Terlet ;a drop of rain and a lot of wind on day 2!

 Nk 2013 009

WELCOME at the CAE Dutch National Championships 2013!
Till Sunday I will spend time with friends at Terlet, staying overnight in the warm-well-coming Postillion Hotel , thanks to a special arrangement between the organisers from the NK and the hotel.
It will be no live story as it is difficult to write at the airfield [very slow!] but from the hotel room it is my pleasure to keep you informed.
Still have some problems with both my blogs , but “help” will be organised!
“Our”  webmaster Ben , who knows [nearly] everything , has had a look already, made a diagnose and new eyes will look later.

Nk 2013 010

Ben, great web master, great guy!

It ‘s not the best weather for day 2,club class is already cancelled   and the other classes are rigging their gliders now! The expected wind today is 15 to 20 kts. gusting to 33!!!!
But day 1 was a good one. I spend that day at Malden and the pilots there had a great day with , as I heard lift at it’s best up to 4 m., but average 2/  2,5.
It’s only 30 km through the air between Malden [S. from]  and Terlet.

Nk 2013 003  Nk 2013 005

Terras at Malden yesterday ,……………….. plus the nice clouds!

The pilots at Terlet , I just heard , had up to 4 m. as well. They launched the bunch of 48 pilots  in 3 classes just in an hour, with 4 Pawnees with very experienced pilots.
The participants at Terlet had tasks from over 200 km. in open and combi class and just under in club class.
Winner in club [ 16 pilots] with 520 points was Stefan Telkamp, [ASW 19] with a speed of 102 km./h over 184.2 km.
In the combi class [ 11] Steven Raimond, who needs no introduction , won the day in his ASW 27, with 117 km./h. over 221.6 km.;558 points.

NK 2013 Steven by Frans
Steven Raimond by Frans Guise!

In open/18m. [21] Ronald Termaat , no introduction necessary either, won the day in his brand new JS1, which arrived in Holland by ship just a few days earlier .
132.2 km./h. over 219.5 km. is not bad and gave him  464 points!!!

JS 1 arrival for NK

The middle one is XT from Ronald!
Many happy and safe flights in it Ronald!!!!

The first day from the Dutch Nationals is a fact! Now we all hope for good weather, which is , as I heard not a set fact.

Some impressions by Frans Guise from day 1.


 NK 2013 finish 4 by Frans


NK 2013 day 1 by Frans  NK 2013 finishes day 1 by Frans

NK 2013 Jelmer by Frans
Jelmer before the start on day 1. Courtsey Frans Guise.

The first launches would be at 13.30, but before also the combi class was cancelled!
Also the open class pilots could de-rig again as they could stay at the ground with hot cafe or tea as well.
Day 2 was cancelled in all classes!

What do you do when you not fly?

 Nk 2013 007

Trying to throw over a pile of blocks throwing a little plane!!!!

What happened more since I left home!?
They still fly the Qualifying GP in Sweden and only one day was cancelled till now. Today , day 6  , a small task from 149 km.6 .
Gintautas has 20 points , Gunnar 16 and Uli 14, for the rest it will be difficult!

Hahnweide; 18 m. and standard class are cancelled today. The rest had a task and with optimism they hope to start at 3.15 and even hope for scores!
Hopefully the 5th day for 15m.  class today, 4 days till now for standard and 18 m. and 3 days for the open and 2 seater pilots with hope for them for a day today!

Hahnweide1  Hahnweide 2

Different weather circumstances in Hahnweide as well.
Pictures courtesy Hahnweide FB site!

Off to the Thermiekbel for dinner ,  a drink and a “few” words.
Ritz , CU tomorrow.

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