A bit earlier!

Alphen aan den Rijn 14 -12-2007

Due to the fact that I work tomorrow and celebrate my birthday on sunday , I write this post a bit earlier.

Do you enjoy those 1000 km flights as much as I do??? I love to see them and I “feel” the good weather. Great circumstances both in Africa and Australia. And don’t only look at the distance, but also to the speed, some are beyond believe, so it must be real ” HAMMERWETTER”.Congratulations to Bent who flew in Corowa his 1000 km. Well done Bent!!!!Good friends Bert and Hilde are this time in Bitterwasser and after a 600 km flight on their first flying day they NEARLY flew 1000 km in the nimbus 3D; 972 km. Great effort for this lovely couple.

I heard that Ken , good friend from Japan, ,yes the pilot with those ” beautiful old flying machines ” is back in Tocumwal flying even cross country in his Alpin . More or less an out and return from 163 km. with a speed of 55 km.p/h. Fabulous!!!!!!

We also look ahead at next year . Heard from Teresa that the Swedish Nationals called  ” the Eskilstuna open” or [the famous]  Eskilstuna International open is from the 18th to 24th of May 2008.Entries for all classes will be open soon and they reserve some places for European pilots outside Scandinavia.Keep an eye on their homesite which will have the news in the beginning of the new year. www.efk.nu

The club also celebrates  their 70thiest anniversary.So reason enough to go for a great soaring holiday to Sweden, for a change. I remember the world comps overthere as if it was yesterday. Had a fantastic time ! Very nice people too!!!

Practise starts in NZ where in Omarama the Grand Prix will start on December 19. All toppilots have arrived for “their race of the year”. Anxious to find out which “topper”  will win this time.

Will keep you informed! Surely all those pilots avoiding the cold and rain in Africa and Oz , will get tired from all those kilometers they fly.It must nearly feel like “work” ! Poor pilots!!!!!Just joking!!

Here it starts to get colder too. We have a bit of frost [minus 2] during the night, but today we had sunny circumstances and 4 dgr. during the day. Well my first winter since 1984 is not TOO bad till now, but they predict that Januari will be REALLY cold. Let’s wait and see!

Cheers Ritz

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