the JS 1 was the champion [4388] ! On the last day the number 2 overall dropped to spot 3 due to an outlanding and the daily winner from Belgium Yves Jeanmotte climbed to  spot 2 but as he flew HC, Louis Bouderlique was on the silver spot just before the bronse winner Alain. Congratulations to all, specially the 2 champions!!!

French 18 m.  Franse nationals

18 m. champion via FB [AAVE] and the top female pilots, Jutta, Amelie and Magali.

This week, Frank Versteeg will be at Terlet to sell his book “Niet voor piloten ” a MUST for pilots.
All revenues for this book will go to the foundation KIKA. So who still NOT has the book,…..but will be at Terlet this week,……. can buy it there,……it is only 39.95 and shows even videos from earlier NK comps and has over 100 QR codes with videos.
The exact date will be announced on FB and in the shoutbox  www.nkzweefvliegen.nl .
Frank send me a nice picture today as well from the far past.

 Frank V. oude doos foto


In todays soaringcafe blog later more news about glider tracking.

 Nk 2013 glider tracking 002

Jens, Frank and Jip from Glider tracking.

Cheers Ritz on Sunday May 12 2013 from the POSTILLION HOTEL. It was again a pleasure to stay here.

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